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The Top 10 Used Truck Engines

Omnipart is a specialist supplier of high quality engine parts for commercial vehicle diesel engines

Omnipart is a specialist supplier of high quality engine parts for commercial vehicle diesel engines

For pick up trucks and other trucks used for all kinds of professional, industrial, agricultural or leisure activities, there are a wide range of engines that can be used to motivate the vehicles.

While some engines are widely associated with the trucks they first appeared in, with a little skill, different engines can be bought used which can be fitted in other trucks, whether to repair a truck engine which has failed, or to modify a truck for different power or performance levels.

Here are ten great used truck engine to consider:

Cummins ISB 5.9 Litre

This is probably the best known engine produced by Fortune 500 manufacturer Cummins, who are based in Columbus, Indiana. It is best known for being fitted in the Dodge Ram pick up truck, with its first appearances being in 1989. Cummins 5.9 inline six cylinder engines are fairly easy to come by on the used parts market, and due to their popularity are also fairly easy to get serviced. This engine is often referred to as a ‘B Series’ engine or ISB, though there are a variety of engines in the Cummins B series.

Cummins ISB 6.7 Litre

In 2007, Cummins introduced a new six cylinder 6.7 litre engine, which was an option for new Dodge Ram trucks. This is another popular engine that isn’t that hard to find as a used engine, and which could be used to upgrade from a weaker engine. This is another engine that falls into what Cummins call their B series.

Cummins ISB 3.9 Litre

For smaller trucks, and a lot of commercial vehicles like vans, a popular replacement engine which can be used to upgrade performance is another Cummins B series engine, the 4 cylinder 3.9 litre option.

Cummins ISC 8.3 Litre

On larger trucks, such as garbage trucks, fire trucks, and other heavy vehicles, the 8.3 litre Cummins ISC (or C series engine) is often used. This is also a good engine for buses and motorhomes.

Cummins ISX

The Cummins ISX diesel engine was introduced in 2001, and is mostly used in heavy duty trucks, lorries, coaches and buses. It is an inline straight six engine, and there are different variants available on the used market such as the ISX CM570 and CM870.

Volkswagen D24 (or D24T)

The VW D24, and its turbocharged cousin the D24T, have been used on a number of Volkswagen and Volvo models, and have also had some military applications. Both models are inline six cylinder 2.4 litre diesel engines.

Detroit Diesel V8

General Motors introduced Detroit Diesel as a division to manufacture diesel engines for their trucks. In 1982, the first Detroit Diesel V8 engines were fitted to GM pick up trucks, and these are still popular engines today.

Detroit Diesel 92 Series

The two stroke 92 series range of engines produced by Detroit Diesel are used in all kinds of different trucks and heavy vehicles, including military vehicles. They are available in variants of between six, and sixteen cylinders.

Cummins ISL

This is another popular engine produced by Cummins. It first appeared in 1998, and is an inline straight six.

Cummins ISM

For very heavy duty vehicles, the Cummins M series engines, which are 10.8 litre straight sixes, are often used.

Used truck engines can be picked up from a variety of places, though knowing which type of engine you require and how much the going price is, can help to ensure that you receive a great engine at a suitable price. Hopefully this article has helped you, or at least shown you some of the options available.

This content was provided by OmniPart who are a supplier of Cummins spares and engine parts.

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