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Truck Parking Survey


Jason's Law Truck Parking Survey

Jason’s Law Truck Parking Survey

Read more 2013 Jason’s Law Safe Truck_Parking_and_Focus_Group_Presentation from Jason’s Law

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The Jason’s Law Truck Parking Survey concluded with nearly 4000 respondents. Desiree Wood of the acted as project manager for the undertaking.

Summarizing the data has been an enormous undertaking, involving thousands of man power hours.

The slide show presentation created by Desiree Wood and Hope Rivenburg has had over 16,000 views in social media. It has been presented personally by Hope Rivenburg to members of Congress and others who are working on the MAP-21 truck parking survey through the federal government.

2013 Jason’s Law Safe Truck Parking and Focus Group Presentation by Desiree Wood

    Below are PDF’s with detailed survey results :

1 What are the circumstances and how often does it take 60 minutes or more to locate truck parking to comply with your federally mandated hours of service (HOS) rest break?
Click Here for PDF

2 States that need most improvement: Click Here for PDF

3 Please identify which Ports and/or surrounding facilities have an inadequate amount of safe parking. Click Here for PDF

4 Cities most mentioned that need more truck parking Click Here for PDF

U.S. Department of Transportation and Federal Highway Administration 
Jason’s Law Truck Parking Survey Results and Comparative Analysis


Executive Summary

This material documents the findings of the Jason’s Law Truck Parking Survey, which was conducted to meet the requirements of the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP-21; P.L.112-

141) law that became effective on October 1, 2012.

The purpose of Section 1401 of MAP-21, more popularly known as“Jason’s Law,” was to address the commercial motor vehicle parking shortage at public and private facilities along the National Highway System(NHS)

.Jason’s Law directed the U.S.

Department of Transportation (DOT) to conduct a survey and a comparative assessment to:

1.Evaluate the capability of each State to provide adequate parking and rest facilities for commercial motor vehicles engaged in interstate transportation;

2.Assess the volume of commercial motor vehicle traffic in each State; and

3.Develop a system of metrics to measure the adequacy of commercial motor vehicle parking facilities in each State

Jason’s Law – USDOT truck parking survey leads to pledge & National Coalition on Truck Parking

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  7. Rexy

    it best in “Cool Hand Luke”, unfortunately. The peploe who can make life bearable for those in need have no incentive to do so because they’re comfortable, and being rewarded generously for being comfortable instead of listening to those in pain. For every Gandhi or MLK or Mother Teresa there are ten thousand assholes with an “I/Me/Mine” attitude running the show, and nothing and no one makes them see the light. I’ve come to the conclusion that taking a positive step whenever possible is better than refusing to move unless it’s for all the marbles. Economic changes happen incrementally, like evolution or climate change, and we have to whittle away at the edges whenever possible, because the big boys won’t let things move faster than a glacial pace, regardless. But to shrug it all off “as the progress of man” (quoting John Prine) is fatalistic and kills the soul.

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  9. Quasar

    I’m not sure you really need a survey to find out if there is a parking shortage. Truckstops charging $10 a pop for the last 12 parking spots (preferred parking) should tell you all you need to know.

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