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Watch out everyone-The brotherhood of trucking is back


How many years have veteran drivers been asking the same questions:
Where has the brotherhood of trucking gone?

It appears the moment for Brotherhood and Unity is approaching. This October 4-6, truckers will be coming together in unison, displaying their brotherhood and unity in Washington DC.

Their goal for this big event is to articulate driver frustrations and grievances with government officials ( FMCSA), injustices which have been imposed upon truckers, including over regulation, low driver wages, affects of ELD’s, Hours-of-Service, the Denham Amendment,  CDL training and more.

How ELD mandate combined with Anti-Trucker wage provisions leads to wage reduction

ELD orMe

Truckers head to Washington D.C. for October 2017 protest


This display of Unity and Brotherhood is the 2018 event,  Thats A Big 10-4 On DC
which will take place at the 1 year anniversary of the 2017  ELD Trucker protest to Washington D.C .  Those who led the protest in 2017 were the groups: ELD or Me and Operation Black and Blue, Now called American Trucking Federation. Both of these groups continue to be active on Facebook, continuing to post their advocacy, initiating, supporting, and promoting their messages and others on Social Media.
Tony Justice who founded the ELD or Me group has since founded the website

Brian Brase is the key founder for this years 2018 DC event and FB group.  There are many loyal and proactive members and co-leaders in this group, as can be said about the other trucking advocacy groups.  A special recognition goes to Fred Bowerman, a non trucker who has passionately become an inspiration and promoter of unity within many of the trucking FB groups.
FB group That’s a Big 10-4.
Website is Ten Four DC

Big 10-4 Event

Groups uniting to participate in That’s a Big 10-4 Event October 4-6 2018 in Washington D.C.

How Truckers United for the October 4-6 DC Event

Along with the passion and hard work of so many, Social Media is greatly responsible for this huge movement of truckers uniting. As truckers emotions rise, so does their willingness to openly express their anger against the injustice which has occurred in the last few decades. Emerging from their passions, emotions, anger, is the ability to share their thoughts and ideas on Social Media. The result has been MANY truck driver groups emerging, especially on Facebook.

However, one of the initial problems with having hundreds of trucking groups on Facebook was the initial lack of organized unity.  Thousands of drivers would be discussing pressing issues, venting their complaints, planning solutions, planning individual events, all trying to create positive change and exposure, BUT it was AMONG THEMSELVES in each group.  Many of these groups have hundred or thousands of members, and yet their efforts remained just within their own groups.

What would happen if these groups ever came together for the That’s a BIG 10-4 Event to Washington?

There are many Facebook trucking advocacy group leaders which have made it a point to join forces together for the Oct 4th “That’s a Big 10-4 on DC” event.

One of the trucking advocacy group leaders, who has voiced the need to unite and join the That’s A Big 10-4 on DC event, is John Allen Eppley of LifeOnTheRoads.  (His website is Life On The Roads. ) John creates daily videos expressing the need to unite, the need to stand for what you believe in, and how to be proactive. Power is in numbers and LifeOnTheRoads group members agree.  You can watch one of his videos here.

Another vocal truck driver advocate is Charles Claburn who is active within many of the groups and shares videos often, promoting unity, understanding the issues, being proactive, brotherhood, and calling your Reps.  You can watch his video here.

We could go on and on about all the inspiring groups and people who passionately share their messages, videos, and information to others. Hats of to ALL of YOU! I wish I could name each and every one in this post.

Below are a list of groups Facebook trucking groups which have committed to support the October 4-6 That’s A Big 10-4  on DC event.  The list is growing daily as word spreads through Twitter and Facebook.


Black Smoke Matters
Strolling the Boulevard
Monday Information
2 Scoops of Trucking
ELD or me
United States Transportation Alliance
Trucking across America w/ the Schmitt’s
Kentucky Drivers Association
Outlaw Truckers Shine On
The “Outlaw Lounge”
Roll Cool Customs
Roll Cool Customs Classifieds
Independent Truckers All Out
True Blue Truckers 1%
Texas Drivers
East Bound & Down
Ol Skool Unity Truck Show 2018
Truckers Union built by truckers for truckers.
E & D Trucking LLC.
McClary Trucking
United Driver’s Association of America
Blood Line Carriers
Ohio Drivers
New York Drivers
East Coast Large Cars United
Truth About Trucking LLC

trucker convention

2nd Annual Truck Driver Social Media Convention Kansas City, Mo

Ironically, 7 years ago come this October, the goal to Unite Drivers and Have their Voices Heard emerged at the First annual Truck Driver Social Media Convention.  It was the hope of this event in 2011,  through the Power of Social Media, drivers would unite, share their ideas, spread their message to the general public, and create positive change for the professional driver.

Social media to promote trucker rights

After 7 years, through the power of Trucking Social Media, the seeds have taken root and the fruit has emerged. UNITY is HERE!!
2 year conventions of 2011 and 2012,   Highlight videos and photos.
2011 Truck Driver Convention Highlight
2012 Truck Driver Convention Highlight

Media Blitz by Monday Information Group

In an effort to bring awareness of trucking issues to the general public, Monday Information trucking advocacy on Facebook, pushed a Media Blitz across the nation.
Here are a few articles highlighting those who continue to work tirelessly for the betterment of others.

Dec. 4 anti-ELD mandate rallies taking place across the country

‘They better start listening to us’: Brian Babin reiterates need for executive order to delay ELDs

From left: MyRiteLoad’s Matthew Kane; truckers Doug Hasner, Joe Alfaro, John Grosvenor and Lisa Schmitt; Senator Ted Cruz; truckers Shelli Conaway, Lee Schmitt, Dave McCauley, and Brandon McCauley

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