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Cry for Argentina

Cry for Argentina

Cry for Argentina

As truck driver health has been one of our main topics lately, my research led me back to the news of the Monsanto Corporation from my past post: The Killing Fields of Monsanto.

Most recently, Mr. Obama signed the Monsanto Protection Act which ultimately makes the company above the law.  By signing the Act, the corporate giant is now protected from anyone or anything, even the U.S. Government. It further allows Monsanto the complete authority over the U.S. food supply, laced with deadly insecticides and pesticides that have shown the increase of autoimmune diseases among a growing population.

Monsanto continues its aim at one of the last most fertile soil environments on Earth, as it moves forward toward the beautiful land of Argentina. A place where the soil was once so rich, that one could simply throw a seed to the ground and it would grow, the Argentina crop fields are becoming an environmental crisis, damaging soil bacteria and allowing herbicide-resistant weeds to grow out of control.

Argentina Protest

Argentina Protest

Just seven years after genetically modified soya was introduced to Argentina in order to be an economic miracle for poor farmers,” the once vibrant land is fast becoming an “economic ruin.”  Even though the Argentina people voiced  their disapproval of Monsanto’s arrival, politics were too powerful for its own people to overcome.

A recent investigation by the University of Buenos Aires demonstrated that thousands of farmers have been exposed to serious health risks from the chemicals leading to cancer, birth defects, intestinal, heart and neuronal conditions. Yet, with studies like these being made available world-wide, Mr. Obama still signed the Act and further ignored his 2007 promise for the labeling of GMO products.

Furthermore, the farmers and crop workers of Argentina are reporting no additional income from the planting of Monsanto seeds, while the company is reporting that it has nearly tripled its profits in the first fiscal quarter of 2013.

March Against Monsanto

March Against Monsanto

As people all across the globe continue to march against the Monsanto movement, the company continues its expansion throughout Latin America, oddly enough, with the full support and backing of the U.S. government.

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By: Allen Smith

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