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3, an online news network serving over 20 million monthly readers across the world, apparently considers the recent murder of truck driver, Michael Boeglin as “Not Newsworthy.

As a writer for the Examiner since May 7, 2010, my most recent article: “Another trucker murdered while Congress ignores transportation funding” was denied publication due to the above given reason. An incredible example of how mainstream news media controls the content intended for the general public.

Therefore, due to this manipulation, I will provide the article here for future reference:

Another trucker murdered while Congress ignores transportation funding

Safe Truck Parking

Safe Truck Parking

It is a terrifying replay of the heart breaking story of Hope Rivenburg which led to her three year battle to implement Jason’s Law, a law passed under the Highway Restoration Bill to provide funding for safe truck parking. This time however, the truck driver’s name is Michael Boeglin, and similar to Hope Rivenburg, his wife Ashley is expecting their first child.

As in the case of Jason Rivenburg who stopped at an abandoned gas station, Michael parked his rig at an abandoned building to wait to pick up his scheduled load. According to Detroit police reports, Michael was shot and his rig set on fire. It is another horrible reality of what professional truckers face while living life on the road which offers limited safe and secured parking areas.

Although Jason’s Law was passed through the Senate as part of the $109 billion transportation bill, no further action by the House or Senate has been taken to fund safer parking areas for truckers. Also incorporated into MAP-21, the law not only allowed funding for more safe truck parking eligible under the NHPP, STP and HSIP programs, (Ref: MAP-21, page 5) but also required the Department of Transportation to perform a study and assessment of truck parking facilities by April 1, 2014. A study and assessment that was not completed at the required time. (Ref: MAP-21, page 9).

The DOT survey, conducted under the efforts of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) recently concluded receiving comments from drivers as of May 2nd, 2014.

Not wanting to wait for D.O.T. to perform their study, Hope Rivenburg stepped up once again and launched her own truck parking suvey which was presented to the DOT to be used in conjunction with their own. The 2013 Jason’s Law Safe Truck Parking and Focus Group Presentation has thus far received over 15,000 views via Hope’s Slideshare presentation. The lady who fought endlessly for safe truck parking funding, continues to do the work of Congress.

Most recently, professional trucker, Desiree Wood, founder of Real Women in Trucking, includes in her reporting that as Congress went home over the 4th of July holiday, the funds which have been legally set aside for Federal Transportation money will begin to “dry up” within a matter of weeks. The news links to Washington Post reporter, Ashley Halsey III July 2nd report: Countdown to a shutdown of federal transportation funding.

To the wife and family of Michael Boeglin, truckers across social media outlets send their condolences, yet nobody more than Hope Rivenburg can understand the pain they are going through. Through the Jason’s Law Facebook page, Hope once again raises her voice in standing up for the right of truckers to have a safe place to park while they continue in their efforts to keep America moving:

“I have to vent and no it will not be politically correct!! A few weeks ago all we got to hear from all the political big wigs, and “powerful people” on all the major news outlets how HOS need to be tightened due to the semi hitting a limo which had a “star” in it. Really tightening more stupid rules is not going to solve the problem. Let’s use some common sense if the trucks don’t have a place to park how are they going to obeyed by these “rules?”

“Most of us have heard about the senseless murder of driver Mike Boeglin (which if anyone did research is the 4th murder done this way in the past 30 days in Detroit). But you don’t see any of the people or media stations that was calling for stricter HOS saying anything about how we need to get shippers and receivers’ to let drivers park on the property, or just simply proved these men and women with safe parking. What a concept. Might make it so these drivers have less fatigue, and actually can obeyed by the HOS and return home safely to their loved one.”

“I am sure most of these “powerful” people live in up scale neighborhoods, so they don’t have to worry about criminal activity. I wonder how they would “rest” if they knew prostitution, drug deals, and murders were happening outside their homes while they were “resting”? Wake up people EVERYONE no matter what their social status had SOMEONE that love them. Everyone’s life is just as important as the next persons.”

“Mr. Schumer seeing you were one of the people calling for tougher HOS’s how about you help get implanted a bill you introduced back in 2009 like Congressman Tonko is trying to.”

“To the family of Mr. Boeglin I am so very sorry for your loss. I am sorry your child will grow up only knowing their father from stories. I am sorry a very happy time in your life has been darkened with sadness.”

Since 2012, when Jason’s Law was passed, the House and Senate continues to ignore the serious impact of the lack of safe truck parking across the country. Not only are they allowing the funds to dwindle away into obscurity, but they choose to sit idly by while our nation’s drivers like Jason Rivenburg and Michael Boeglin and others who’s names will never be known, are murdered.

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By: Allen Smith

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  1. Thomas Ingraldi

    As I have said a thousand times. We need to fight the 14 hour clock. It is a law that has the completely opposite effect of what was intended. We have to hurry thru our day to “beat the clock” in order to make a paycheck. We have to worry constantly at any delay at a shipper or receiver because our clock is running and we may not have time to park legally and safely. No 14 hour clock no worries about time running out before we can park. TRI

    • Denise

      I totally agree NO 14 hour Clock

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