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Improving Trucker “Gut Instinct”


Improving Trucker “Gut Instinct”

Carolyn O'byrne

Author of “Gut Instinct” Carolyne O’Byrne of Life Coach Service

Gut Instinct: Transform your life and health with the power of your gut

So many drivers endure the numerous sacrifices of over the road trucking. Their lives include living for days, weeks, and sometimes months in a confined space without the  comforts that we all take for granted.  Besides being without” comforts”, even the most basic needs of life are sometimes more difficult to access and maintain.

Two of the most basic and vital needs for survival are Sleep and Food.

Every truck driver knows that sleep is something that’s not easy to come by when you’re running OTR, especially with the irregular schedules, waiting times, unpredictable circumstances, and the all important Truck Parking Shortage.
Today though we will talk about the other basic need – FOOD!!

Food as it relates to Health- Eating does not mean Nutritious

How the need for the book “Gut Instinct” all began

Gut Instinct

Gut Instinct-by Carolyn O’Byrne of Life Coach Service

Carolyn O’Byrne of Life Coach Service has been a part of the trucking industry for almost 20 years.  As the wife of an over-the-road truck driver, she and her husband have been associated with the trucking industry since 1999. In that time, she’s seen and experienced the very unique issues which affect professional drivers and the people in their lives.

One of those issues is poor health of professional drivers, and she has seen plenty throughout  the years; diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, arthritis, heart disease, respiratory disorders, digestive problems, cancer and more.
Because of the Trucker Lifestyle, these illnesses are  greater for truckers than in many other professions. These illnesses added to the difficult trucker lifestyle, along with her own personal near death experience, has led to the her book…

“Gut Instinct- Transform your life and health with the power of your gut”

As  mentioned, the major reason drivers have such poor health is their lifestyle, which often includes poor eating habits. Because of the nature of the trucking profession, having “healthy” food on hand or readily accessible is considered a luxury. Not only is there limited space in the truck, but time, parking availability, and tight schedules make it much more difficult to access. I said difficult…. NOT impossible.

So drivers are accustomed to stopping off at truck stops, grabbing fast food, chips, coffee, snacks, soda… anything to remedy the hunger, often without thought of what the food is made of…. and doing to them.

The result is poor nutrition, eating food which is often down right harmful, and many times contributing to disease and poor health.

Carolyn’s book,”Gut Instinct”, doesn’t just tell you what and what not to eat, but rather it shares how foods affect your entire bodily system…. starting with the most important part, your Gut.
After you understand the “what and why”, the book goes on to help you with the”how and where” to do and go in order to move forward toward a better and healthier life.

Here are  just a few highlights covered in the book”Gut Instinct”

  • How your gut affects your entire health and immune system
  • What kind of foods are creating a greater risk for disease?
  • How Processed foods are killing us!
  • How you can eat 5000 calories/day and still be malnourished
  • The most common factors to be aware of in order to maintain good gut health
  • What are the major causes of “leaky gut syndrome” which is leading to sickness and autoimmune disease?
  • How can antibiotics many times do more harm than good.
  • How does your gut affect your emotional state?
  • How you can eat Healthy in a Truck…. whether you cook or not…Recipes included!!
  • What are  Genetically Modified Foods (GMO’s) and how they’re destroying our immune system! ( GMO’s are banned in most other countries!)
  • The myth accepted about eating “plenty of whole grains”
  • The #1 Food that cancer thrives on…. Stop eating it!
  • Natural cures and remedies!

Gut Instinct is available in both hard copy and a downloadable version on Life Coach Service website


Between June 22, 2016 and July 6, 2016, (2 weeks.) leave a review for “Gut Instinct”  on Amazon and be automatically entered  in the drawing for a Kindle Fire.
IF the book gets 60 reviews,  you will also receive a COVER for your kindle.  So get out there and tell your friends.  Let’s see who wins!

Carolyn will be a guest on AskTheTrucker Live Thursday 6-23-16 6PM to discuss her book and answer any health questions you may have.
Listen from your phone 347-826-9170 or via the player below.

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By: Donna Smith

Donna Smith is an active part of the advocacy for professional drivers. Although she has not driven a truck nor does she have a CDL license, her strong convictions destroys all notion of “you have to drive a truck to understand”…. and she IS the wife of a career truck driver. Donna believes justice can be achieved through passion, honesty and transparency, and that same belief and passion allows one to be an advocate for whatever the cause is they believe so strongly in. Donna holds a degree in Medical Technology and has been a part of industry research for many years. Her love for research led to a patent she received while working at General Foods Corporation, one of many research projects she was involved in. In 2001 Donna became involved with husband Allen’s advocacy for professional drivers and she combined her love for research with her belief in justice to aid with many of the movements that Allen and she became so passionate, active, and known for. Donna enjoys networking with others and believes that in order to achieve positive change, one must first be able to recognize and be accountable for their own actions and not be quick to point fingers at others, nor depend on others to carry the load. “Stand up for what you believe in, never give up”

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  1. Erana

    Wow, this is definitely some powerful stuff. When traveling so much, it can definitely take a toll on your body for sure. Building habits are probably twice as hard with all the randomness that can happen while driving. Thanks for insight and glad there a people out there trying to help!

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