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In every industry there are those “bad apples” that continue to bring a black eye to those who do not deserve it.  The over the road trucking industry is no exception.  I have made it very clear through out the years, that there are thousands of excellent, professional truck drivers and driver trainers.  I have made it known that there are many excellent trucking companies who treat their drivers with the respect that they deserve, as well as many fine and reputable CDL schools across the country.   However, this is not the story that needs to be told.

For years, abuse against new CDL students and new drivers have been taking place . . . abuse against veteran, experienced drivers have been taking place.  Newcomers to the industry are taken advantage of through violations of their employee rights . . . drivers are attacked by companies by way of the truck driver DAC report . . . drivers are retaliated against by some trucking companies by means of getting no miles or very poor loads . . . students and experienced drivers alike have been “starved out” by many companies in order to keep the “lower pay” driver revolving through their doors . . . and the owner operator lease purchase program continues to thrive, even though the program has an 87% failure rate, designed for failure through many of the trucking companies.

These are fact.   Thousands upon thousands of drivers know this.  Their reasons for protecting these abuses are known only to them.   When those who come out and expose these scams of trucking, they can only expect to be attacked in return.  Which industry leaders really want the truth of such injustices to come out?   If these scams and abuses are never confronted, nothing will ever change and drivers will continue to be taken advantage of by those trucking companies who practice such injustices.

The Dan Rather Report with TruckerDesiree had nothing to do with the good, professional men and women of trucking.  It had nothing to do with the excellent driver trainers who are out there, and nothing to do with those trucking companies who conduct themselves in a respectful and professional manner.   It had everything to do with the “bad apples” of the industry… we can make things better for all.

When we were going through a rash of pedophile school teachers sexually assaulting under-age school students . . . you did not hear an uproar from the “good” teachers crying, “These stories make all of us good school teachers look BAD!” Those professional teachers did not rise up and whine, “Why are you doing these stories?  Did you ever think about how it makes us “good” teachers look?. . . and on and on.   Did the professional and respectful teachers do any of this?  Of course not.  They understood that the story was not about them . . . they understood the news was about the “bad apples” within their profession, and I’m sure they were more than glad to rid their vocation of such . . . it would help their profession further.

The scams of OTR trucking is not an “I” or “me” story.  It’s bringing out the story of hundreds, if not thousands, of abuses that have been and still are being perpetrated upon over the road truck drivers . . . students and veterans.   For those who have close ties with trucking industry leaders, of course you are going to “attack” back … it is to be expected.   It does not, however, change the fact that these abuses are taking place and have been taking place for years.

Thirty two years in the trucking industry.  I’ve lived it . . . I’ve seen it . . . what sets people such as myself and TruckerDesiree apart from others, is that we are not afraid to expose the truth about various aspects of the trucking industry.   Exposing the scams and abuses against CDL students, new drivers and even many veteran truckers can, hopefully, bring a positive change to this vital industry.

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It is only a shame that so many see this as an “I” and “me” story and cannot get out of the shallow tunnel vision and see the real story . . . the “bad apples” that continue to bring down the honor and respect that so many of the trucking companies, CDL Schools, professional drivers and trainers have earned and so rightly deserve.

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By: Allen Smith

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