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XYpper, Inc. Launches Transformative Technology for the Trucking Industry


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XYpper, Inc. Launches Transformative Technology for the Trucking Industry

XYpper Technologies has developed, beta-tested and is now launching technology that completely transforms and streamlines operations for the trucking industry through a system that includes an Uber-like app. The current way that independent owner-operator truckers use to find loads is a system of fragmented, expensive and inefficient online message boards called “loadboards,” which work similarly to classified ad websites like Craigslist. Anyone who has ever bought or sold something that way can imagine the challenges you would encounter if you had to depend on it to make a living – having to constantly follow up, dealing with people who may be less than reputable, etc. This is extremely frustrating for truckers, who should be focused on driving versus having to struggle to find the next load in order to provide for their families. With XYpper, all transaction paperwork and finding loads across North America becomes a completely automated, seamless process, saving time, money and increasing profitability for both freight brokers and truckers.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (Nov. 1, 2016) – Truckers across North America, particularly independent owner operators (IOOs), often struggle to find conveniently located and timely freight loads through an outdated, fragmented and often expensive system of loadboards – online message boards that work like classified ads. Twenty-eight percent of all trucks in the U.S. run empty every year, representing billions of profit in lost freight revenues and billions of dollars in wasted fuel. Truckers, on average, sit at truck stops for three days in anticipation of booking freight to avoid driving empty, causing them more anxiety, wasted time and lost revenue.

To solve these and other problems, XYpper, Inc. has developed and launched an app- and web-based system for the trucking industry in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, allowing IOOs and freight brokers to harness the power of web and mobile technology to connect, greatly improving efficiencies and increasing profit for both the truckers and brokers. The XYpper app works similarly to Uber and other “sharing economy” apps, by directly connecting individuals who have a need with someone who can perform a service – in XYpper’s case, connecting freight brokers who have loads that need to be delivered with truckers who are either in their geographical area or on their way.

Brokers post their load information online though a web-based portal, and truckers are alerted via the app in real time. After six years of development, a very positive 18-month beta testing period, and with more than 350 truckers and 50 brokers already signed up, XYpper is officially launching to all in the trucking industry.


Xypper APp Portal

Brokers post their load information online though a web-based portal, and truckers are alerted via the app in real time.

“XYpper is a game changing system for the trucking industry – a system designed by truckers for truckers,” said Founder Valerio Lanzieri, president of XYpper, Inc. “Our team is extremely excited about the possibility of this system to improve the lives of hard-working truckers and their families through our technology.”

Lanzieri, a longtime entrepreneur who has launched and sold two tech startups, discovered the need to streamline trucking operations through one of his companies, which assisted airlines in managing and tracking cargo. “We noticed the airline cargo industry was very dependent on the trucking industry, and finding carriers for cargo loads was the most difficult task – very laborious, time-consuming and resource centric.

We said, ‘There must be a better way.’” Lanzieri and his team then set out to develop an efficient solution, working closely to collect feedback from truckers and brokers over four years of research and development, and 18 months of intensive beta-testing before launching the first commercial version of the system in mid-September.

Other benefits provided by the system include tracking capabilities and automated document generation for truckers and brokers, so neither party has to create necessary paperwork for their transactions, a process that can be very cumbersome for someone who lives and works on the road.  XYpper also sends load offers while truckers are en route, minimizing downtime. The app also will soon be able to provide truckers with each broker’s credit score and payment trend, allowing them to choose whether to accept or reject loads based on broker reputability. The system is the only one of its kind that encompasses all of North America, is open to all brokers and carriers, and provides fully integrated document-generation capabilities.

Xypper Mobile App

XYpper Mobile app

The free app is available for download immediately in the Apple App Store and for Android devices on Google Play.  More information is available at For questions, contact Valerio Lanzieri at or 514-249-5101.


About XYpper, Inc.

Xypper is a privately-held software company, specializing in novel transportation software solutions. Xypper Technologies Inc. assists shippers and carriers of freight in maximizing proficiency by changing outdated freight and shipping operations to a technologically up-to-date approach. With over 30 years’ experience and numerous patents under its belt, Xypper takes pride in pursuing the developing and creating of the most advanced software solutions to help freight businesses run efficiently, productively and as profitable as possible.

Kristine M. Gobbo
President-Spectrum Public Relations


Kristine M. Gobbo
Spectrum Public Relations



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