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Driver health info and support for concerned truckers

Ask The Trucker 'Live" on Blog Talk Radio Open Forum- Truck Driver Health

Ask The Trucker ‘Live” on Blog Talk Radio Open Forum- Truck Driver Health

As part of our concern for the growing concern of improving health within the trucking industry, AskTheTrucker will be continuing a series of health shows on AskTheTrucker “Live’.

We have also aligned ourselves with many within the industry who are also concerned about the increase of illness which has taken a pronounced incline, not just within the trucking industry, but throughout our nation. As it relates to trucking, the types of food drivers consume along with the sedentary lifestyle, is taking its toll on them physically and emotionally. Yet the possibility to change their habits appears for some to be too far out of reach.

Justifications often heard are, “ It’s too difficult to eat healthy on the road” and “I’m too tired to exercise after driving” and even, “I already have to fight the 14 hour clock. Although these comments hold some validity, they are merely challenges to overcome in order to reach a desired goal and are not reasons to prevent or quit trying to attain a goal with keywords being “desired goal.”

Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal. ~Henry Ford

The question now becomes: do you have a goal to reach regarding your health? Do you want to feel better? Lose weight? Have more energy? Lower your blood pressure, cholesterol or sugar or change your food intake for preventative medicine? For many, it could be to change your food intake to help cure an illness?

If the answer is yes to any of these, then the justifications of why one cannot achieve their goals just will not hold up. They become excuses for “wishes” because obviously, there is no magic wand or fairy godmother. But there are people to help and encourage others in the trucking industry; drivers, groups, websites, and organizations.

The best way to achieve success is through the above mentioned support. We all want to feel like we “belong” and are among those who face the same challenges and have similar obstacles and goals. Just as there are support groups such as AA, OEA and others we are all familiar with, trucking has many organizations, websites, and social media outlets which reach out and offer support and vital information to the trucking community, including the topic of Truck Driver Health.

One of the various groups we have joined forces with is the non profit We became involved with this organization a few months ago after observing the incredible story on the website written by driver and a founder of the organization, Barry Pawelek.

Basically the story is about a truck he owned, sold, and then miraculously came back full circle to him 20 years later, only after being severely neglected and abused. Being concerned with health for many years, Barry concluded that the body of a truck driver deteriorates comparably to their own truck if both are abused and neglected.

This 20 year old truck will be showcased at MATS this year for all to see, along with encouraging literature offering free sources and information. Read the full story here.

ATBS- TeamRunSmart

ATBS- TeamRunSmart

Another group which we support and also will be at MATS at the Freightliner Booth, is a group of concerned drivers, companies, and sponsors, offering free info to drivers as well a 100+ page cookbook with 7o recipes. A limited supply of only 250 copies will be available at MATS, however an ebook version will be offered free at

Recipes in the cook book are originals from Tom Kyrk, Linda Caffee, Rolling Strong wellness coaches, staff members from ATBS and Kerri Ewing with The information and cookbook can be obtained at the Freightliner Booth via TeamRunSmart and ATBS.

Trucking Solutions Group

Trucking Solutions Group

Another group at MATS are our friends over at the Trucking Solutions Groups, led by chairman, Rick Ash. Once again they will be leading the “health walk” from the Papa John’s parking lot at the OOIDA stage to Kentucky Downs and back.



tom kyrk 222

Tom Kyrk- Owner of Road Tested Living


The popular website Road Tested Living is owned and run by driver, Tom Kyrk, who is “driven” by his passion for educating and inspiring others. Tom is also involved in his FB groups Road Tested Living, Team Run Smart, and the Trucking Solutions Group. His recipes and advise have aided and inspired many.

Other social media groups focused on Health for truckers include:

Heart Smart Highway
Heart Smart Highway
Nutrition For Truckers
Truckin Fitness
Truckin’ Runners
Ride And Roll-Cycling On The Road
Rolling Strong

Over the Road Eating Right
Healthy living on the road and on the go/Thisishowwerolltruckingfitness

NOTE: The above is a partial list of groups. If you are aware of other groups promoting and supporting trucker health, please feel free to post in the comment section.

Another website which includes focus for Truck Driver Health is the North American Trucking Alerts. Join us Thursday 3-5-15 on AskTheTrucker ‘Live’ as we discuss with a few organizations and driver groups who we have aligned with within the industry, as to what they are doing to address driver health concerns and how they are reaching out to drivers to offer advise and support.

Are you concerned about driver health? We want to hear from you. What you are doing to address your health or how you are reaching out to others to help them?

Thursday 3-5-15

Listen to the show from either your computer or your phone.
If you listen from your computer and want to be part of the chat room and share your website links with everyone as they pertain to health, CLICK ON THIS LINK.

Check Out Health Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Aubrey Allen Smith on BlogTalkRadio

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  1. No Bull

    Great article drawing awareness to an important issue. We encourage our truckers to take as many breaks as possible and get out of the truck and move around as often as they can. Some truckers don’t like the growth of QUALCOMM, but being forced to take some time off the road has many physical and psychological health benefits. Thank you!

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