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Team Truck Driving


Team truck driving is being investigated by many people looking into the possibilities of making more money in truck driving. The ads all say the right things and I have found various articles on the subject of team truck driving jobs. What is the truth when it comes to team driving? Can you really make more money driving as a team?

As a driving team, the goal is to keep the truck moving 24/7. You will find articles and ads claiming high mileage and high pay every week, as well as there being such a high demand for team drivers. The truth is, most companies are looking for team drivers, just like they are looking for solo drivers. However, many of us know what the solo drivers go through in the world of trucking. The same applies for team drivers . . . this is still OTR trucking.

Freight slows down, even for team drivers. The average weekly miles for a driving team is 3600 to 5000. Will you get 5000 miles every week? Not likely. But most of the time, if the company is a good one, you should average close to that figure. Also, remember that in team driving, both drivers split the cents per mile pay. Therefore, if the company is paying the average of .38 cents per mile, you both are making .19 cents per mile. That is to say, if you are both considered “equals” and one is not the “lead driver.”

The average pay for teaming is .32 cents to .47 cents per mile. So let’s look at how all this figures out. We are going to say that you belong to a team that is going to run 52 weeks per year, never stopping, never going home. You are going to average 5000 miles per week. You are with a really, excellent company and they are paying your team the top dollar of .47 cents per mile!

 5000 miles X .47 cents per mile = $2,350 per week.

$2,350 divided by 2 = $1,175 per week (Gross Pay)

Gross yearly pay per driver = $61, 100

Not a bad income, right? Of course, this is an extreme exaggeration because few people can handle running 52 weeks per year, never going home. You SHOULD make more money driving as a team. Team truck driving is also the “easier” version of OTR trucking due to the average haul for team driving being around the 1500 mile mark. Is it without problems? Absolutely not. Nothing in trucking is without problems. Let’s look at team truck driving on a more realistic scale.

On the average, team drivers will run 35 weeks per year, giving them 17 weeks per year at home, enjoying a break. What kind of yearly gross pay can a team driver expect with this type of running?

5000 miles X .47 cents per mile = $2,350 per week.

$2,359 divided by 2 = $1,175 per week (Gross Pay)

$1,175 per week X 35 weeks = $41,125 . . . gross yearly pay.

This is nearly the average gross yearly pay for a solo driver. Right now, the average yearly pay for a solo driver falls between $35,000 and $45,000. The amount of income you can earn as a team driver depends on how long you want to stay out and run. However, this applies for a solo driver as well. When ads claim you can gross $160,000 per year, they are basically saying that you will have to run all the time, with very little time at home, if any. Some teams do, but for most of us, this is not realistic.

But, if your question is can you make more money in team driving, then the answer is “yes.” If you are willing to sacrifice and run hard for the miles and make the commitment to live in the truck Therefore, the next question should be, “Are you “team material?”

In order to be a successful truck driving team, you only have to ask yourself two questions :


    1. ”Can I get along with my co-driver for 24/7?”

    2. ”Do I trust my co-driver?”

 There are plenty of horror stories about team driving. Many professional, over the road drivers will never team. Why? Both drivers have to be able to get along with each other, in a cramped area, for 24 hours per day, seven day per week. Also, while one is driving, the other is sleeping . . . will you be able to trust this person with your life? Will you be able to switch shifts? Instead of one driving all day hours and the other driving all night hours, what will happen when you decide you want a change? Can you trust that your partner will be able to stay awake at night, after having driven all day hours?

Team truck driving simply boils down to using common sense. Your partner has to be someone you can get along with on a 24/7 basis, and one you who will trust with your life, as well as one who will “pull their share” of the load. The best teams on the road today are husband and wife teams. Spouses generally do very well in team truck driving. There are still problems, like anything in life, but team driving works very well for the most part, between spouses.

As you have read earlier, trucking companies regulate the amount of miles you receive, and this is true for team operations as well. Remember how I stated that mileage is nearly always based on the magical 2500 miles per week for solo drivers? This is why you will normally hear the 5000 miles per week for team driving . . . 2500 times two drivers = 5000.

So how does this average weekly mileage add up for both solo and team drivers? Let’s compare a solo driver at .36 cents per mile, and a team driver at .36 cents per mile. The solo driver averages 2500 miles per week and the team driver averages 5000 miles per week . . . not hard to figure out, is it? Each driver would gross $900 for the week. Therefore, the only way a team driver could make more money than a solo driver, is to be paid above the average pay of a solo driver. If the team is making .47 cents per mile, then the team driver would come out ahead by $275 per week. Keep in mind, however, many solo drivers are earning .47 cents per mile as well.

So what is the advantage of team driving? In my opinion, only the ability to earn $200 to $300 more per week, if your current solo position is paying less than what the team position will be paying. If you are already making .45 cents per mile as a solo driver, what purpose would it serve to go work as a team driver making .45 cents per mile? If you are with a really bad company paying only .32 cents per mile, let’s say, as solo, and you can team for .42 cents per mile, you will increase your weekly gross pay by an average of $250. This may be worth it for you if things are tight financially.

Driving as a team could bring you an extra $8,750 to $10,000 per year in income, if the pay surpasses what you are making as a solo driver. Again, you will have to find the right partner who you can get along with for long periods of time and one you can trust with your life. If you can do this, and you’re up to the sacrifice, then teaming can bring you a great income. Just remember that you will not always get exactly 5000 miles per week, and this style of trucking is not problem free.

Allen Smith

Author of the first and original, Truth About Trucking.

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Allen Smith- Press Release- Raising the Standards of the Trucking Industry


Today Setember 30, 2008 Allen Smith Of Truth About and  was featured in Google News Alert for his Press Release. Allen continues his quest of “Raising the Standards of the Trucking Industry.

To read this entire Press Release go to:


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Veteran Trucker Allen Smith Releases Audio CD’s Exposing Trucking …
PR Web (press release) – Ferndale,WA,USA
In addition to his relentless quest to educate and inform truck driving
students and new drivers about the truck driving school and trucking
company scams, …

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The Credit Crisis – The Great Democrat Scam


The Credit Crisis is the greatest work by the Democrat leaders to date. We can’t give these highly “intelligent leaders” all the glory, however, because a great portion of the cause also goes to another sector . . . the American people themselves. The following will provide what so many people ignore these days . . . actual evidence and TRUTH.

These incredible “leaders” of our great country have succeeded in creating what began over 31 years ago with President Jimmy Carter. Finally, today, thanks to their total ignorance, “We the People” are now facing what they would like for us to believe, is the single greatest financial catastrophe of our lifetime . . . the purposely, self made . . . Credit Crisis.

We can’t let the Republicans off the hook either. None of them . . . NONE . . . had the understanding or foresight to stand up and FIGHT when this lying, immoral scam started to unfold. And millions of our own citizens simply grabbed everything these disgusting politicians were throwing at them . . . not having any sense at all in foreseeing what was to come. And now that the Democrats have succeeded in creating this crisis, they now stand up “fighting” for the American people and are desperately seeking a solution to their creation, in order to “save us.” They care nothing about this great country, its people or their welfare. Only two things motivate these Democratic “leaders” . . . Money and Power.

For the complete 7 page report readThe Credit Crisis – The Great Democrat Scam

Watch the video of the 2004 House Committe Meeting, where Republicans were warning about the impending “crisis,” and the Democrats were denying it all . . .

Read The Credit Crisis – The Great Democrat Scam

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Truck Driving Schools – Are They a Part of the Driver Shortage?


We all know about the driver shortage, right?  Just not enough drivers to handle the amount of freight that needs to be moved.  What’s the truth about the driver shortage?  Take advantage of downloading the chapter from my book, “The Truth About Trucking“, to find out more about this.


 Through out life we are always bombarded by scams.  Sometimes, we’re hit with one when we don’t even realize it, until it’s too late.  The first and original, Truth About Trucking is all about spreading the truth. 

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And finally, if you would like to know the TRUTH about the driver shortage and what role trucking company driving schools play in the “shortage,” I would like to give you an excerpt from my eBook, Truth About Trucking . . . actually, I want you to have the whole chapter . . .

Chapter Six – The Driver Shortage – A Myth


Allen Smith




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The History of Trucking


The history of trucking is an interesting and sometimes humorous topic, with many colorful characters.  Join Allen Smith on the Truth About Trucking “LIVE” talk radio show, Tuesday, September 30th, 2008 at 8:30 P.M. EST, as he talks about the history of trucking, detailing informative and sometimes, funny facts about the industry.


 First Powered Auto – 1796

 Guests are encouraged to call in and share their trucking experiences . . . what is the funniest thing that has ever happened to you while out on the road? . . . what is the worst thing that has ever happened? . . . the most exciting? . . . time to just lay back and have a little fun discussing the trucking life.

1933 Kenworth 


Join Allen on Truth About Trucking “LIVE” . . . come and be a part of the show . . .

Truth About Trucking “LIVE” – Internet Talk Radio Show . . . on Blog Talk Radio . . .

9-30-08 at 8:30 P.M. Eastern Standard Time


1796 AUTO –

1933 Kenworth – 

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7 Ways to Combat Trucking Negativity


Allen & Donna Smith-AskTheTrucker.comAt first glance, it would seem that positive thinking and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) have nothing to do with one another. But many people with ADD develop negative thinking patterns because they become frustrated by their challenges and frequent feelings of being overwhelmed. This negative outlook then makes it even harder for them to manage those challenges and move forward.

Practicing positive thinking allows people with ADD to focus on their strengths and accomplishments, which increases happiness and motivation. This, in turn, allows them to spend more time making progress, and less time feeling down and stuck.   Those in trucking can fall into a “negative” trap also, due to all of the hardships and struggles a driver faces on a daily basis.  Problems with the shippers and receivers, dispatchers, traffic, DOT, law enforcement and the general public can, over time, lead to a negative outlook on life…and even depression

The following tips provide practical suggestions that you can use to help you shift into more positive thinking patterns:

1. Take Good Care of Yourself
It’s much easier to be positive when you are eating well, exercising, and getting enough rest.

2. Remind Yourself of the Things You Are Grateful For
Stresses and challenges don’t seem quite as bad when you are constantly reminding yourself of the things that are right in life. Taking just 60 seconds a day to stop and appreciate the good things will make a huge difference.

3. Look for the Proof Instead of Making Assumptions
A fear of not being liked or accepted sometimes leads us to assume that we know what others are thinking, but our fears are usually not reality. If you have a fear that a friend or family member’s bad mood is due to something you did, or that your co-workers are secretly talking about you when you turn your back, speak up and ask them. Don’t waste time worrying that you did something wrong unless you have proof that there is something to worry about.

4. Refrain from Using Absolutes
Have you ever told someone “You’re ALWAYS late!” or complained to a friend “You NEVER call me!”?   Thinking and speaking in absolutes like ‘always’ and ‘never’ makes the situation seem worse than it is, and programs your brain into believing that certain people are incapable of delivering.

5. Detach From Negative Thoughts
Your thoughts can’t hold any power over you if you don’t judge them. If you notice yourself having a negative thought, detach from it, witness it, and don’t follow it.

6. Squash the “ANTs”
In his book, “Change Your Brain, Change Your Life,” Dr. Daniel Amen talks about “ANTs” – Automatic Negative Thoughts. These are the bad thoughts that are usually reactionary, like “Those people are laughing, they must be talking about me,” or “My dispatcher wants to see me? It must be bad!” When you notice these thoughts, realize that they are nothing more than ANTs and squash them!

7. Increase Your Social Activity
By increasing social activity, you decrease loneliness. Surround yourself with healthy, happy people, and their positive energy will affect you in a positive way!

When it comes to trucking, protocol is pretty much the religion. To know the things needed to do are the basics of productivity, but interaction and having a steady mind makes up the entire whole of true productivity. There are those who seem to work well even under pressure, but not everyone can do this.  We are human and imperfect. To get these little things like stress under our skin won’t solve our problems. Sometimes it’s best to just stop, step back and relax for a moment.  We only have one life to live . . . why live it stressed, worried and with a negative outlook?

If your current truck driving job is not working for you financially, then find another one.  Being constantly surrounded by “negatives” will only cause you to miss out on the positive things of life.  Don’t let trucking rule your life . . . stop now and then . . . and smell the roses.

Allen & Donna

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The Most Dangerous Driving Maneuvers


In the United States, nearly 50,000 people die each year on the roadways and,  according to recent statistics, over 22 million are injured.  As most of these are classified as “accidents,” what’s ironic is that  driving accidents are preventable.  Driving autos along our highways, roads and interstates are dangerous enough.  Add something as large and heavy as an 18-wheeler, and without the proper skills . . . we all know the carnage that can be left behind.

Stats prove that our nations truck drivers are some of the safest drivers on the road.  This is often not mentioned within the media because an “accident” that involves a big rig is, let’s face it . . . news.  As someone considering a career in professional trucking, you may want to ask, “what are the most dangerous driving maneuvers?”  Although answers will vary, I would like to point out the two most dangerous driving maneuvers out of two different driving situations:  (1) Interstate/Highway Driving . . . and . . . (2) City Driving:

Interstate/Highway driving is becoming more and more dangerous due to the amount of vehicles on the road today.  We simply have over crowded highways in many locations.  What maneuver do you believe is the most dangerous to perform while driving on the interstate or highway?  In my opinion, the most dangerous driving maneuver while on the interstate or highway would be – Changing Lanes.  We all know about the “blind spots” that big rigs have . . . how many times have we “looked” once and saw nothing coming, then we look away for a second, then, as we begin to change lanes, suddenly there is a car right beside us that wasn’t there a few seconds before?  When so many drivers are traveling at 70+ MPH, one can appear “out of nowhere” within a blink of an eye.  Changing lanes is the most dangerous driving maneuver while on  interstate/highway driving.

City driving opens up an entire other world of mishaps, incidents and accidents.  Maneuvering an 18-wheeler around in places where automobiles can barely fit sometimes, is challenging.  What is the most dangerous driving maneuver that a truck driver can face during city driving?   It would have to be any maneuver within an “intersection.”  Some reports show that over 80% of all city collisions involving injury or death occur within intersections.  Whether  you are driving straight through or making a left turn or a right turn, the majority of collisions at controlled intersections happen within 4 seconds of the light changing.   Also, since the average speed through an intersection is estimated to be over 50 MPH and the collision takes place against a side door, a greater result of injury or death takes place.

Slow down, look once, look twice, look three times if necessary, but never feel rushed by anyone to get through the intersection or to change lanes.  The “speeder” behind you can wait.  Always remember, it only takes a few more seconds to insure that all is clear and most importantly, all is safe!   Never forget the rules for Defensive Driving and trucking safety.  This will not only save your life, but the life of others. 

Allen Smith 

Trucking Company Partners with Army Reserve


The Army Reserve and Schneider National has initiated a partnership which allows both organizations, working together, to recruit, train, and employ those interested, to be able to serve their country and pursue a career in the transportation/logistics industry.

Working together, Schneider National and The Army Reserve will recruit and train qualified soldier candidates. Those interested, must successfully complete their military occupational training ( MOS). Upon Completion of their MOS training with The Army Reserve, Schneider National guarantees job interviews for all qulified soldiers.

This program is not new to The Army Reserve and Schneider National. Since the inception in April, there have been many other business programs which have been recruited into this partnership. There are also hundreds of other businesses finalizing this partnership with the Army Reserve.

Benefits to the program are tri-fold.  It provides soldiers with career oportunities in a variety of fields. It strengthens the Army Reserve, and finally it allows businesses to fill job vacancies with qualifed well diciplined employees.  Many times in the past, soldiers would arrive home after serving their country in sacrifice and honor, only to discover that their skills in the civilian work force were limited, or worse yet, non existant. This program appears to alleviate that for our most honorable of citizens.


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How Can We Help?


Quick note to all. If there is an area of question that you are having, drop us a line and we’ll try to help.

Also, there are some very good and informative posts that others have written that I feel will help out.

 Check them out…..


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Truck Driving School – Talk Radio Interview


We completed our interview with Mr. Ken Bons of Eagle Training Services, Inc. out of Illinois.  It was very refreshing to hear how Mr. Bons and his highly skilled staff provides excellent training for truck driving students.  Our goal is to search and seek out more schools that hold this type of quality, honesty, and professional conduct.

If you are  searching for a quality truck driving school or considering a truck driving career, check out Eagle Training Services and be sure to listen to the replay of the show, in case you missed the live broadcast.  A lot of great information…..

We will be researching many other truck driving schools to add to our list of “approved”  trucking schools. 

 Be sure to follow up on our schedule of shows at Truth About Trucking “LIVE.”



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