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Trucking Embraces Social Media for 2nd Annual Convention

Harrah's Hotel-North Kansas City

Home for the 2nd Annual Truck Driver Social Media Convention

Another Year is underway as the 2012 Truck Driver Social Media Convention “Buzz” continues to spread.

The era of Social Media has arrived and this years’ convention will again prove to be informing and exciting  as we extend the event to 2 days, October 27th and 28th, at Harrah’s Hotel in North Kansas City, MO.

We will also be adding a Welcome Reception on Friday evening, October 26th.

The theme this year is the   “Circle of Trust” as we gather those within the industry who would like to be a part of providing and sharing quality information, opinions, products, and services through honesty, transparency, and integrity.

By doing so, the trucking social media convention will ensure that attendees are secure,  knowing that those sponsoring, presenting, and participating will be an elite group who believe that ethics are a number one priority and are a pre requisite for “raising the standards of the trucking industry”

Information shared during this event will be valuable and useful and once again, we will all unite and honor professional drivers. Besides providing quality information, attendees will again be approaching the podium and will have an opportunity to have their voices HEARD.  Participants in the open forum can either ask questions to the panel or discuss issues that concern them most.

There will also be another panel, knowledgeable within the field of social media, who will share their knowledge, experience, and expertise as we have a question and answer session.  People on the panel will also include those within the trucking industry. Participants on the panel will be announced later this month and displayed on the Trucking Social Media Website, along with the schedule of events for the 2 day convention.

Topics and Speakers this year will include:

  • Human Trafficking Awareness and Social Media- Kylla Leeburg
  • Trucking Employment Law- Paul Taylor
  • CDL Training and the Truck Driver Shortage- Richard Wilson
  • Truck Driver Health- Rick Ash
  • Trucking Regulations- To be announced
  • Trucking Social Media- To be announced

So far our Sponsors this year include:


Hope Rivenburg - Making a Difference AwardPlan on experiencing the  “Making a Difference Award”, which was presented to Hope Rivenburg last year for her tireless efforts regarding the need for more safe truck parking and the passing of “Jason’s Law” in the House Transportation Bill. The award this year will be named the “Jason Rivenburg Award” and will be presented to the winner by Hope Rivenburg.

If you know someone who you believe has made a difference, you have 2 more weeks to nominate them!

Last year we were also proud to present a Special Recognition Award to Kylla Leeburg of Truckers Against Trafficking for her extraordinary efforts and accomplishments against the atrocities of human trafficking. Kylla is this years speaker on Human Trafficking and will also be part of the Social Media Panel because of her vast knowledge in Social Media.Kylla Leeburg of Truckers Against Trafficking

Thousands of dollars in prizes will be given away and the event will once again be videotaped for an available 2 hour CD, interviews, and  YouTube videos on the Trucking Social Media Channel

TRUCK PARKING is available.

Just as last year, the convention is limited to 500. This year however we are adding something new!

The first 100 registrants and sponsors will be offered free access to the Friday Night Welcome Reception at the famous Voo Doo Lounge at Harrah’s.  Harrah’s is also providing us a reduced rate for a limited block of hotel rooms.

The Registration for this 2 day event, including meals and snacks, quality speakers, open forum, social media forum, prizes and awards is $99.00.  Register now before tickets are sold out, you will not want to miss this event. Just ask some of those who attended last year!   TESTIMONIALS

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By: Allen Smith

Allen Smith is a 37 year veteran who started at an early age in a household goods family moving business. He began driving straight trucks in 1977 and moved to the big rigs in 1982. His experience within the industry includes; owner operator, company driver, operations manager, and owner of a long distance HHG moving business, taking many of the long haul moves himself when needed. Allen Smith, a truck driver advocate who is driven by the desire to help others succeed within an industry where injustice, unrewarded sacrifice, and lack of respect and recognition exists. Allen and his wife Donna are hosts of Truth About Trucking ”Live” on Blog Talk Radio. Other websites include AskTheTrucker, TruckingSocialMedia, NorthAmericanTruckingALerts, TruthAboutTrucking, and many Social Media websites. In 2011 Allen and Donna hosted the first Truck Driver Social Media Convention, designed to create unity and solutions for the trucking industry. This is now being extended through the North American Trucking Alerts network as those within the industry join forces for the betterment of the industry. Allen strongly supports other industry advocates who are also stepping up to the plate to help those who share honesty, guidance and direction. He believes that all those involved in trucking need to be accountable for their part within the industry, including drivers, carriers, brokers, shippers, receivers, etc… The list of supporters and likeminded people grow daily, networking together and sharing thoughts and ideas for the betterment of trucking. He has coined the popular phrase "Raising the standards of the trucking industry"

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