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Good Trucking Companies


Have you tried looking for a list of good trucking companies?  Always finding the same list of companies over and over?  There’s a little secret you need to be aware of concerning these good trucking companies list – the Trucking Companies are PAYING to be on the lists!

Many sites offer their listing of good trucking companies.  However, many of these sites are receiving monthly payments from these companies as advertising fees.  $50 per month . . . $200 per month . . . Of course they are going to list them as good companies to work for! 

Here at Truth About Trucking, we do not allow paid advertising on any of our websites.  We provide our information . . . our experience . . . the TRUTH about trucking.  This is one TRUE list for good trucking companies . . . no fees received from trucking companies . . . simply our choices for the best truck driving jobs and trucking companies in the United States.

Here are the REAL – Good Trucking Companies


Not only are they “good” trucking companies . . . but they are Truth About Trucking’s choices for the “BEST” trucking companies.  At TruthAboutTrucking.Com – we are : “Raising the Standards of the Trucking Industry.”

Don’t plan your career around company listings that are paid for by the companies themselves.  Get the real list . . .


Good Trucking Companies


Mark your calendar for Monday, January 19th, 2009 – 7:30 PM EST for trucking’s online talk radio show – Truth About Trucking “LIVE” – when the discussion will be : Signs of a Good Trucking Company.   Allen will discuss the factors that seperates a good trucking company from a bad one, and the main area where many trucking companies fall short. He will also touch on the steps one must take in order to find the truck driving job that meets the needs of the individual.     **  This show has been postponed for a later date **  (1-18-09 A.S.)

To your success in 2009,



© 2009, Allen Smith. All rights reserved.

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By: Allen Smith

Allen Smith is a 37 year veteran who started at an early age in a household goods family moving business. He began driving straight trucks in 1977 and moved to the big rigs in 1982. His experience within the industry includes; owner operator, company driver, operations manager, and owner of a long distance HHG moving business, taking many of the long haul moves himself when needed. Allen Smith, a truck driver advocate who is driven by the desire to help others succeed within an industry where injustice, unrewarded sacrifice, and lack of respect and recognition exists. Allen and his wife Donna are hosts of Truth About Trucking ”Live” on Blog Talk Radio. Other websites include AskTheTrucker, TruckingSocialMedia, NorthAmericanTruckingALerts, TruthAboutTrucking, and many Social Media websites. In 2011 Allen and Donna hosted the first Truck Driver Social Media Convention, designed to create unity and solutions for the trucking industry. This is now being extended through the North American Trucking Alerts network as those within the industry join forces for the betterment of the industry. Allen strongly supports other industry advocates who are also stepping up to the plate to help those who share honesty, guidance and direction. He believes that all those involved in trucking need to be accountable for their part within the industry, including drivers, carriers, brokers, shippers, receivers, etc… The list of supporters and likeminded people grow daily, networking together and sharing thoughts and ideas for the betterment of trucking. He has coined the popular phrase "Raising the standards of the trucking industry"

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9 Responses to Good Trucking Companies. - Post a Comment

  1. Terence Smelser

    Quoting: ” There is only one TRUE list for good trucking companies . . . no fees received . . . simply our choices for the best truck driving jobs and trucking companies in the United States.”

    Friend, that book is $27.

    Nothing against making a buck, god knows I’m trying to, but present it as making a buck.

  2. George Lavallee

    George Lavallee
    Hi Allen
    Just a quick comment about Terrance Smelser Communication to you about making a buck for yourself.
    Maybe he should call a lawyer & ask what they would charge to investigate who the best trucking companies are.
    Mine just cost me $225 an hour to make 3 phone calls & a letter to the Commonwealth of Ma. for child support that I didn’t even owe, they were thretening me with my license & over $16,000.00 in delinquint payments.
    As it turned out It was settled & case closed by them. However this is the ironic part it was closed B/4 he even got the retainer of $1,500.00. But he still charged me $225.
    Thank you for the information you provide to us.

  3. Tanya from Eagle

    It’s a book – people buy books – Allen I think you spent a lot of time explaining what you do for a living – this was unnecessary. It’s honest pay for an honest living – you don’t need to explain.

  4. Desiree

    I wish I’d spent the $27 dollars before I spent $4000.00 on a CDL Mill & let myself get duped by a company that had no intrest in my success.

    I wished I’d spent the $27 before I paid for a membership to a Womens Trucking Organization hoping to get guidace there.

    Allen & Donna replied to my emails & sent me Free Info before I even bought the book.

    I personally think its too cheap & should be promoted more because they work non-stop to update & help others.

    America is a Free Market System … Capitalism … I appreciate the hard work you guys do.

    For the price of a LGPizza/Wings&Soda I beat the Scam!

  5. Allen Smith

    Hello George: WOW! I’m glad all that worked out for you. Kinda’ jumped the gun, didn’t they? I appreciate your comments….best of luck to you, Allen

  6. Allen Smith

    Hi Tanya!

    Yea, I know….usually, I don’t. I’ve only received a handful of comments such as his before, and I just let them slide…..I just got on a roll, I guess! Thanks for your post….I appreciate it. Allen

  7. Allen Smith

    Hi Desiree!

    Thanks for the post. I’m glad we played a small part in your success….but I also know all the hard work and commitment you have put into it……Credit for your success in the trucking industry, especially as a female driver out there… because of YOU! Stay safe! Allen

  8. Rob Harrell

    hello out there! breaker 19 ! Allen can you here me? there’s a lot of static but i think your getting through!

  9. Allen Smith

    Hey Rob: LOL ….. thanks for the post….that’s a good one! Allen

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