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Diesel fuels and diesel engines have changed significantly in recent years with some undesirable side-effects. This is especially true with ULSD and various blends of bio-fuels. Fleets, owner-operators, and others in the heavy-duty arena are well aware of these issues; new-generation fuel injectors with smaller orifices can clog easier, development of deposits can compromise lubricity and restrict fuel flow, and fuel gelling in cold weather.

PENRAY booth at GATS 2015 in Dallas, TX

PENRAY booth at GATS 2015 in Dallas, TX

Penray, a long-time supplier of fuel additives and cooling system products for the heavy-duty market, recently introduced a year-round product that addresses all of these issues. Penray POW-R 365® 5 in 1 Diesel Cleaner and Treatment cleans injectors improving fuel economy, enhances lubricity to prevent wear, prevents corrosion protecting engine components, lifts cetane for improved power/starts, and reduces CFPP to prevent gelling in cold climates.


First claim — cleans injectors and consequently improves fuel economy. Pow-R 365 contains a specific blend of surfactants (surface-active agents), which serve as detergents to clean away deposits. Diesel fuel, while it is a good solvent, only dissolves oily or waxy materials. Contaminants such as dirt, salt, and even water need the help of detergents to flush them out of the system. POW-R 365 incorporates the latest technology to provide more thorough cleaning than traditional products on the market. Clean injectors provide precise and consistent fuel spray patterns, which contribute to improved fuel economy.


Second claim — enhances lubricity to reduce wear. Fuel pumps and injectors contain moving parts that are subject to extremely high pressures and friction. These parts must move freely and still seal completely. Any wear or sticking can lead to big problems. Proper selection of lubricating additives is critical to prevent filter and injector plugging.


Third claim — protects against corrosion, thus protecting engine components. These same surfactants and lubricants, form a coating on the metal of the various fuel system components. This coating acts as a shield to prevent future formation of rust, corrosion, and other deposits.


Fourth claim — increased cetane for easier starts in all weather. One way to understand cetane is the functional opposite of octane for gasoline. Octane ratings refer to a gasoline’s resistance to ignition, until a spark sets it off. Cetane numbers on the other hand express how easily the fuel ignites without the need for a spark. The heat source in a diesel engine is primarily the compression of the incoming air. A cold metal engine can drain away this heat before it has a chance to ignite the fuel. Raising the cetane number of the fuel makes it easier to ignite at lower temperatures for quicker starts and less reliance on battery draining glow plugs.


Fifth claim — reducing the Cold Filter Plugging Point (CFPP) to prevent fuel from gelling in cold weather and blocking the fuel filter. Diesel fuel will develop wax crystals in cold weather, and when these crystals reach their “cloud point,” they form a thick, gooey gel. Penray developed a polymer blend for POW-R 365 inhibiting the growth of these crystals. It prevents gelling at temperatures as low as -10 degrees F, and reduces the Cold Filter Plug Point (CFPP) by as much as 20 degrees F. For climates that experience lower temperatures, Penray offers a separate anti-gel product that protects against gelling in the coldest climates.

So does POW-R 365 live up to its name? Absolutely and it is packaged for “one bottle one truck,” so double dosing is not a concern. In addition, Penray stands behind this product with a money back guarantee.

It’s certainly worth a try…  WATCH THE VIDEO!!

Penray POW-R 365® 5 in 1 Diesel Cleaner and Treatment

Penray POW-R 365® 5 in 1 Diesel Cleaner and Treatment

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