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Missing Truck Driver Alert Network shares word to Find US Xpress Missing Driver

 Posted by Kari Fisher of the  "Missing Truck Driver Alert " Page on Facebook and Twitter

Posted by Kari FIsher of the “Missing Truck Driver Alert ” Page on Facebook and Twitter

A Female US Xpress Truck Driver, Linda Richards, went missing on August 18, 2012.

Kari Fisher of the Missing Truck Driver Alert Network (MTDAN) on FaceBook was soon notified of the situation by a concerned women  on her group page. The Missing Truck Driver Alert Member  had noticed a post on the US Xpress FB Drivers page, that there had been an alert sent out by one of the US Xpress drivers regarding a fellow missing driver, Linda Richards.  Hal Kiah, along with others within the MTDAN group began researching and  also getting involved.
The 2 groups, US Xpress Drivers and Missing Truck Driver Alert Network, began communicating on the MTDAN page, sharing info as it came in.
Note: You will need to look at the posts in the column marked “post by others” to read the drivers posts of the US Xpress Drivers page. ( rather than main admin posts page)

In no time, information was posted on the MTDAN page including, Truck and Trailer #, description of truck and driver, last time seen, her route, scheduled deliver, etc…. A pic was eventually offered by one of Linda’s friends and was then posted on the FB page, along with compiled information to share throughout FaceBook and Twitter.

The pic received approximately 1000 shares and was given to “Seeking the Lost” by one of the MTDAN members, who then also began posting on FaceBook.

Early Friday morning, almost 1 week after trucker Linda Richards went missing, it was reported by Christian Murray, (US Xpress driver and friend of Linda’s), that the driver was found and was being transported to the hospital. Christian had been contacted by police and informed of the update. Another report stated on FB that the truck was forced open and that Ms. Richards had been ill for a few days.  We were told that the truck involved had been towed into the US Xpress yard early Friday morning and the GPS was not working.

There are no further details at this time, although Kari Fisher and a group of concerned individuals continue to investigate the incident. Updates are being posted  by members of both groups on the MTDAN group page on FB.

It is the combined effort of both the drivers on the US Xpress page, the members of the MTDAN page, and the power of social media communication which led to the location of missing trucker Linda Richards. Also, special thanks to US Xpress VP of operations, Eric Fuller, for keeping everyone up to date on both pages regarding the US Xpress efforts and progress of the search for Ms. Richards

Earlier this year,Kari Fisher began the Missing Truck Driver Alert Network FB page, when truck driver Mark Williams went missing in February. He was reported missing to Kari by a friend of the family, with hope she could aid in finding Mr Williams through her many friends and different groups on FB. This was the beginning of the Missing Truck Driver Alert group on FB, and soon thousands joined in on the search. Kari worked closely with the drivers wife, Jonda Williams, and also law enforcement during the investigation.
The information posted on Facebook spread to blogs, forums, and radio shows, and the driver was soon found, deceased in his truck. The gentleman who found Mr. Williams was a fellow driver who recognized the description of the truck through the FB information posted.

Along with her 4 FaceBook pages, including the Missing Truck Driver Alert Page, Kari also has created a website for Missing Truck Drivers. Those concerned about the seriousness of missing truck drivers are encouraged to sign up for alerts to their phone. An app for Missing Truck Drivers, including an alert option, will soon be released for Android and the iPhone,
Kari Fisher will be honored on October 27th at the Truck Driver Social Media Convention in Kansas City, Mo. Ms Fisher is the recipient of the “Jason Rivenburg-Making a Difference Award” sponsored by

The 2nd year event unites drivers as those within the industry show their honor and support for them.

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By: Allen Smith

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