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ELD mandate leads to driver protest


As time gets closer to the ELD mandate taking effect, the conversations and debates about the rule are becoming more intense.  What is it about this rule which has created such intense outpouring of rage, opinion, and defiance?  And what about those who “love their e-logs”?
How could professional drivers have such extreme views?

For those  AGAINST the ELD mandate, who believe ELD’s are unsafe or infringe upon  privacy, keep the date for protest in mind.  Oct 3-7-2017

Let’s define the ELD, electronic logging device.  An ELD synchronizes with a vehicle engine to automatically record driving time, for easier, more accurate hours of service (HOS) recording.


In other words no more paper logs. So what’s not love about ELD’s?  It going to make a drivers life easier? Right?
Theoretically, drivers would no longer have to worry about taking time to log their miles, and when their allowed hour are up, they just “stop”. No more paper work, No more log book violations, no more forced dispatch.
Trip planning might need a little more attention however, especially when the lack of truck parking continues to be one of the bigger challenges for drivers.

Truck Parking and the 14 hour rule

So why are drivers so passionately against ELD’s?

#The 1 reason is the 14 hour rule and racing the clock.

HOS states that a driver can drive 11 hours/day and work 14hrs/day.  They must take 10 consecutive hours off duty in order to drive again.
And then the 60/70-Hour Limit:
A driver may not drive after 60/70 hours on duty in 7/8 consecutive days. A driver may restart a 7/8 consecutive day period after taking 34 or more consecutive hours off duty.

Let’s not forget, drivers are paid by the mile and ruled by the clock.  You are given x amount of time to produce your miles and no matter what obstacle comes up ( weather, truck, traffic, delays at dock,  need a nap) you will not be paid unless those miles are achieved.

What happens if you hit bad weather, have a maintenance issue, or they way too common long delay at the shipper/receiver?
What happens if you run out of hours with paper logs? You can “fix” your paper logs.
What happens if you run out of hours with ELD’s? You can’t “fix” ELD’s. 

The 14 hour rule– The ELD  enforces this 14 hour rule! Even if you got rid of the ELD mandate, drivers are still going to have to fight the clock, being paid by the mile while governed by time.
With all the challenges that drivers face, with all the obstacles and unforeseen circumstances that arise daily beyond ones control, why would the government put you in a situation that has you racing time? Why should drivers have to “fix logs” just to:
Be safe, find parking, or earn a living?

In order to win the argument for ELD’s, you would need to explain the danger of the HOS rule that they enforce.  Truckers earn a living based on the amount of miles they drive. They keep strict appointments to their customers. When the ability to drive miles to meet obligations are interfered with and time runs out, ELD’s can cause stress,  unsafe situations, and low wages ( which equals more stress).

According to the FMCSA, The electronic logging device (ELD) rule is intended to help create a safer work environment for drivers, and make it easier, faster to accurately track, manage, and share records of duty status (RODS) data.
Again, ELD’s enforce Hours-of-Service regulation. (HOS). Let that sink in.

One common agreement seems to be for most drivers, whether they love their e-logs or hate them, most drivers have an aversion for the 14 hour clock, the basis of the HOS rule.


That rule is the 14 hour clock. Remove that one rule and production increases because we can drive and sleep as our body needs not as the clock dictates.

Posted by Allen Smith on Friday, May 26, 2017

We asked drivers on Facebook why do drivers rush with an ELD?  Read the replies by clicking the blue”F”

Question: Why do you think #drivers rush more with an #ELD ? Is it to get more miles? Pushed by dispatch?

Posted by Allen Smith on Thursday, May 25, 2017


Shot in the arm for the ELD fight: Mr. Justice joins Mr. Reed, others with sights on D.C.

ELD or Me

Support the event ELD or Me Online Store 2017

Here are some comments on the ELD or ME Facbook group page. There are hundreds of comments, I just chose a few.  I suggest you go to the page and join if you are anti ELD.  The group was started by Scott Reed and Tony Justice just a few short weeks ago and has around 16,000 people in it already.

Angel Sturgill I didn’t run straight out illegal. But having that flexibility that you could fix the logs was a lot less stressful than watching your various clocks tick off. It changes your mentality. Just like it is proven that you spend more money using plastic than you do if you hand over cash. It changes your mentality.

ELD’s do the same thing. For some reason it amps up the stress level. I began to drive more aggressively and became more stressed. The horrible feeling that you feel when a dispatcher is constantly interrogating you about your time. All adds to the stress. The paper logs added that flexibility when you needed to park someplace safe and didn’t want to start your clock. We are miles driven pay, but we work in hourly increments. If the government is going to force us to run hourly, then they also need to force our pay to be hourly.

But as with hourly employees, the culture/mentality/work ethic begins to change. It is sad.

John Taylor This the only industry that begs and pleads  to work harder and harder. Just to work themselves into a grave 10 years sooner. Just to make a few cents more.

Jeff Clark The sad thing is that if we expand the 14 hour rule is that we will just end up giving it away to the docks that will waste it. For years we have complained about these docks. We have falsified our logs more to cover for these people than to slow down or make more money.

Scott Jordan I run ELD’s but am strongly opposed to Forced ELD’s. I have stated strong opinions on both side. Scott M. Reed even disagreed with a couple. I think they are doing the best they can with the rapid growth. Here is an idea, we either jump on board and support this cause for freedom or just hand them our keys. PRO-ELD or No -ELD either way, forced ELD and inflexible HOS is the issue at hand.

Join Scott and Tony on AskTheTrucker Live  July 1st 2017 6PM et   Call in # 347-826-9170

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By: Allen Smith

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  1. Mark Whitman

    I just don’t get it I don’t how a lot of people in the industry think we are the same I’m one truck one trailer and these drivers that say they love there eld wher I’m sure a mega carrier drop trailers pre loaded trailers load planner all things that make a eld work well that is not how millions of U.S. Smaller company’s operate not sure what I’m going to do run til April with no eld and take the fine and start running around the. Scales

  2. BeagleMom

    my hubby keeps going round and round with his boss over the ELDs…. he keeps trying to explain that *fixing* the logs is going to leave an electronic trail, and bossman doesn’t think so….. HIS thinking is that instead of the drivers fixing their logs, now it will be the bossman doing it…..just read on the FMCSA website that ALL editing must be approved and resubmitted by the driver, no matter WHO does it, and there is a permanent electronic trail showing all original entries…. i hope bossman likes orange, because have a feeling he’s gonna be wearing it…..

  3. martyn wilkinson

    truck driving was fun until the babysitter on dash was there,,,had to retire three year,s early,,think about the way your mentality and stress are elevated,,just to satisfy politicians that don’t know what work is,,

  4. BeagleMom

    well, here it is, almost 2 years later and apparently nothing’s changed…. hubby is STILL going round and round with the bossman over fixing logs….if enforcement of the ELD’s isn’t going to be, what’s the point??? hubby is doing what he’s supposed to, runs to the end of his hours every day and HOPES to find a place to park at the end of the day, and in the morning discovers that he has magically logged more driving in less time….bossman fixes the logs regularly…. no penalties, no enforcement, no fines….
    the ELD is doing exactly the opposite of what it was intended to do…. making drivers run tired and trying to beat the clock…. WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND works a solid 14 hour day???? if bossman falls asleep at his desk, he’s not going to kill somebody….
    so disillusioned and disappointed with the FMCSA….

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