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Trucker shooting rekindles plea to officials for more Safe Truck Parking

National Truck Parking Survey- Hope Rivenburg-2013 Truck Driver Social Media Convention

National Truck Parking Survey- Hope Rivenburg-2013 Truck Driver Social Media Convention

The infamous Truck Parking Shortage has once again risen its UGLY and Deadly head as yet another trucker is murdered because of inadequate safe truck parking.

Insufficient Truck Parking has been a serious problem for decades, confirmed by numerous FMCSA studies. The following was issued by FMCSA in 1996 and recently updated in 2014 “FHWA Commissions Commercial Driver Rest and Parking Requirements Study”  

Federal Highway Administration’s Truck Parking Initiatives Slideshow from FHWA Truck Parking Activities

On June 26th 30 year old OTR trucker Michael Boeglin of Ferdinand, Ind. was shot and killed in his truck as he parked at an abandoned building waiting to pick up a load from the nearby ThyssenKrupp steel plant.

Trucker Michael Boeglin and his wife, Ashley. (Photo from Fox 2 Detroit)

Trucker Michael Boeglin and his wife, Ashley. (Photo from Fox 2 Detroit)

These words are eerily similar to the ones we heard 5 years ago in March of 2009 as OTR Truck Driver Jason Rivenburg had parked to rest at an abandoned gas station in South Carolina before his early morning delivery. Both OTR drivers wives’, pregnant at the time of their husbands murders, Hope Rivenburg giving birth to twins in 2009 shortly after the homicide of Jason and Ashley Boeglin, wife of recently shot trucker Michael, is due to give birth in November 2014.

What is another similarity for both of these murders? The LACK OF SAFE and Adequate Truck Parking, protecting professional drivers from harm’s way as they run a 14 hour clock, being compliant with FMCSA Hours of Service rules.

It’s now been 5 years since U.S. Rep. Paul Tonko first introduced the original bill “Jason’s law” to the House in April of 2009 .  The bill, HR 2156, was introduced shortly after the March 5, 2009 fatal shooting of Schoharie County OTR driver, Jason Rivenburg and was designed to allow states to receive requested funding in areas where truck parking was most needed.

Widow Hope Rivenburg led the 3 year crusade, tirelessly lobbying for more safe truck parking until the bill, Jason’s Law, was passed and included in the 2012 Transportation Bill.

  • Language on Truck Parking can be found in Section 1401 of MAP-21 (PL 112-141) entitled “Jason’s Law”.

Hope Rivenburg went the extra mile after Jason’s Law was included in MAP 21 by playing a major role in HER National Truck Parking Survey.  The results of the survey answered many of the questions of where and why truck parking is such an issue for professional drivers.  The Survey, taken by almost 5000 professional drivers, sheds light to why drivers are forced to park in isolated and dangerous locations.
Read the drivers comments on how shippers and receivers refuse safe haven for them as they “wait”.  If you want to understand the true obstacles and challenges that drivers face, then reading the results of this survey is a must.  Also read:  TRUCK PARKING SPECIAL REPORT by Desiree Wood of Real Women in Trucking

Small Business in Transportation Coalition

Small Business in Transportation Coalition

Now the trucking industry is calling for unity regarding the plea for more safe truck parking.  David Clark set up the GoFundMe raising over $10,000. A Memorial Convoy link can also be found through the same website. Along with the above mentioned family GoFundMe fundraiser authored by Michael’s father in law, David Clark, the Small Business in Transportation Coalition led by James Lamb is calling for additional funding from the trucking industry.

The purpose of this 2nd fundraiser ( also approved by the Boeglin family) is to:
1 Raise funds for widow Ashley Boeglin and unborn child
2 Create industry wide concern and awareness for additional truck parking
3 Display support for professional drivers, standing  in unison, and demanding the follow through for funding of Jasons Law in the Transportation bill.

Small Business in Transportation Coalition (“SBTC”) Sets up Fundraiser for Murdered Trucker’s Family

James Lamb General Manager, 12PL; President, AIPBA;

Dear Group Member,

I know you probably get hit up often for donations, but this time it’s different. This one is for the benefit of a fallen member of the trucking family: Michael Boeglin.

Read James Jaillet’s July 7th story “Trucker found shot in truck in Detroit, rig burned” in Overdrive here:

Then, please consider donating here:
In setting up this fundraiser, we hope to garner both trucking and mainstream media attention to spotlight the issue of safe parking for truckers.

While some have declared this story is “not newsworthy, ” let’s show them how trucking takes care of its own. The amount collected will be announced at the SBTC’s Industry at Sea event in September ( Donors* will be recognized on SBTC social media and websites (amounts donated will remain confidential).

I am starting off the fundraiser personally with the first donation…
Please donate what you can. Even just $5 (the cost of a Subway foot long) will help.

James Lamb, Chairman
Small Business in Transportation Coalition (“SBTC”)

*The SBTC pledges that 97% of all monies collected will be sent to Michael Boeglin’s widow for the benefit of her and her unborn child (three percent will be earmarked for administrative expenses such as credit card processing fees).

Hopefully the display of INDUSTRY support which is taking off will send a message to Washington telling our government officials that enough is enough!  Michael Boeglin may not be a celebrity, demanding high profile attention of mainstream media, he is however a father, son, husband, son in law, and a valuable and loved member of his family and the trucking community.

Remember, after the recent tragic fatal Walmart crash killing James McNair and injuring celebrity Tracy Morgan, Politicians began yelling for stricter HOS and ELD’sWho in Washington is yelling for more safe truck parking now that a “truck driver” has been killed?  IS ANYBODY LISTENING?

Note: In conversation with Overdrive’s Wendy Parker, Hope Rivenburg stresses the need for drivers to continue to press their legislators on areas where truck parking is sorely lacking and/or unsafe. 


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By: Allen Smith

Allen Smith is a 37 year veteran who started at an early age in a household goods family moving business. He began driving straight trucks in 1977 and moved to the big rigs in 1982. His experience within the industry includes; owner operator, company driver, operations manager, and owner of a long distance HHG moving business, taking many of the long haul moves himself when needed. Allen Smith, a truck driver advocate who is driven by the desire to help others succeed within an industry where injustice, unrewarded sacrifice, and lack of respect and recognition exists. Allen and his wife Donna are hosts of Truth About Trucking ”Live” on Blog Talk Radio. Other websites include AskTheTrucker, TruckingSocialMedia, NorthAmericanTruckingALerts, TruthAboutTrucking, and many Social Media websites. In 2011 Allen and Donna hosted the first Truck Driver Social Media Convention, designed to create unity and solutions for the trucking industry. This is now being extended through the North American Trucking Alerts network as those within the industry join forces for the betterment of the industry. Allen strongly supports other industry advocates who are also stepping up to the plate to help those who share honesty, guidance and direction. He believes that all those involved in trucking need to be accountable for their part within the industry, including drivers, carriers, brokers, shippers, receivers, etc… The list of supporters and likeminded people grow daily, networking together and sharing thoughts and ideas for the betterment of trucking. He has coined the popular phrase "Raising the standards of the trucking industry"

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  1. […] Some industry interests have joined that effort. Broker and president James Lamb’s young Small Business in Transportation Coalition is taking donations to funnel toward the widow and her father-in-law as well as raise awareness of the safe-parking issue. You can read more about that effort via this link.  […]

  2. Happy Canuck

    I am pleased to see someone standing up right now. I am a Canadian trucker and we may not have near as many dangerous areas to park our rigs at night, but we do have a parking problem also. The one thing I noticed when I drove into the USA was the 14 hour rule where you can not do a split berth. In Canada we can split our day which allows us to stop at a rest area maybe 30 miles away at a safe haven, then get up and drive to our location in the morning to avoid sleeping in a dangerous area. The people who put the USA HOS in place obviously do not drive a truck. You are constantly racing the clock driving dangerous or forcing the driver to be at a location he or she would rather not be. The HOS is supposed to be a safety effort but the USA HOS makes it a dangerous way to drive, forcing you to drive when tired or forcing the driver to park in ales desirable place. Our HOS in Canada does work. When I am tired I know I can pull over and sleep a few hours getting rest and then drive again not cutting into my 14 hour shift. I wish the USA would ask some truckers what HOS rules would work instead of looking at what they think a textbook trucking world should be. It is such a tragedy to see a young trucker killed while trying to support his family. I hope you people can raise some eyebrows on this one. I wish you all the best. on this.

    • Allen Smith

      Thanks for your reply and experienced insight into this matter. Always good to hear from our friends in the North. We have hope that our HOS rules will eventually be revised to a more logical and safer regulation if we can just get those in authority to listen to those who know best: the drivers. Seems the U.S. and the FMCSA could learn a thing or two from Canada. Thanks again

  3. Linda McCullough

    I completely agree with the driver from Canada. I am the mother of a long haul owner/operator. Neither the FMCSA or the Legislators of our nation seem to care about the truck drivers safety. They do not stop to consider that it is these hard working men ARE the backbone that moves America. This is not just a saying. If America would just take a minute to stop and look at the book you are reading, the steak that you are eating, the shoes on your babies feet: ALL delivered by A TRUCK, that truck is driven by a man not a machine. Sure there are some out there on the road that are careless. But lookdown the highway at the man or woman driving drunk or putting on makeup,talking on a cell phone. Do you not call this careless?? What about the woman swatting her child across the back seat? She hits a truck head on and who is blamed? The trucker who ha thirty minutes more driving time than the HOS regulations. Why can’t the FMCSA divide up the driving times so our truckers could find safer parking places to rest or if they were tied could stop at a safe place to rest for a few hours before continuing on? Who is going to stand up for these men who or working so the rest of us can sleep at night while they are being killed, maimed or worse? Who is going to tell a young man’s baby “Your daddy died trying to make thing better for him and his mommy”. Who is going to stand and tell a Mother, “Your son/daughter is never going to see another Mother’s day and won’t be there to say good-bye s she takes her last breath? Will it be the FMCSA, or one of our wonderful legislators who stand up and say no way to funding to make safer parking for truckers? Let’s do something to keep our trucker’s safe.

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  9. Possible Trucker

    I don’t think the lack of safe parking had anything to do with the driver murders.

    How about the trucking industry stop allowing receivers to stall drivers from unloading their cargo when they arrive at the warehouse so the drivers can move on to their next destination.

    Why do warehouses have to force drivers to wait to unload in the first place?

    These 2 drivers would be alive if they were not required to wait to unload.

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  12. […] The truth is folks, it boils down to humanity and how willing are people here in a free America able to place their financial and personal beliefs aside, to tackle the problem for the benefit of everyone. Man is unwilling to give up the most powerful grip it has on Man, Dominion. The effect of this, dependency. The cost, has been death, as was the case for recent murdered trucker Michael Boeglin. […]

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