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Founder of SBTC aims to raise truck driver wages and profits

James Lamb- Owner/CEO of, President of AIPBA,  created Small Business in Transportation Coalition

James Lamb- Owner/CEO of, President of AIPBA, founder of The Small Business in Transportation Coalition

Since the latest March 13th News Release from FMCSA,  DOT Proposes Use of Electronic Logbooks to Improve Efficiency, Safety in Commercial Bus & Truck Industries;

The controversy has picked up once again for professional drivers.

Although the Latest HOS regulations will ideally be enforced through an ELD mandate, drivers believe ELD’s will add to stress which ultimately leads to greater driver fatigue, which is the exact opposite of the reducing driver fatigue goal through ELD enforcement.

A catch 22. Drivers also state that no one can tell them “when they are fatigued”, consequently dictating to them when to rest and more importantly, when not to rest.

Drivers have also openly admitted that the enforcement of ELD’s will also drastically reduce their wages.

The question then came up on LinkedIn and Facebook which candidly asked drivers:

1) Are drivers against ELD’s because they can no longer fudge their logbooks?

2) If drivers were paid for All their time, would EOBR’s be less of an issue/concern or still the same? Let’s “assume” the driver harassment issue is resolved when answering.  Owner Operators still have to deal with the Cost.

Social media has recently exposed reasons and circumstance which has not only added to driver stress levels, resulting in increased driver fatigue, but has also revealed that Driver Wages play heavily on the opposition of ELD’s.

Prior to MATS 2014 in Louisville, KY, James Lamb replied to professional drivers with this statement on both LinkedIn and Twitter, inviting them to attend his seminar at MATS to address Increased Driver Wages.

James P. Lamb “We will be launching a new paradigm designed to increase independent driver pay in the coming months. We are not ready to disclose the details but we will introduce the new brand at MATS during the AIPBA seminar. In time it will pull company driver pay up too. You’re gonna like this, truckers…”

Below are the promised results announced by Mr Lamb summarizing what happened during his Seminar at MATS, including the Power Point Presentation.

“AIPBA Encourages Small Brokers to Be More Transparent in their Dealings with Truckers, Presents “New Deal” to Truckers at MATS designed to raise driver pay and improve safety compliance.

AIPBA President James Lamb took a bold new step today at MATS toward transparency in broker-trucker relations, addressing numerous industry problems such as e-logs, driver harassment, driver pay, and ethics in transportation as he introduced the new Small Business in Transportation Coalition to truckers in attendance, which encourages the formation of new partnerships between truckers and brokers as members of the same small business supply chain team.

During the presentation, Lamb made the distinction between big brokers who attempt to score an average of 22.5% commission on brokered loads, while smaller brokers operating with integrity are typically in the 10-15% range. Along those lines, he referenced OOIDA Executive Director’s 2009 statement:

“The big broker should never be the first call you make. Small brokers should treat you better and work harder to develop a mutually profitable relationship.”

 Small Business in Transportation Coalition (SBTC).

Small Business in Transportation Coalition (SBTC).

“It’s time to stop acting like adversaries and start acting like partners… because we are in fact partners in business,” Lamb said.

Lamb stated that although the push toward transparency should be voluntary and left to market forces to embrace the new paradigm, he would be leading by example as general manger of a new brokerage called 12PL. He indicated more information would be released in the coming months explaining the new brand.”

James Lamb says he’s prepared to launch to “lead by example” on broker/trucker freight-transaction transparency.

James Lamb says he’s prepared to launch to “lead by example” on broker/trucker freight-transaction transparency.

James Lamb will be our guest on  Truth About Trucking “Live”  as we will continue the discussion which will include more detailed goals of the
new outreach coalition  founded called the Small Business in Transportation Coalition (SBTC). Announcement of show will be posted soon.
Its goal is to protect and promote the small truckers and brokers in the industry and follow a theme of teamwork and partnerships in business.


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By: Allen Smith

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