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RWIT ladies share more than just their career in trucking


The title says it all, RWIT ladies share more than just a career in trucking. One is a kidney transplant donor, the other is the kidney transplant receiver.

Two ladies of the REAL Women In Trucking (RWIT) organization lives will be changed forever, as one lady trucker, Elizabeth Sweet, is donating one of her kidneys to her “sister trucker”, Cheryl Lynn Iban-Bean.
Here’s the best part, Cheryl and Elizabeth were strangers when Ms. Sweet read that Cheryl was in dire need of a kidney transplant.


RWIT members share more than their career in trucking

Elizabeth Sweet (left) with Cheryl Lynn Ibana-Bean | Photo by Les Willis, Godspeed Expediters

Elizabeth is doing the hard part- donating a kidney.  We can do the easy part- Make a small Donation to help them during their recovery and lost wages.

How we met Cheryl

Two years ago at the 1st Annual Queen of the Road Cruise, Allen and I had the pleasure of meeting one of the most kind and personable people we had ever met. She was Hawaii trucker Cheryl Bean, a nominee for the 2017 Queen of the Road Award, and winner of the 2018 Queen of the Road Award.  You never would have known that Cheryl was suffering from Lupus,  a life threatening autoimmune disease which attacks  body tissues. In Cheryl’s case it was attacking her kidneys.

Cheryl Ibana-Bean - 2018 recipient of RWIT’s “Queen of the Road” award

Cheryl Ibana-Bean – 2018 recipient of RWIT’s “Queen of the Road” award sponsored by RoadPro Brands

Here is an interview Allen had with Cheryl while we were on the Cruise where she discusses her life in Hawaii as a trucker as well a her struggle with Lupus.  At this time of the interview, Cheryl was on a kidney donor list in Hawaii and had been making several trips the hospital during flare ups and undergoing dialysis.


During all this time, Cheryl remained active in her Ladies of Hawaii Truckin’ Pages on Facebook. The Ladies of Hawaii is a non- profit organization to promote lady truckers and ladies in the trucking industry. The organization is very active in their selected charities: Lupus, Cancer and the Legacy of Life and often give back to their community through the “Benefiting Honolulu Habitat for Humanity.”

After Cheryl moved to Oklahoma, she was able to get on an Oklahoma donor list, increasing her chances for finding a donor.

It wasn’t until fellow trucker, Elizabeth Sweet, noticed the thread on  the Real Women in Trucking Facebook page that the story caught her eye about Hawaiian truck driver Cheryl Lynn Ibana-Bean, who was suffering from Lupus and needed a kidney to remain alive.

 “Seemed  simple to me,” Sweet would later tell writer, trucker, and folk singer Paul Marhoefer. “My blood type makes me a universal donor.”

Well Elizabeth, it may have seemed simple to you, but your decision to help a fellow human being is pretty awesome to us.  You are a hero to many and we are all so grateful to you for coming to the need of our dear friend Cheryl Bean.

We also want to thank another good friend, Les Willis Godspeed Expediters, LLC.  If anyone knows Les, you know he is one of those people who when he hears a call to help someone in need, he is one of the first ones there to step forward.  You’ve probably seen him at GATS where he oversees the schedule and coordination of all activities in the now famous GATS parking lot.

Elizabeth Sweet-Les Willis

Elizabeth Sweet and Les Willis of Godspeed Expediters

Les stepped up once again and sponsored the June trip of Ms. Sweet where she was flown out to the Nazih Zuhdi Organ Transplant Institute in Oklahoma City to undergo three days worth of bloodwork, ultrasounds and multiple evaluations by a team of physicians. As God would have it, Elizabeth is a perfect match. The 2 ladies are scheduled to have their surgery September 9, Lord willing.

If you would like to meet up with everyone; Cheryl, Elizabeth, Les, and the ladies at,  they’ll be at GATS August 22-24.  They’ll either be in the Truck Parking area for the St Christopher Fundraiser, the RWIT booth 1015, or just enjoying the show.

Here’s the Donation Page Again-  Let’s show them some Love

National Foundation for Transplants- Your Donation Can Make a Difference! Cheryl and Elizabeth

Donna Smith




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