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InfoGraphic-STOP New Legislation-Truck Driver Wages at Risk

Call Your Reps-Government Switchboard
SAY NO TO Denham and Fischer Amendments in 2018 FAA Reauthorization bill
Trucker wage theft Preemption Provisions! 202-224-3121

Here is a link to every U.S. senator email and phone #

Here is a link to every U.S.Representative
Or you can just call the U.S. Switchboard. 202-224-3121

Trucking industry lobbyists (including ATA) have stated openly that their main goal is  , to pass legislation which would negatively affect driver wages by preempting State Labor laws. This new legislation is in the FAA bill with includes “Denham Language” (Such as Denham Amendment of 2015 which failed). The language would create more Federal law that would prevent drivers from ever being paid for all working time. (Detention, waiting, paperwork, etc…)
Say NO to Additional Federal Law to Preempt State Labor Laws negatively  affecting truck driver wages.

Watch the video

LISTEN TO REPLAY to Fully Understand  This dangerous Legislation
Call the Government Switchboard 202-224-3121


NO to Additional Federal Law to Preempt State Labor Laws

Say NO to Additional Federal Law to Preempt State Labor Laws. Call the Government Switchboard 202-224-3121

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  1. Allen Smith

    Share the video- Share the infographic- Share the posts- Make a video- write a post- just keep talking about this. get the word out.
    If drivers don’t understand the impact, they won’t take action.

    Here’s the links so far to share_

    ATA lobbies for anti-trucker wage provisions in Omnibus Spending bill

    ATTENTION Truckers: Tell Congress to Remove Section 134 of the House T-HUD Appropriations bill in the final spending package

    How ELD mandate combined with Anti-Trucker wage provisions leads to wage reduction

    Anti-Trucker wage language in 2 bills to ensure cheap labor and high profits

    Truckers call reps to REMOVE FAA bill’s Anti Trucker wage amendments


    Info-Graphic-STOP New Legislation-Truck Driver Wages at Risk

    Video 1 #TruckDriverWages : Say “No” to additional Federal Law to Preempt State Labor Laws #ELD #HOS #Detention

    Video “NO” to Anti-Trucker Wage Amendments Allen Smith

    Video URGENT! We Need Your Help! Desiree Wood

    Video Defeat the ATA and it’s Poison Pill Against Truckers Hal Kiah

    Video Truckers appeal to GOP for Relief as ATA seeks more Laws Allen Smith

    Video Video 2 Say NO to Section 134, HR-5394 Pat Hockaday

    Video Say No to Anti Trucker Wages Amendments Vicki Simons

    Video- Allowing Federal Authority language in government bills is TRUCKER wage theft Dave at Smart Trucking

    Congressional Law could further hurt driver wages IF no action is taken Infographic post

    ATA wants Federal Laws- Truckers Say NO! Give states the power

    F4A Trucker Wages Video: No Preempting State Labor Laws

    Open Forum- Vote NO! FAA anti-trucker bill and ELDs

    Truck Driver Pay Under Siege

    It’s Not About Meal and Rest Breaks. It’s About DETENTION TIME

    The ATA Plays Off of the Ignorance of Drivers ( by Pat Hockaday)
    PDF Version

    FaceBook Page Kill Federal Overreach on Trucker Wages

    “ATA counting on driver apathy to get Anti-Trucker Wage bill passed”

    Les Willis from God Speed Ent wrote his Congressman on 7-6-17 regarding FAA Reauthorization and anti trucker amendments . You can use this as a template to write your reps.

    Another letter of how to write your Representatives and tell them to STOP the ATA attack on Truck Driver Wages by Desiree Wood of Real Women In Trucking. Just copy and paste the text and change the appropriate names and sentences as you like.

    Radio shows

    Vote No-ELD’s & amendments in #FAAReauthorization bill affecting driver wages.

    Trucker Wages: The Devastating affects if Congress amends F4A

    Trucking Open Forum- Blocking Fair Wages for Truckers

    AskTheTrucker ‘Live” Addressing Crucial Trucking Topics for Professional Drivers

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