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I-95 Corridor Coalition to advise OTR CMV drivers about available truck parking


The Truck ‘N Park Demonstration System Goes Live on November 20, 2015.

Truck 'N Park The I-95 Corridor Coalition

Truck ‘N Park


 Real-Time Truck Parking Space Availability Information

At Rest Areas

WHAT:           The I-95 Corridor Coalition, an alliance of transportation agencies along the Eastern Seaboard, is testing an automated technology to advise over-the-road commercial vehicle drivers on the real-time availability of truck parking spaces. This effort will initially involve two public rest areas in Virginia and Maryland.
The Truck ‘N Park Demonstration System can be accessed by website or phone.

WHO:              Truckers traveling northbound along the I-95 corridor are invited to try out the system.

WHY:              Save time and quickly find parking spaces when you are nearing a break.

WHERE:         The demonstration system provides the number of empty parking spaces in real time at the following public rest area locations:

  • I-95 Ladysmith Rest Area, Northbound, Ladysmith, VA (MM 107, approximately 30 miles north of Richmond).
  • I-95 Welcome Center, Northbound, Laurel, MD (MM 37, approximately 20 miles south of Baltimore).

WHEN:           The test period will begin on November 20, 2015, and continue for approximately four months. During that period, truckers may use the system as often as needed. There is no charge for using the system. This is your opportunity to test the system and furnish feedback.

HOW:              To access the Truck ‘N Park system, please do one or more of the following:

  • Before beginning your trip, go to the website, Click on “Parking Map.” Then click on the large red “dots” to display current parking information at Ladysmith or the Maryland Welcome Center.
  • From the road, when safe to do so, call 855-TRK-PARK (855-875-7275). Menu options will be verbally listed for you. When prompted, say “Find Parking” or “List Locations.” Then say “Ladysmith” or “Maryland Welcome Center” for current parking information at those lots.
  • The system also has a specialized Call-Back feature which automatically calls your cell phone with updates on the number of empty parking spaces in the lot you’ve chosen. There are two ways to set up a call back:
    • From the website, select “Call Back Setup.” Register for the service (we do not track your information), select the lot, and schedule the call back. If you need help, see the “FAQ” section on the website.
    • On the phone system, say “Call Me Back.” Then say “Ladysmith” or “Maryland Welcome Center.” Select the time interval for the call back.

BE SAFE:       While driving, calls to the Truck ‘N Park system should be made using a hands-free device only. When a call back is received, please take the call only when it is safe to do so. If you are unable to answer, the system will stop calling after several rings and try you again later. Safety first!

PRIVACY:      Your privacy will be maintained. No data will be retained about you or your vehicle.

FEEDBACK:  We would appreciate your feedback. After using the Truck ‘N Park test system, you will be invited to provide feedback on your experiences. You may do so at any time during the test period by clicking on “Feedback” on the website, or staying on the phone line.  855-TRK-PARK (855-875-7275

Thank you for testing the Truck ‘N Park Demonstration System!

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    Sounds interesting. Any service that offers easy parking is good in my book. Thanks for sharing.

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