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Trucking Social Media

Trucking Social Media

Sharing your message, services, and products by employing Honesty and Transparency on Social Media platforms


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Since the last 2 years of the Trucking Social Media Convention, we are directly associated with specific advertising, supporting the core characteristics of Social Media( SM), honesty and transparency.

Our website, Trucking Social Media, is designed to be a HUB for Trucking, sharing valuable and relevant information among the trucking community. What started out as a resource for new CDL drivers in 2006, has grown into an information hub for many who desire to share their opinions, knowledge, information and quality products and services.

Information Resources for the Trucking Community

The purpose of the Trucking Social Media Information Resource page is to compile a comprehensive list of information and non-commercial sources in order to educate, inform and edify the trucking community. This will be an on-going project by and all suggestions will be considered regarding their addition to the page.

Truth About Trucking and Trucking Social Media’s network of websites and social media sites shares positive and relevant information among the trucking community. It is designed to attract like-minded people who believe that the core of social media, honesty and transparency, are essential when building trust and relationships.  These like-minded people are referred to as the “Circle of Trust” and welcome and include all who believe in sharing the truth for the betterment of the industry…..  “Raising the standards of the trucking industry”

We believe that when you combine integrity with Social Media, it is the most valuable and cost effective platform to create awareness, build relationships, spread a message, and achieve one’s goals.


Trucking Social Media

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Our Trusted Partners

We would like to thank all those who support us in our efforts, bringing awareness to the industry through the power of social media. Our Partners and Advertisers continue to display their commitment towards honesty and integrity by offering the highest quality if products and services.

If you feel you have a quality product or service and believe in the honesty and transparency of Social Media, please contact us to be a part of our Social Media and Banner Campaigns.

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  1. M. Genevieve

    I am not a trucker and my only connection to trucking is when I am on the road. I have always appreciated the courtesy of drivers and greatly respect the service you all provide. I rarely drive at night, but lately circumstances have made night-driving a necessity for me. I would like to request that drivers check the angle of their headlights as the most high-beam offenses have been from trucks. The lights don’t seem to actually be on the high-beam setting, but are angled up. This would be a major improvement for those of us who drive regular l cars. Thank you so much! And let me know if there is a better place to register this comment.

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