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Safe truck parking, who’s responsibility is it?


by Brian Carlson

DriveForFreedom- Brian Carlson

I am an individual that places people before anything monetary more often than not.Those that know me, or know of me, will tell you that with certainty.

However as the problems associated with safe truck parking here in America increase and concerns for a viable and sensible solution mount. I want to place money first in this case just briefly.

First, we understand that our nation operates on an economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by ‘private owners’ for profit, rather than by the state. So knowing this, it is easy to see why we have so many problems in this particular area of our Industry.

Second, we look at the litigious state of our country, is it easy for us to ascertain why our shippers and receivers refuse to accommodate our nations valuable  OTR truckers regardless of personal safety? Yes it is.

Third, we look at our convoluted Insurance structure and notice that most policy’s are written based solely on ‘Liability’. Who can we blame or charge if something happens? How are we protected? Moreover ‘who’ are we protecting ourselves from. Or what are we protecting ourselves from? Well that’s easy, the answer is each other.

This reveals something stunningly sad, that a persons life will have value, after we have placed a value on what will protect them from their neighbor. What does this say about our priorities? So without ‘income’-as we have seen with drivers dying or being placed in harms way, senseless deaths have been the ‘outcome’! This is unacceptable.

Fourth, we look at the lack of care and concern that many who drive professionally and I use that term loosely with respect to some. Many drivers have shown a far less than savory attitude towards other peoples property,¬† its seen every day. As a result those that do not act this way are paying dearly. That ‘must’ weigh on the conscience of drivers. Or is it like a bag of bricks, all they have to do is drop it and keep on trucking? They should be racked with guilt?

Consequently by their actions those we do business with, have made it clear they will not give concessions to those that have not earned it, or have in the past squandered their good graces. The unfortunate down side is that the respectable drivers in our country are despicably punished for the thoughtless actions of others. Isn’t that always the way? This is another obvious reason why the private sector is unwilling to step up to the plate and help solve the problem.

So knowing the aforementioned, what is the solution to our plight? Well its 3 fold.

First, we must enlist our industry heads to step forward and confront our nations truck stop owners, our customers and other members of the private sector to implement a viable, sensible, workable solution for the very people they have hired to do a job for them.

This means that yes, it is the responsibility of our company owners to make certain that they have gone above and beyond the call of duty to protect their investment. Ahh, there would be the operative word, ‘Investment.’

The truck driver is and always will be the very first investment that a trucking company owner is duly bound morally, ethically, and financially obligated to protect. There in brings me to this word. ‘Obligation’. This word has ‘sharp teeth’ and when used goes directly against how mankind thinks, lives or operates. As human beings we live most days believing that we are not obligated to do anything for anyone. But, this cancer would be one of the biggest reasons we have a truck parking issue.

Second, all companies owners must send out a letter to their entire driver base informing them that as we work to correct the truck parking issue, and seek resolution in this matter, we ask all of our drivers to live with respect for not only themselves, but for those they interact with daily. To make a concerted effort to live differently in and around truck stops, around our customers and around the general public. When we make it clear to them- that even those that do not feel it is their concern, make it their concern… and show initiative.Then those that do not care at all, may just step up and live outside of their comfort zone for everyone else as well.

Third, knowing that cost will most certainly be associated in order for safe truck parking solutions to be presented and implemented, find a reasonable and sensible method of recouping those costs over a longer period of time, so as to avoid the solution presenting a financial ‘burden’ for the very people that ‘need’ the solution.

In other words, do not punish someone because they require something just because it somehow inconvenienced¬† us. That’s a nasty attitude, and it happens everyday in our country.

The truth is folks, it boils down to humanity and how willing are people here in a free America able to place their financial and personal beliefs aside, to tackle the problem for the benefit of everyone. Man is unwilling to give up the most powerful grip it has on Man,
Dominion. The effect of this, dependency. The cost, has been death, as was the case for recent murdered trucker Michael Boeglin.

So now lets place money aside as we redress our grievances? We see that it is a culmination of a great many things that has lead to this very serious problem. Sadly we have addressed it peaceably, to no avail.

So knowing this, we will deal with inadequate parking for truckers until the end of time. Unless all involved work together. Hmm…knowing Man. That’s going to be a tough one to get in the door, regardless of what angle we use.

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By: Brian Carlson

Brian Carlson is the CEO and Founder of Drive for Freedom Foundation (DFF). DFF aims to raise the standards of professional drivers, educate the driver in the business of hauling freight, and to treat others with respect. A Commitment to safety through teaching the new generation of professional drivers, including having a better understanding of what they are driving as well as having a mechanical aptitude, and to be in concert with good truck and driver management skills. DFF promotes the brotherhood of truckers, encourages them to embrace the good they do, and to be proud of the role they play

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4 Responses to Safe truck parking, who’s responsibility is it?. - Post a Comment

  1. James Lamb

    Here is a template letter you might consider printing signing and sending in on the Safe Truck Parking Issue:


    Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
    United States Department of Transportation
    1200 New Jersey Avenue SE
    Washington, DC 20590

    Federal Highway Administration
    United States Department of Transportation
    1200 New Jersey Avenue SE
    Washington, DC 20590

    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen:

    As you know, on August 14, 2014, SBTC Chairman James Lamb met with your staff members Charles Horan, Larry Minor, Tom Yager, Ed Strocko and Charles Medalen at your Washington offices to discuss the SBTC’s proposal for the creation of a Safe Truck Parking Task Force comprised of government and industry leaders and the creation of a Best Practices Guide and Parking Directory similar to what the National Transportation Safety Board recommended in 2000 (

    I am writing to advise you that I fully support the SBTC’s proposal and request you please give consideration to the SBTC’s request.

    “Safety” is often looked at by USDOT agencies in terms of keeping the public safe from the industry. However, given the countless incidents of violence against truckers that happen annually– including the murders of Drivers Jason Rivenberg and Michael Boeglin, we believe the safety of America’s drivers should be pursued just as zealously by the Federal Government. We therefore hereby petition that you please do so.

    Thank you for your consideration.


    Your Name
    Mailing Address
    Phone Number
    Email Address

    • Brian Carlson

      Thank you very much James. I appreciate you taking the time to give me this info. I will use it wisely.

      Lets continue to work together to find resolution for the matters that mean the most to us.

      Best Regards,

      Brian & Jenny Ann Carlson DFF.Org

  2. Ron

    I always wished that each city in every state would have designated areas to park big trucks and make this available on the web.Finding a place to park is only going to get harder in the future.
    One site for the whole country.And every city is required to post where you can park.

    • Brian Carlson

      That is an excellent Idea Ron.

      Lets continue to work together to find resolution for the matters that mean the most to us.

      Best Regards,

      Brian & Jenny Ann Carlson DFF.Org

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