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Truck Drivers Share Other Expertise Through Social Media


Barry Szczucki and Allen SmithRecently, I was talking to another driver and the topic of politics came up.  I was quite amazed at his knowledge and expertise on this confusing and frustrating topic.  During the conversation, he made the comment, “Well, I’m just a dumb truck driver.” We both laughed and I knew that he was just making a general statement and that there was no truth to it, but many times, truckers will make this off-the-cuff comment.   The fact is, professional truck drivers are far from being “dumb.”

Furthermore, many truck drivers have a wide range of interests that reaches far outside of the trucking realm.  Authors, musicians, song writers, stand up comedy, voice impersonators . . . the list is endless.  American truckers consist of a vast array of skill and talent where trucking plays no part in their lives.   With the onslaught of social media, these road warriors are sharing their other expertise and knowledge with those who have the same interests.   Truck driver, Barry Szczucki, is one of them.

A 35 year driving veteran, Barry Szczucki has become an expert in a field that consists of hundreds of millions of followers:  organic gardening.  A walking encyclopedia, Barry created the website:  Rely on Yourself . . . providing information on how to grow an organic garden resulting in what he calls, “Super Foods.” Vegetables consisting of all the minerals and vitamins the human body needs, totally absent of pesticides and insecticides.  Also, by producing your own super foods, Barry points out that one can save between $200 and $300 per month, keeping that hard earned money in the bank.

Providing information on such areas as:  cottonseed meal, bone meal, gypsum, rock phosphate, kelp meal, rock dust and even fish emulsion . . . Barry Szczucki blows the competition away when it comes to vegetable gardening . . . all from a professional truck driver.   I once asked Barry a simple question regarding the proper planting of eggplant . . . what I received was a two hour learning session on the ancient gardening techniques of the Mayan Indians.   Like I said . . . a walking encyclopedia.

Due to the overwhelming response he has received from his website, Mr. Szczucki is now launching his own talk radio show on the largest talk show media in the world:  Blog Talk Radio.   Self Reliance Radio will begin broadcasting this month, April, 2010.

For long haul truckers, growing your own organic vegetable garden would prove impossible, but if your spouse at home enjoys this past time, and you are looking for ways to save money . . . then Self Reliance Radio will explain exactly what you need to know to grow unbelievable vegetables right in your own back yard . . . no matter where you live . . . even if it is in the Florida sand:

Truck drivers sharing a wealth of information, knowledge and expertise through social media.   Catch trucker, Barry Szczucki . . . only on:

Self Reliance Radio

© 2010, Allen Smith. All rights reserved.

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By: Allen Smith

Allen Smith is a 37 year veteran who started at an early age in a household goods family moving business. He began driving straight trucks in 1977 and moved to the big rigs in 1982. His experience within the industry includes; owner operator, company driver, operations manager, and owner of a long distance HHG moving business, taking many of the long haul moves himself when needed. Allen Smith, a truck driver advocate who is driven by the desire to help others succeed within an industry where injustice, unrewarded sacrifice, and lack of respect and recognition exists. Allen and his wife Donna are hosts of Truth About Trucking ”Live” on Blog Talk Radio. Other websites include AskTheTrucker, TruckingSocialMedia, NorthAmericanTruckingALerts, TruthAboutTrucking, and many Social Media websites. In 2011 Allen and Donna hosted the first Truck Driver Social Media Convention, designed to create unity and solutions for the trucking industry. This is now being extended through the North American Trucking Alerts network as those within the industry join forces for the betterment of the industry. Allen strongly supports other industry advocates who are also stepping up to the plate to help those who share honesty, guidance and direction. He believes that all those involved in trucking need to be accountable for their part within the industry, including drivers, carriers, brokers, shippers, receivers, etc… The list of supporters and likeminded people grow daily, networking together and sharing thoughts and ideas for the betterment of trucking. He has coined the popular phrase "Raising the standards of the trucking industry"

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  2. Semi Truck Financing

    Social Media is truly breaking the “barrier to entry” everywhere. Anyone can create a blog, post, video, etc. that can become viral, and allow people to share and spread their knowledge very easily.

  3. Monika Cordes

    I just stopped by from Yahoo to say thanks for this very informational article on natural gardening. Thanks again!

  4. Darrah

    I am doing research on the Social Media use for Professional Truckers. What other avenues do truckers tend to use now days?

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