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Tips for Running a Safe and Successful Truck Stop


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Tips for Running a Safe and Successful Truck Stop

A truck stop can be an oasis for weary truck drivers, RVers, and others on long drives. It offers a place to rest and recover after hours spent behind the wheel. It is also a place that provides services and amenities for those who may not be able to navigate whatever they are driving into places meant for more traditional automobiles.

Running a truck stop means figuring out the needs of your customers and offering the services and amenities that a road-weary traveler needs and wants. There are a number of things you can do to make sure that your truck stop is both a safe and successful one.


One of the ways to ensure the success of your truck stop is to make sure that it is seen. It is vital that customers know that it exists. That means having signage that can be seen from the nearby interstate. To achieve this, install large Guthman LED signs that are visible from the highway. These will be bright enough to serve as beacons for travel-weary eyes.

For decades there has been a shortage of safe truck parking. The Federal Government has named the need for more truck parking as a National priority. Section 1401 of MAP-21 (PL 112-141), also known as “Jason’s Law,” was established to provide a “national priority on addressing the shortage of long-term parking for commercial motor vehicles on the National Highway System to improve the safety of motorized and non-motorized users and for commercial motor vehicle operators.”

A good truck stop will offer ample truck parking for professional drivers. Many truck stops are expanding their parking facilities to accommodate the critical need for more truck parking. Some are offering the ability to reserve a parking spot, however, there is a cost for these.


Offering good food is one of the key points to a truck stop. After a long haul, drivers are looking for something that is comforting, tasty, and filling.  One of the most important goals for many however, is for services to offer healthy options.  Truckers in particular are becoming more aware of the need to incorporate a healthier diet to their sedentary lifestyle.
It is the job of the truck stop to deliver these options in order to appeal to the broad customer base and their needs. By offering all these options  truck drivers and non-truck drivers alike will enjoy their time at your truck stop.


In addition to being a place to be able to relax and have a good meal after a long drive, good truck stops also offer a place to get clean after being cooped up for hours on end. Offering clean, convenient showers is a way to ensure the popularity of your truck stop.


When you are driving long distances in a vehicle that is too large to park in many store parking lots, it’s good to be able to get a bit of shopping in at a truck stop. Since truckers are on the road for weeks at a time, they are in particular need of locations which will offer  items such as electrical appliances, clothing, truck accessories,  and electronics. So, too, are toiletries that drivers may have forgotten or running low on.

 Repair and Maintenance

An important aspect for everyone is knowing that there is somewhere reliable and reputable to go to should your vehicle either break down or just need a new tire.  Even if only for light mechanical repair options or tire care, this can be a huge plus for your truck stop.


While it is not necessary, nor necessarily practical, to offer full banking services at your truck stop, it is important to offer some. An ATM and check cashing services will be appreciated by those who, due to the size of their rigs, cannot easily access such services at traditional banks. Offering WiFi is also valuable and even essential for those traveling on the road.

Safety and Security

Of course, one key component of any successful truck stop is safety. If travelers do not feel that your truck stop is safe, most will continue on down the road to one that seems safer.

Many times, truckers are prime targets for criminals.  A professional driver must feel safe at all times. Lighting in all areas of the parking lot is essential as well as cameras to record any foul play.

Another way to  address the issue of safety is to have a security guard patrol the parking lot.  Have the guard notice if a truck hasn’t moved in a few days and report it.  Sadly, many drivers have been found ill or even worse, deceased in their trucks.
Having all these safety precautions visible to the public will also serve as a visible reminder to potential visitors that their safety is your concern.

Safety helps to make your truck stop more attractive and appealing, and it encourages visitors to relax and spend a bit more time while at your  truck stop or travel plaza.

These are just a few tips for running a safe and successful truck stop. Keep your customers needs and priorities in mind and you will Enjoy Success.


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By: Allen Smith

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