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Taking the Xypper Challenge-Increasing the bottom line for Owner Operators


Why should Owner Operators take the Xypper Challenge?
Efficiency and Higher Profits is the Goal of Xypper for Owner Operators

Xypper’s mission is ultimately to help Owner Operators as much as possible and not flood them with” just another system or loadboard”. It’s a a smartphone-app- and web-based system optimized for independent owner-operators

Xypper believes that their Virtual Dispatch System will give OO’s the competitive advantage by being more efficient, offer high paying loads, and increasing their bottom line.

Xypper is a true virtual dispatch system (VDS). VDS is a multifunction application among its many functions, finding your load and presenting that load without prompting to your device.

Again, VDS is like having your own dispatcher at your fingertips for $25/month.

XYPPER 15 day Free Trial

The Xypper System – About the Developer

Valerio Lanzieri has been an entrepreneur for the past 30 years, primarily in the software communication systems, transportation centric. Val has spent 25 years with major airlines and financial institutions worldwide. During his dealings with the airline industry we noticed there was a strong dependability with the road transport, especially in crisis situations. The difficulty during this was always trying to find a carrier in the area of the load pickup.

Connecting Shippers with Carriers and creating Efficiency

The time that was spent on the search was unbelievably long which led Mr. Lanzieri to venture into developing an easier method to connect shippers with carriers. The objective was not to create another loadboard, but more so to create a system that would help everyone be more efficient and reach their objectives of being more profitable, especially Independent Owner Operators.

Owner Operators need more than just a loadboard to compete with large carriers

The first 4 years of development was spent, with intensity, vetting the systems, such as loadboards and any other tools specifically for OO’s. The Xypper team quickly realized there was a flood of loadboards and nothing else to make the OO more independent and efficient. Owner Operators relied basically on the mercy of everyone else and had no real ability to compete with the large carriers. It was like they were neglected and often abused.
After the XYpper team spoke to over 500 Owner Operators and asking what their entire process was, we started the development of the Xypper system.

The Problem with Loadboards

Loadboards did not offer much more than a list of loads, which the drivers had to search and often with the disappointment of the load not being available or not cost effective. They also have a clear disadvantage competing with large carriers due to visibility, (tracking), cashflow and efficiency with paperwork. The large carriers have dispatcher to book loads and distribute them to their drivers, manage all documentation, etc.


Xypper Levels the playing field for Owner Operators and raises PROFITS
Xypper is a Virtual Dispatch System Not just a loadboard.

Xypper combines a massive loadboard with a Virtual Dispatch System.

The system offers everything that a dispatcher would do but “virtually”. It sends load offers to the drivers, automatically generating documents such as Order Confirmation, Bill of Lading, Signature capture on smart phone for consignee, Proof of Delivery and Invoice the shipper immediately after shipment is made, reducing reduce the time payment and avoid factoring.
In addition to all this, Xypper offers the ability for shippers to track their shipment live while in transit. These are the same duties a dispatcher would offer except Xypper performs all this in a virtual system
at only $25 a month.

Take the Xypper Challenge

 Make no mistake, there is nothing like Xypper available to Owner Operators.
We invite you to take the Xypper challenge.  We are confident that you will find it more profitable and efficient than any other system you are presently using.

 One load from the system will pay for the service and more. We are so confident you will love the power VDS has to assist your operation that we would like you to try it on us for 15 days.

A human dispatcher will find you loads wherever your headed or in the area you are currently in and offer it to you.  A human dispatcher will send you the order confirmation as well as bill of lading.  A human dispatcher will also, once all is delivered, receive the proof of delivery and invoice your customer for the load you just hauled. Well Xypper’s VDS does all that for you, it’s technology at its best.

Take the Xypper Challenge


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By: Allen Smith

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