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Get Ready NYC and Times Square- Jazzy is Coming to Town


by Donna Smith

Jazzy Jordan

Trucking Hero Jazzy Jordan Runs for St Christopher Fund

As a native New Yorker I have to tell you that the finale of trucking  hero Jazzy Jordan’s 3200 mile run couldn’t have ended in a better place.  The excitement of NYC is nothing like anything else, and unless you’ve been there to experience it, it’s hard to describe. Jazzy is scheduled to enter NYC sometime late morning/early afternoon on Tuesday June 15th. We’ll be giving you an update after we talk to her dad later in the day.

Now I know that the biggest nightmare for a truck driver is having to drive through the city, but if you’re on foot, it’s spectacular. Now what can be more spectacular, than a 17 year old girl entering the city, finishing up her 9 month run from Los Angeles, California into Time Square in NYC…for the sole purpose of helping others!

We’ve recently been conversing on FaceBook and Twitter with Peter Thorne of WPIX in NY, and it’s appearing quite hopeful that the crew will be there covering the event. Growing up as a kid in NY, WPIX was (may still be) the official Yankee baseball TV station.

Now, for those who may not know, Jazzy was motivated and inspired to begin her run when a close friend and driver of her family’s trucking business, Shelia Grothe, passed away on April 17th, 2009,  after having a 2 year battle with cancer.  From that day forward, Jazzy vowed and was determined to make a difference in the lives of those who could not afford medical insurance or coverage.  She then began a rigorous training schedule and on September 1st, 2009, she began her “run across America”, with all donations going to the St. Christopher Trucking Fund.

In her own words, Jazzy states:    “My goal is to raise attention to the growing problem with people who have medical issues who are under insured and insured.  We have all seen how generous our country has been in the past.  I believe even in economic hard times we still make a big difference.  Will you help me make the difference that is so needed?  Together, we will change the future for the better.”

The 3200 mile run has not been easy to say the least. Jazzy ran many days with severe pain, however, her determination and dedication was that of someone with many more years, displaying so much compassion, wisdom and discipline. Just this past October she escaped what could have been a fatal injury, when a vehicle crashed into the truck that her dad, Lee Jordan, was driving. Fortunately, Jazzy was riding in the truck as a passenger at the time, a true blessing we are all grateful for.

So, we trust that NYC  and my fellow New Yorkers will honor one more hero down the road leading to Times Square, Jazzy Jordan, the hero for truckers from all over the country.  She is the youngest woman to run across the country; not for a record, not for fame or glory , but with the hope to benefit and aid in the well being of those who are less fortunate.

We love you Jazzy. You are an inspiration to all of us, and a reminder to keep doing what we are convicted to do, no matter  what obstacles we face.

Truckers keep our country moving and Jazzy Jordan has moved truckers.

Please show your appreciation for the sacrifices Jazzy has made by donating to the St Christopher Truckers Development & Relief Fund

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  2. Allen Smith

    According to Jan McCarter of NBC will be meeting them!

    This should be a big event for NY and Jazzy both

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