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Justice is Served for Fellow Truck Driver Jason Rivenburg


Man Convicted of Jason Rivenburg's murder

Today in a Calhoun county Courtroom in South Carolina, suspect Willie Pelzer was found guilty for the murder of Jason Rivenburg whom he shot in the head on March 5, 2009.  It only took the jury a few hours to find Pelzer guilty of the murder. The defense team fought hard saying that there was no physical evidence linking his client to Rivenburg’s killing, however,  testimony by Pelzer’s childhood friends , girlfriend and many other witnesses, proved to aid in the quick deliberation of the guilty verdict. The surprise  though, was that when Pelzer  was being sentenced, he confessed to the shooting of Rivenburg.

Rivenburg’s widow, Hope Rivenburg, was in the courtroom for the entire trial, which began on  Tuesday Dec 1st, until the verdict on Friday Dec 4th.  Hope has been promoting and pushing hard for the passing of “Jasons Law” HR2156, a bill that was presented to the House of Representatives  by New York  Congressman Paul Tonko in April of this year. The Rivenburgs, who are residents of New York state, have worked closely with Rep Tonko since the murder of Jason.

Rivenburg Family

Hope’s passionate desire to encourage people to sign the petition for the bill has been ongoing for months now. She shared her tragic story with hundreds of truckers in Dallas ,Texas this last August  at The Great American Show.  Hope was there with her 3 children of 2 and under, as she presented pictures, brochures, pamphlets, flyers, and the petition for Jason’s Law. Hope’s booth was set up behind our booth ( TruckerApp) and I will tell you that I saw more than one driver with a teary eye when he/she walked away from her booth.  Most of the drivers had not even known of the murder and were touched by listening to the tragic story.

The bill HR 2156 will ensure safe truck parking for drivers. Parking has been a concern for truckers for many many years, but has somehow always been side stepped when it came to actually doing something about the problem.

“Jason’s Law” would create a six year pilot program that would make $120 million available in from of grants ($20 million per year) for local governments and private companies to address the shortage of parking for commercial vehicles on the National Highway System.

If you have not signed the petition for the passing of “Jason’s law”, we ask that you do it now.  We also have a video which will further explain the tremendous  need for this bill to be passed into law.

Many thanks to Hope Rivenburg for her strength, courage,  perseverance, and the determination to ensure that no other family will have to suffer through a similar tragedy such as hers.   Please sign the petition so that HR2156 will be put into law and Jason Rivenburg’s death will not be in vain.

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