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Governed by the Clock- Paid by the Clock


Governed by the Clock- Paid by the Clock

If Employee Drivers wages go up, the rest of us will benefit with a higher labor rate.

Pat Hockaday-Truckers United


Trucker Wages- A misleading fact is that since company truckers are only paid when producing pieces,  Employee Drivers are led to believe that they are only At Work when they are producing pieces.
Wrong, their time is governed the entire time, they are NOT on Personal Time!
They are AT Work/Working the entire time-Not on Personal Time and they have agreed to be paid piece work wages that cover All Time spent “AT Work/Working.”

Drivers want more time (hours) to produce pieces which in effect floods the market with capacity thereby minimizing their pay.

Solution, Governed by the Clock, Paid by the Clock.

The trailer can not be loaded until it is unloaded and this cycle is endless. Therefore  loading/unloading is a job duty that must be preformed in order to continue the revenue stream of completing the job so as to start another job.

Drivers have flooded the market with available working hours, to the content of the carriers, by logging detention time as “Off Duty”.
A flooded market is a CHEAP Market due to supply and demand.

I would like to see all time spent being detained logged “On Duty Not Driving” as that was the original intent of Part 395.2 as the Driver is in readiness to preform work WHILE being detained.

Piece work wages for Employee Drivers actually pay these Drivers for their detention time as the Drivers agreed at the time of their employment to be paid by the mile, by weight or by percentage.

The 14hr rule prevents Employee Drivers from utilizing needed time to produce pieces when they are detained by shippers/receivers.
I would also suggest that regulatory detention and company forced detention prevent drivers from using their time to earn as well.

The Drivers time has been sold to the employer in return for the possibility of producing pieces and now that the regulations have caused the Drivers to work within a more stringent window, the Drivers have realized that they are not being paid enough for the time spent AT Work/Working.
WAITING is a job duty that must be preformed while being AT Work!

If the driver is AT work, then he ought to be PAID for being at work!
It’s either ONE or the OTHER, not switching back and forth to suit the situation.!
Dave reviews the issue.

PAY ME, When I’m at Work! Trucker Wages

The obvious solution is to offset lost production time with detention time.
Why only go after detention time spent at shippers/receivers?
The regulations prescribe the job duties that must be preformed such as the 10hr and 30min breaks.
An Employee Driver may be dispatched to go and wait for a day before loading or offloading.
Isn’t the Driver following the directions of the supervisor by doing so?
Isn’t the Driver being detained for a day prior to loading/offloading?

Again, most Employee Drivers have sold a week of their time in order to earn one day off. In the U.S., they may claim the per diem tax right off for each day that they are AT Work, Not At Home

Once again, the Solution is; Governed by the Clock, Paid by the Clock.

When the Employee Drivers are paid a fair and decent wage for their 24hr work days that may be within a multiple day or week work shift, the employers will have no choice but to charge those abusing the Drivers Time a higher rate to cover the cost of labor.

If Employee Drivers wages go up, the rest of us will benefit with a higher labor rate.
JoJo’s Paper

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By: Pat Hockaday

Pat Hockaday aka "JoJo" is a veteran driver, owner operator, and truck driver advocate. He advocates for fair wages on JoJo's paper,, via his website. A Drivers Pay should be based on Time and Experience, NOT Pieces Produced. What methods could be used to pay the Drivers for their time and experience while truly promoting Safety on the Roadway? He believes a Salaried Pay Method Must Be Established and Made Into Law to Ensure The Safety and Security Of ALL! "We Drivers, Working Together and Working Through Divers Associations, HAVE The POWER to Accomplish These Goals"

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  1. Owen Chaikin

    Thank you for writing about this! The issue of not being paid at work, even when being detained, is a big problem that we must solve. This is a great blog! Continue doing the work you are doing. Thanks!

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