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Please note that our url to the new Truth About Trucking Live Talk Radio Show has changed, in order to make it easier!! Direct link is now : . Join us as we debut on August 9th, 2008 @ 2:00 PM!


Talk Radio Show


Exciting news here at the home base! We are launching the Truth About Trucking Live Radio Talk Show at . The very first debut is scheduled for August 9th, 2008 at 2:00 PM….Our special guest will be HazMat expert Barry Szczucki….We invite anyone who would like to join us on this Debut Special, to call in and be on LIVE TALK RADIO with the Truth About Trucking! You can check out all the details at

Truth About Trucking continues to break new ground in its attempt to raise the standards of the trucking industry. We will be discussing all aspects of the trucking industry and ways to make things better for drivers…..everything about trucking! Continue checking back at to see what upcoming shows are planned and call in to the talk show.

Truth About Trucking Live Radio Talk Show – Debut – 8-9-08, 2:00 PM

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Class A CDL Driver Qualifications


I receive messages from students, new CDL holders and recent truck driving school graduates telling me that they now have their CDL Class A license, but nobody will hire them. Normally, it is because of some “little” thing in their past or on their “record” that is preventing them from being hireable. They simply did not know or understand that certain “little” things can stop an employer from bringing you on as an OTR driver.

Most all trucking companies go by the same set of rules when hiring a new driver. Many policies are set forth by local, state and federal law. Many other policies are those set by the company itself. Had any of these students or recent grads had known about these policies, they could have saved thousands of dollars they spent for the truck driving school, realizing that they would not be able to get hired in the first place.

If you are considering a career in trucking and have no driving experience and are planning to attend a truck driving school for training, first make sure there is nothing that will prevent you from being hired by an employer. Should there be something, you will have just wasted a large amount of money for a CDL that you may never be able to use.

There are four areas that you would want to verify to insure all is well: Minimum Qualifications, Safety Issues, Documents and Criminal History. Many truck driving schools will see a questionable item and tell you that you should be alright, but remember……..they want your $4000 payment, or whatever their training price may be!

Download and print out these Class A CDL Driver Qualifications and keep for a reference guide. If there is something that may prevent you from obtaining employment as a driver, you would want to get it resolved, if possible, BEFORE shelling out the $$$ for a truck driving school.

 About the author:

Aubrey “Allen” Smith is the author of the first and original Truth About Trucking. While offering advice through articles and free bonus reports, his eBook has helped thousands of new students and drivers become aware of the many scams within the trucking industry. Visit today to learn more.

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Truth About Trucking – FREE Reports


To all you truck driving  students and new drivers and those considering a career in OTR trucking……grab these 3 FREE downloadable trucking  reports……Get started on the right track!     Thanks,   Allen Smith –

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Truth About Trucking on Twitter!


Just a quick note to all our subscribers, customers and followers!  Truth About Trucking is on “Twitter” and we would like to invite all who are interested in trucking….current drivers, recent CDL grads, upcoming students and those thinking about a trucking career to join us on “Twitter.”  Keep up to date on “what we are doing.”   Check it out and HAVE FUN!!!      ……….   Allen Smith 

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Truck Driving Jobs: The #1 Mistake by Shippers and Receivers


Driving a truck professionally can be a tormented vocation. Truck driving schools enjoy manipulating new students in believing that over the road truck driving is an easy, laid-back lifestyle. At times, perhaps it can be, but for the most part it is a stressful, aggravating way of life. There are hundreds of thousands of pick-ups and deliveries made every day by our truckers and if you ask them which shipper and receiver is usually the worst to deal with, the answer will nearly always be the Grocery Warehouses.

I have never understood the management team of the grocery warehouses. You would think that management, lower to upper, would comprehend the main principle of business management . . . take care of the customer. Dealing with a grocery warehouse, primarily delivering, is most often the truck driver’s worst nightmare. They purposely make you sit and wait for hours on end, and most often make you, the driver, perform the unloading.

Grocery warehouses are known for their over-powering, disrespectful and hateful attitudes. Many of them will treat the professional driver as something less than a dog. All you have to do is ask a driver that has been at it for a while . . . grocery warehouses are the worst! These little managers that run the operation enjoy the feeling of power over the driver. This is the only reason I can imagine . . . what other reason would cause a “manager” to treat truck drivers this way?

Thus, this is where the management of these grocery warehouses are making their biggest mistake in managing. They may have the title of “management,” but they are not true, professional managers. What is the #1 mistake enacted by these shippers and receivers? They see these men and women truck drivers as nothing but “lower-class.” They treat them unfairly and many times with hostility. They abuse their management “powers” by making them sit and wait for hours on end, will take seven hours to unload a one hour shipment, and on and on.

This is where these so called “managers” are making their #1 mistake. These men and women of trucking may just be “truck drivers,” but they are also something else . . . they are CUSTOMERS! If every truck driver who has been treated badly by these grocery warehouses would stop shopping at the particular store, and their spouse stopped, along with their “two” kids, that would be a loss of four CUSTOMERS. Multiply this by 200 other drivers, spouses and “two” kids, customer loss would run up to 800! If each of these told a friend to stop buying from these hateful shippers and receivers, they would witness a customer loss of 1600! And . . . well, you get the picture.

A true, professional manager understands that the sole priority of a business is to make a profit. To do this, takes the customer. Without customers, a business fails. Is the customer always right? No . . . but when a company or corporation employs “managers” who fail to understand that even the lowly “truck driver” is a customer, they are no manager at all.

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The Truth About Trucking on Audio CD


We’ve noticed during the last 3 years online,  we would receive an e-mail here and there asking “will you be putting your book on an audio CD?” Well, about six weeks or so ago, we took a mini- survey, and asked our newsletter subscribers if they would be interested in an audio of the book, “The Truth About Trucking”.  The response was overwhelming…and almost everyone said they would like to have an audio copy of the book.

We originally had the date set for the release of the audio CD for June 10th. To be honest, we didn’t realize how much more involved and technical it is to “put it all together” in a professional and well presented manner, a way that would be interesting and entertaining as well as informative and educational. We’re pleased to say that it’s in the final stages and we’ll be sending out an e-mail or newsletter giving the details of the availability.

There will be a very special price for all our loyal customers and subscribers to our newsletter.  Without you, this blog, the website,  and all the articles that are spread across the web, would not be possible. Your support and trust has allowed us  to continue  spreading our beliefs and desire to get the truth out to as many as we can.

All those purchasing the book or  PDF CD  prior to the release of the new audio CD, will be able to receive it for almost 1/2 off the new website price. The Audio will come with the downloadable e-book and all 4 bonuses as in the past. We really want to stress that you need the digital download ( which is available as an immediate download), because all the important links to the various trucking companies, truck driving schools, and other  resources are in the PDF version of the book ( e-book). The audio is meant for easy listening as many of you have said, “I would rather listen than read”. Although it’s not totally complete, it appears to be about 3 hrs long( includes the bonus reports).

So keep your eyes open for the e-mails that will give a direct link to the introductory offers for you. If you haven’t signed up for our free info yet, just complete the sign up form and your e-mail will be added to our news list. Allen has a feed for all the most relevant trucking news and he passes ,what he believes to be important, on to you.

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon,

Allen & Donna

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Trucking Job Brings Me Face to Face With Vietnam Vet


     It’s amazing what an over the road truck driver can encounter on a daily basis. All of the sights and sounds they experience become so vast that they soon forget and accept them as simply a part of their daily lives. Experiences that few will ever know and even fewer can only dream about. I often stop and remember such things like slipping through the back roads of the Blue Ridge Mountains…….literally sliding my way down a snow covered Snowqualmie Pass……or slowing the rig down a few notches so I could enjoy the scenery of actual wild horses running across the plains of Wyoming…….and of course, that time I had no choice but to stop in the middle of the road and let that massive, huge moose cross in front of me in Caribou, Maine. All the sights, sounds and wonderment that now only live in my memories…..

     Though I no longer operate over the road, I am still “running” here in the State of Florida, averaging 420 miles per day. Not too long ago I was making a delivery in Gainesville, Florida at a small BP service station. As I pulled in, I noticed a haggard looking man huddled underneath the overhang of the building. Working nights, I often have to deal with some “rough” characters approaching me for money or food, so I kept my sight on him. It wasn’t long until I knew he was homeless as he walked up to me and the conversation began:

How you like driving that thing?” he asked.

It’s OK,” I replied, “Been doing it a long time.”

     He remained with me as I began my work and everything seemed to be going fine. Just a lonely guy, I thought, needing a little company. He walked back over to where he had been and sat back down beside a duffle bag containing all of his possessions. Suddenly, he placed his hand on the bag and started shaking it back and forth saying, “Get up! Get up!” I focused my attention back on him. Then, he began moving his head from side to side, his eyes darting here and there. I heard him mumble, “They’re dead……..they’re all dead.”

     A massive thunderstorm was moving into the area and I was working feverishly to complete my work before it hit. All of a sudden, an enormous clap of thunder and flash of lightening struck sending me running for cover. I immediately heard him yell, “INCOMING!” He was down on the ground with his hands over his head and it was then that I realized something…….I was in the presence of a hero.

     I knew I had to do something to bring him back to reality so I yelled, “HEY!…..HEY!… hungry?” He rose to his feet, his shaking subsided and a grin crossed his face, “I’m always hungry, dude” he laughed. I ran out to the truck and brought back a Gatorade and a ham and cheese sandwich. “Here,” I said, “This is my last drop so I’m heading home, I don’t need them.” As the rain poured down and the thunder rolled, I stayed by my new friend as he enjoyed the free meal. The political side of me kicked in and I wondered why is this man, why is this hero….left alone, forgotten by our Government, and made to live out on the streets?

     During the next thirty minutes, we talked about many things . . . from the Florida weather to alligators to truck driving . . . and with every teeth-jawing blast of thunder he would yell out, “KABOOM! ,” followed by a fit of laughter. As the storm passed and moved further to the Northwest, I said my goodbyes and told him to take care of himself. He shook my hand and thanked me for the drink and sandwich. Never once did he ask for money or help of any kind. He was his own man . . . he was a hero.

     As I began pulling out of the driveway, another loud burst of thunder occurred, followed by an enormous streak of lightening. I glanced over to see him staring up in the sky, his eyes flashing as bright as the lightening . . . his arms moving up and down . . . and I knew, once again, at that very moment he was no longer with me in Gainesville, Florida. I gave him a wave goodbye, but he failed to respond. He was no longer there . . . the hero had gone back to Vietnam.

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Trucking Problems or Not?


We read everyday where the trucking industry is “hurting” due to cost of fuel and other factors, but are these the reasons or are there other aspects involved?  Some companies are downsizing, while another trucking company provides their drivers with over 40 hours of work per week, and now faces a law suit from their drivers for failure to pay them overtime.

 Also, as owner-operators feel the crunch of high diesel prices, new driving students are lining up at truck driving schools to get the knowledge they need to become a professional truck driver.   So what gives?  Is trucking hurting or not?

Come high fuel prices or whatever, there will always be a need for truck drivers…..period.

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CDL Federal Gun Law


Due to the controversial topic: “Can CDL Truck Drivers Carry Guns?”, I have researched and found a Federal Law that so many drivers are looking for. Read what an actual Federal Law states about this topic, to put it to rest, once and for all. ( or maybe not)

Provided by Truth About Trucking.

Can a CDL truck driver legally carry a gun in the truck? This is a very HOT topic! In my previous article, “CDL Truck Drivers Carrying Guns,” much controversy was created because nothing could be found anywhere showing any Federal Law stating that it was illegal to carry. I have pointed out that there is NO Federal Law saying that it is illegal, only city, county and state laws that make it illegal to do so, as well as policies set forth by the motor carrier. I have found the actual Federal Law revealing the insight on this subject, listed below:

Title 18 Setcion 926(a). The peacable journey law.




Sec. 926A. Interstate transportation of firearms

Notwithstanding any other provision of any law or any rule or
regulation of a State or any political subdivision thereof, any person
who is not otherwise prohibited by this chapter from transporting,
shipping, or receiving a firearm shall be entitled to transport a
firearm for any lawful purpose from any place where he may lawfully
possess and carry such firearm to any other place where he may lawfully
possess and carry such firearm if, during such transportation the
firearm is unloaded, and neither the firearm nor any ammunition being
transported is readily accessible or is directly accessible from the
passenger compartment of such transporting vehicle: Provided, That in
the case of a vehicle without a compartment separate from the driver’s
compartment the firearm or ammunition shall be contained in a locked
container other than the glove compartment or console.

OK…now that we have the Federal Law on this matter, what does it mean? I would say that you could give this to 50 attorneys, and all 50 would interpret it differently! I believe what it is saying, is what I originally wrote in my previous articles….a CDL driver may carry a gun in the truck with him or her, PROVIDING that it does not violate any other STATE law, in which the driver will be passing through. Thus my point again…city, county and state laws may be the prevention for CDL truck drivers to carry guns…

Help me out drivers….what do you think?

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