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Truck Tuning: What You Need To Know About Remapping



Truck Tuning | Power Trucks | HGV RemappingTruck Tuning | increased fuel economy on average by 10%.


We know that there are a lot of truck racing fans out there, and that they love the highly-tuned trucks you see tearing round tracks at surprising speeds. For the average truck driver though, there is often very little interest in making modifications, aside from extra lights, decals or decorations. In reality however, there are considerable benefits in having your truck tuned, and the main method is through ECU remapping

This process changes the instructions to the engine in relation to the fuel delivery and spark plug activation, with the aim of increasing the engine’s power output. This might seem like a pointless requirement for a truck, but there are several benefits in this. The most obvious is that driving is made easier and more comfortable. With 20% extra horsepower and torque, pulling away becomes easier, and climbing hills requires less effort, and doesn’t cause such a reduction in speed.

The other major benefit, which will be attractive to business owners especially, is that remapping often increases fuel economy by around 10%, which has the potential to save a huge amount of money in diesel costs.
This happens because of the remap itself, and the fact that you don’t have to work the engine as hard to yield the same results.

Remapping is generally one of the cheapest methods of tuning, because it’s all done electronically through the on-board diagnostics port; no additional parts are required, and labor is relatively simple. The work can also be completed at speed too. Due to the fuel saving potential of an ECU flash, it could pay for itself very quickly indeed.

Most re-mappers will offer money back guarantees, so there’s no reason not to give tuning a go, even if it’s just to improve fuel economy

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By: Allen Smith

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