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National Truck Parking Survey


A National Truck Parking Survey headed by the original crusader for Jason’s Law, Hope Rivenburg, is underway, measuring and interpreting data collected from Professional Truck Drivers regarding the availability of Safe Truck Parking.

The results of this study will be presented on  by Hope Rivenburg of Jason’s Law, Richard Wilson of TCRG Consulting, and Andy Warcaba of AireDock and Warcaba & Associates.

Major contributors to the study are Desiree Wood of the Woman Truckers Network and veteran OTR driver Sandi Talbott.

National Truck Parking Survey- Hope Rivenburg-2013 Truck Driver Social Media Convention

National Truck Parking Survey- Hope Rivenburg Presentation-2013 Truck Driver Social Media Convention

The goal of this survey is to bring awareness to the fact that there is significant lack of safe available commercial vehicle parking space, on or near interstates, for truck drivers who want or need to park. 

For over 20 years, safe available truck parking has been an issue for professional truck drivers. The situation has become more relevant as rest areas continue to close. Many times drivers are forced to drive either sleepy or park illegally on ramps, shoulders, etc. Other times they are forced to park in unsafe isolated areas, such as the case of Jason Rivenburg, who was murdered as he rested in an abandoned gas station.

The Federal Government strictly enforces hours of service, and yet many times drivers are forced to run over their HOS in order to locate truck parking. Drivers and companies are also scrutinized by the enforcement of CSA, experiencing the legal repercussions of being unable to find safe truck parking.

As EOBRS are scheduled to be mandated, the parking problem can only worsen as drivers will find themselves in a situation that will not allow them to legally drive further.

“Jason’s Law” provisions for truck parking, originally drafted as House and Senate bills in 2009 have now been incorporated into MAP-21 largely intact.
Jason’s Law would allow funding for more safe truck parking, however, a D.O.T study needs to be performed in order to allow funding for those states who demonstrate the need for it.

The DOT study, including their Truck Parking Eligibility, is part of the 27-month surface transportation re-authorization bill that Congress approved  July 6, 2012.  The US DOT will conduct their study and assessment of Truck Parking Facilities in each state by April 1, 2014.

Hope Rivenburg has met with Congressman Paul Tonko (who first introduced Jason’s Law to the House in 2009) and the DOT on April 22, 2013 in Albany, New York regarding her Truck Parking Survey. The results of Hope Rivenburg’s Truck Parking Survey will be shared with the DOT.

We believe it is those directly AFFECTED by this shortage of safe truck parking, mainly DRIVERS and companies, who should be “the voices” taking part in this survey.

For this reason we request that every professional truck driver take the time to take this National Survey which will be the ultimate voice expressing the need for more safe truck parking availability.

The National Truck Parking Survey will also prove to be a very beneficial  tool for all freight brokers across the country.  Tools like this will go a long ways in improving the industry’s overall effectiveness and efficiency.

Your participation in this survey is vital in order that we may end the truck parking crisis affecting so many today.

Click here to take survey

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  1. Chris Stokes

    I was doing some research on social media and the trucking industry and happened to come across your blog. Very interesting post on parking safety, it seems to be a huge international issue. In fact last week I came across an APP in Europe that helps drivers do the same thing. I will be sure to follow your blog and if I come across anything that might help the community I will be sure to post it.

    Digital Marketing Manager
    Michelin solutions

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