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  1. Greg Adkins

    Are there any other former ‘Nu Way’ Trucking “School” students out there who attended one of their facilities in either Livonia or Pontiac, MI – THAT WOULD LIKE TO TAKE PART IN A ‘CLASS ACTION’ LAWSUIT AGAINST THE COMPANY???!!!
    We are a (growing) group of individuals who have had very bad experiences with this school, in everything from repeatedly being LIED to by recruiters, very poor “trainers” (many of whom were YOUNG ‘twenty-somethings’ who’d JUST FINISHED THE SCHOOL THEMSELVES 6 MONTHS EARLIER, greatly misled about the actual “tuition” payment terms they would eventually saddle us with NOT being in accordance with what they initially promised verbally – problems with “Lifetime Placement Garauntees” proving to be a farce less than a year after ‘graduation’, and being issued ‘CDL’s in some fradulent way – to students who really weren’t cut out to competantly and safely drive in long term trucking jobs – but whom ‘Nu Way’ wanted “on the hook” for many thousands of dollars anyway – even if they couldn’t find ANY kind of job here in Michigan to use to pay them!

    Please contact us at

  2. Allen Smith

    Hi Greg,

    Let me know how everything is going. I haven’t heard from you in a few weeks. Send the update to the same e-mail address.

  3. John

    Any trucking companies, that will work a person with CDL Class A with X,P,T end. valid 5/2011 with 3 points on his license.
    companies with under 1,000 trucks with over 35 trucks fleet,units. Economy i need a J-o-B contact (478)316-0067
    Lease purchase or company run area”s : john junior FL,TX,LA,MS,AL,GA,SC,NC,VA,MD*** NM,OK,KS,IN,IL,OH,MO,TN,KY,UT,OR,WA (driver ready too work)*

  4. douglas

    I was giving a bad dac report back on march 2009 i was driving in a tennesse highway i avoided an accident and a jacknifed the truck state troopers came they asked what happened i explained my case the load was safe no damage to the equipment and i was not giving a single violation of any kind ,the company that i was driving stevens transport did not believe me because i was not giving a ticket now im jobless what advice is upthere

  5. Allen Smith

    All there is now is to follow the procedures of DAC and dispute the info placed on your DAC. Probably won’t accomplish anything, but one has to first follow their procedures.

    The most important thing to understand about removing false info from the DAC report, is that the driver must have “proof” that the info is indeed false. Also, check out the works in building a Class A lawsuit against USIS, DAC and those companies that abuse the driver by placing false info on their DAC . . .

    If you care to, you can help all drivers by signing our Stop False DAC Reporting Petition:

    Good Luck

  6. tom hartzell

    I drove a truck for three years, that was 5 yrs ago, i have not been able to get a job trucking or outherwise. i to was pushed out of my job for an accident that was not my fault. but the company fired me. my dac has no accident info on it yet i can,t get a job with any trucking co. so what can i do?

  7. Allen Smith

    Basically, two choices:

    (1) Go back to CDL school or
    (2) Take a refresher course

    Typically, refresher courses run around $1500 and could be the ticket you need.

  8. tony boltz

    have to ask had my cdl for over a year and no hire yet, got a call from a place and asked me about a misdemeanor and I said nope. is this a usually thing it happened over 20 yrs ago?

  9. Allen Smith

    Hi Tony: It depends on what the misdemeanor is … they can vary a great deal. If it is a misdemeanor involving any kind of “theft”, then yes, companies can often look back for many years, since theft is considered to be an immediate disqualification for truck drivers.

    There is no reason why you should still be out of job after one year with a CDL. Your CDL school just took your money and left you hanging.

    If you have a clear and clean background, and nothing that will hold you back from being hired, then I want you to go to Trucking Careers of America and fill out their form on their website. They will get back to you as soon as they can, but if your record is clean, they can help get you a job.

    Since it’s been a year, you will probably have to take a refresher course, at minimum, which runs around $1500 … if driving is still your goal.

    Here’s their site:

    Also, so you will better understand why I’m sending you to them, please listen to the recent show I had on BTR with James McCormack of Trucking Careers of America:

    Good Luck!


  10. tom hartzell

    As i said before it has been five yrs since i drove a truck. I tried to go back to cdl school again, as i no longer have a cdl but thay won,t take me once thay find out about the accident i had . Thay say the insureince won,t cover me, an no one wants to take a chance. The thing i don,t understand is how thay can do that as i was never charged in any way from the accident.

  11. Jose Cardozo

    If anybody is looking for a truck scale, I know it’s something that truck companies might be interested in, please go to, they’re the biggest truck scale company in the US

  12. Bonnie MacPherson

    Good Morning Allen,

    I just realized what today’s date is and I am headed the wrong direction to make the convention in MS. Had a reservation even. Oh Well! That’s trucking.

    I do have a question that I had hope to have addressed at the convention.

    A friend swears that he heard on the XM radio trucker station that the DOT has contracted to have doctors at the weigh stations with mobile on-the-spot facilities to do physicals, check blood pressure, blood sugar, weight ect.

    Is this true? Does the DOT have any authority to force extra physicals on drivers at weigh stations? Who would pay for it?

    Thanks for your time,


    • Allen Smith

      Bonnie, We will ask that question and we are very disappointed that you will not be there!!

      We will add your name however to the prize drawings!! Do you own your truck? ( need to know the for the fairings giveaway)

  13. Andrew

    what trucking companies are veteran friendly

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