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Organization Seeks Truckers Help in Combating Human Trafficking


During his campaign for Presidency, President Obama stated that the problem with human trafficking in America would have to be a top priority.  Other than a post written for the Washington Post in June, 2009 by Hillary Clinton, like administrations’ before him, nothing has really been done.  Perhaps Governmental officials just do not know how to tackle this $32 billion worldwide industry.   Others however, are stepping up to draw attention to this horrific crime and they are looking at professional truckers and trucking companies for assistance.

In the past few weeks, the National Hotline has received numerous calls from truckers across the nation concerning human trafficking activity as a result of Truckers Against Trafficking and an interview with Chapter 61 Ministries.   Federal agents have stated that they have been very pleased with the tips received from truckers.  Please continue to call in tips and help put human trafficking perpetrators behind bars and rescue trafficking victims.  The toll free hotline is 1-888-373-7888.

Kylla LeeburgAs a founding member of Chapter 61 Ministries, Kylla Leeburg has been instrumental in organizing grass-roots efforts to fight the issue of human trafficking in the state of Oklahoma.  A former missionary in El Salvador, she has seen first-hand the devastation and long-term impact abuse, oppression, injustice and slavery, whether economic, social or sexual, has on people, from generation to generation.

Kylla has stated:   “I have always been drawn to justice issues, whether it was working for human rights for gang members and glue sniffers in San Salvador or now working for the victims of human trafficking.  I just believe we each have a purpose beyond ourselves in this world, and we need to step up and do our parts.”

In the three years since Chapter 61 Ministries formed, Kylla has worked to educate and bring awareness of injustice and human trafficking issues to the students and faculty in the high school where she teaches as well as to educational institutions throughout the state of Oklahoma.  She has written articles and editorials on the issue for publications and has provided presentations and webinars on human trafficking and truckers against trafficking in a variety of settings, including the Big Rig Expo in Tulsa last October.  She has participated as a panel member on human trafficking and taken part in committee and task force action teams.

The Truckers Against Trafficking initiative, which Chapter 61 began in March 2009, is the direct result of an idea birthed from information Kylla  gleaned at the first national human trafficking awareness conference Chapter 61 Ministries put on in October 2008.  Members of the trucking industry, by nature of their jobs and the high visibility and presence they maintain on our nation’s highways, can play a critical role in bringing this heinous crime to an end and seeing perpetrators brought to justice and victims released.   “All they need is to understand the problem and be given the education, tools and tips to join the fight effectively.”

Kylla Leeburg was our special guest on Truth About Trucking “LIVE” talk radio, Wednesday, February 17th, 2010 at 7 PM EST.   Discussion concerned the injustices of human trafficking in America and how you, as truckers can help rescue victims.  

Hundreds of thousands of men, women and children are bought and sold across international borders each year.  Approximately 70 percent are women and young girls.  Help stop human trafficking in America and abroad.   If you missed the live broadcast, you can catch it here:

Special thanks to Take No Glory, for the use of their song, Beautiful Slave, written after learning about the human trafficking crisis.

Beautiful Slave - A song of Human Trafficking

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By: Allen Smith

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  1. Casey

    You know Truckers have found there self In the Media with Bad HeadLines attached… Its Nice to see the Heading of this post spotlighting the the Good Side of truckers

  2. Allen Smith

    Truckers can be the eyes and ears needed to fight against such a horrible crime. Many are already stepping up to the task. We will continue in our efforts to bring more awareness to this human trafficking crisis. …. thanks for the post

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