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CSA2010 Severity and Point System Safety Rating for Truck Drivers


The purpose of the CSA2010 initiative (Comprehensive Safety Analysis) is to “develop more effective and efficient methods for FMCSA, together with industry and state partners, to achieve its mission of reducing commercial motor vehicle crashes, fatalities, and injuries.” Basically, a new, updated “system” to increase the safety rating among truck drivers and motor carriers. Under the new system, both carrier and driver will be assessed points for their safety performances.   Upon reaching the maximum points allowed, the driver or motor carrier will be in violation of the new CSA2010.

As a follow up from our previous post: CSA2010 and DAC report to cause more lost jobs for American truckers, violations by drivers and carriers will be taken by SafeStat and stored in a DataBase.   This information is from the D.O.T roadside inspections.   Upon its implementation, drivers will receive a score according to a three year look back of this information within the DataBase.    If their total point score is at the maximum level, current drivers and companies could immediately be in violation and placed out of service and/or terminated.

This is why the FMCSA, itself, has projected that 175,000 drivers could lose their jobs as soon as CSA2010 is implemented.  Furthermore, they project that 47.9% of the  U. S. trucking companies could fail.

Drivers will also face a level of severity rating system that will  be assessed under the new initiative, scheduled to be implemented in July, 2010.   Based on the violation, drivers will be given a severity rating between 1-10, with 10 being the highest.   This rating will then be used in a mathematical formula to determine the total points against the driver, which in turn, will determine if the driver has reached the maximum number of points allowed by CSA2010.   The actual limit of points a driver or carrier can reach before being in violation, is yet to be known . . . at least, I have not been able to locate it.

However, the level of severity rating system is quite disturbing.   Keeping in mind that severity will be rated between levels 1-10, with 10 being the highest, here are a few examples of what severity level rating a driver will be assessed for several violations:

  • Violate a state or local ordinance or regulation:  Level 1
  • Violate hours of service :  Level 7
  • Operate a CMV with inoperative headlight/tail light:  Level 6
  • Violate that a load is not secured :  Level 10
  • Operate a CMV while ill or fatigued :  Level 10
  • Operate a CMV with a leaky tire :  Level 8
  • Operate while DUI : Level 10

So as drivers, you must understand that if you do your pre-trip inspection and everything is fine and good to go, and you drive 50 miles and catch a nail in the tire and DOT pulls you over and discovers the leaky tire . . . you will be hit with a Level 8 severity rating.   Still, the total number of points allowed before being punished by CSA2010, has not yet been determined by myself . . . I have not been given the answer to this question by anyone else either.

In the case of CSA2010, time is on your side as a professional driver.  The algebraic equation to be used to determine the total points against drivers from the road side inspections varies between the different measures within the system.   Basically, it is determined by taking the total time and severity level ratings/violations, divided by the number of time relevant roadside inspections.   All clear now?

This means that severity levels and points can reduce over time.  If you get hit with a Level 8 for a leaky tire, but do not have another violation for six months, when the calculation is performed to determine your points, the points will go down due to the length of time that has passed between the two violations.   This is why I say that time really is on your side.

As this information for the DataBase is being put together, none has been released to the trucking companies or truck drivers.   However, the information is available to drivers right now.   The Freedom of Information Act (5 U.S.C. 552) establishes a presumption that records in the possession of agencies and departments of the Executive Branch of the U. S. Government are available to the public.

A driver can file a Freedom of Information request to the FMCSA to receive this information being created as a result of CSA2010.   To submit your request, you must do the following:

  • Make your request in writing and include your name, address and phone number where you can be reached if they (FMCSA) needs to contact you.
  • Clearly indicate that you are making your request under the Freedom of Information Act.
  • The request must reasonably and specifically describe the documents you are seeking.
  • When requesting documents on a specific motor carrier, include the carrier’s name and principal place of business, or their DOT number.

Submit your request to:

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
Attn:  FOIA, Team MC-MMI
1200 New Jersey Avenue SE
Washington, DC  20590

Contact the FOIA Public Liaison, ONLY after you have received your documents from the FOIA office, if you have any questions or concerns about the information shown.   This contact information is:

FMCSA Public Liaison
Duane DeBruyne

Another important note, is that the information for the DataBase is currently from SafeStat.   However, once CSA2010 is enforced, the DataBase will be handled by NIC Technologies out of  Olathe, Kansas.   NIC was awarded the contract by the Federal Department of Transportation for the National Motor Carrier Pre-Employment Screening System.   You can read the News Release . . .

Once NIC takes over,  drivers information reports showing your driver score, will cost $10 and trucking companies will also have to pay the $10 fee.  Also, companies do not have to share this information with the driver.  If not, you will have to pay the ten dollar fee to receive the information that has been collected on you.

Furthermore, it is being reported that there is no way to challenge  false information on this report.  This is not true.  Drivers can contest wrong information on their reports by using the FMCSA’s DataQs system.  You must first register from the DataQs home page by selecting “register on-line” as a general public user and create a DataQs account profile.  Once registered, drivers will be able to challenge his or her data by following the detailed instructions in the “Help” menu.   Once NIC takes over the DataBase, you will not be able to challenge the false information through FMCSA’s system.  NIC reportedly will provide a means of allowing drivers to contest the information, but currently they have not established how they will provide this service.

This information is not well known, so I hope this assists drivers in the dispute process towards this new point rating system data.

On Thursday, January 21st, 2010 our talk radio show, Truth About Trucking “LIVE” aired a 90 minute open discussion on important issues facing drivers and the trucking industry.  CSA2010 was clearly the leader.

The show had many on-line listeners from their phones, through the internet and a good participating audience in the provided chat room.   Mike Rone of RMR Consultants and Jimmy Sills, a CSA2010 specialist, called into the show to share their knowledge of CSA2010.   Furthermore, Mr. Rone stated that DAC Services will have nothing to do with the CSA2010 initiative and that this is false information being told to drivers by their companies.   The three year look back on drivers records, will come from the roadside inspections performed by D.O.T.

If you missed the show and you find 90 minutes to spare, you can listen to the information shared:

We will keep you posted on CSA2010, and the other important issues facing the trucking industry.

© 2010, Allen Smith. All rights reserved.

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By: Allen Smith

Allen Smith is a 37 year veteran who started at an early age in a household goods family moving business. He began driving straight trucks in 1977 and moved to the big rigs in 1982. His experience within the industry includes; owner operator, company driver, operations manager, and owner of a long distance HHG moving business, taking many of the long haul moves himself when needed. Allen Smith, a truck driver advocate who is driven by the desire to help others succeed within an industry where injustice, unrewarded sacrifice, and lack of respect and recognition exists. Allen and his wife Donna are hosts of Truth About Trucking ”Live” on Blog Talk Radio. Other websites include AskTheTrucker, TruckingSocialMedia, NorthAmericanTruckingALerts, TruthAboutTrucking, and many Social Media websites. In 2011 Allen and Donna hosted the first Truck Driver Social Media Convention, designed to create unity and solutions for the trucking industry. This is now being extended through the North American Trucking Alerts network as those within the industry join forces for the betterment of the industry. Allen strongly supports other industry advocates who are also stepping up to the plate to help those who share honesty, guidance and direction. He believes that all those involved in trucking need to be accountable for their part within the industry, including drivers, carriers, brokers, shippers, receivers, etc… The list of supporters and likeminded people grow daily, networking together and sharing thoughts and ideas for the betterment of trucking. He has coined the popular phrase "Raising the standards of the trucking industry"

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  2. Mike Rone

    The below information is submitted not to be argumentative, but as information and clarification. There is much more that could be addressed, but these seem to be the important areas. This is submitted to to best of may knowledge of the facts and understanding of the facts.

    1. To my knowledge there is no MAXIMUM level of points, that have been determined for Drivers, to determine a Intervention trigger point.

    2. A Intervention comes in several forms and not all forms carry penalties and fines. It could be as simple as having to respond to a letter outlining the facts of specific instances.

    3. A driver will not be given a Safety Rating or a Safety Fitness Determination (Announced at Dec. listening session). Without a rating assigned they can not be declared “Unfit” and loose driving privileges. The Carriers may form their own guidelines based on the points accumulated and probably will as a basis to hire new driver.

    4. Drivers will not have a point system 1-10. The violations found on roadside inspections will have a point value 1-10.

    5. Roadside inspections with violations will be offset through a normalizing effect in the formula for determining the driver score. In a simple explanation it will average the points over all inspections to include good inspections.

    For instance you have 20 points in 2 inspections, but you have had 5 inspections in the first 12 months. Keep in mind there is a multiplier of 3 for the most current 12 months:

    20 pts X 3 multiplier / 5 inspections = 12 points average in the 12 months (1-12)

    6. Will the point system be an unfair advantage to existing drivers over new CDL drivers? If the Carrier ignores the experience that the existing drivers have, probably so.

    7. Will Carriers be able to structure their pay based on this point System? Yes, and it also could effect Bonus’, etc.

    8. Can drivers get inaccurate information off their profile under the current DATAQ process within Safestat? Maybe, Carriers today are having a hard time. It is possible with assistance and if the proper documentation is submitted. I would recommend getting assistance, unless you are familiar with the process, from a compliance specialist.

    9. Is this system perfect? No it contains the possibility of inaccurate data as all systems. Also, at least in the beginning inconsistency in the inspection process from inspector to inspector. Not to name an important area – How do drivers contest and document inaccurate inspections received? I do not know, possibility a burden to have the inspection verified by a certified mechanic within a reasonable time period. Is there a Due process procedure to stop the points going on the profile? Not to my knowledge.

  3. Allen Smith

    Thanks for the info . . .

  4. Sean

    When the Maximum points a driver is allowed to reach is SET. Will a Driver be given notice? Or will it be automatic “UNFIT”?

    Then if found “UNFIT”, will a driver be allowed to collect unemployment benefits? Or will the Driver be considered as “fired” and thus have a longer waiting period for benefits?

  5. The Lawman

    There will not be a Point System for drivers. There is not one now nor is there one in the CSA 2010 planning. Nothing in CSA 2010 will affect a CDL. Only citations will affect CDLs, just as in the past. There will be a SMS ( Safety Management System) to replace Safestat and it will be based on roadside inspections. Drivers should not worry about CSA 2010. In fact, once fully implemented, good drivers will like the process. Bad drivers will not like the process but the intervention process will help them overcome their defiencies.

    • Tim

      It is funny that I have over a million miles without an accident or ticket and yet because my PSP score is too high, I lost an opportunity to drive for another carrier and double my income. I had a couple of low tires and small leak in an air line and a turn signal out oh and I forgot to log my 30 minute break once. This was over a three year period and so I am a risky driver? This is garbage I do my daily inspections and have my truck inspected quarterly, and fix everything they find, yet I have found that if they want to find something they will like the 2 lbs under pressure on a tire. Thats a level 8 severity? WOW! Talk about trying to get rid of experienced drivers so they can replace them with lower paid robots!

  6. Allen Smith

    Appreciate the clarification and update … the road side inspections utilize a severity point rating system, does it not? A point rating system for both driver and company.

  7. The Lawman

    The SMS will utilize a measurement system which is weighted on crash risk unlike the Safestat system. The Driver Safety Measurement System (DSMS) quantifies commercial motor vehicle (CMV) driver performance in terms of BASICs, using available roadside performance data

    Investigators will examine drivers who have been cited for severe driver violations, in conjunction with carrier interventions

    This may result in driver Notice of Violation or Notice of Claim based on driver violation history across current and previous employers

    In the future DSMS will be used to identify the “worst of the worst” drivers so that interventions may be done directly with drivers, independent of carrier interventions.

    In the future, “Driver Profiles” from DIR that contain inspection and crash histories for individual drivers will be made available to employing motor carriers through FMCSA’s Commercial Driver Pre-employment Screening Program (PSP). Drivers would authorize release of the profiles.

    • Tim

      The people that came up with this would not know safe drivers if they bit them in the ….!

  8. Mike Rone

    We continue to have excellent information coming out on CSA2010. Glad to see we are clarifying and dispelling Rumors and Myths. Now for a few additional clarifications:

    It is true at the present time drivers will not be issued a Safety Rating, so there will be no “Unfit” status, as I previously stated. I feel they originally intended this, but discovered they do not have the authority under FMCSA Part 383, which has provisions to put a driver “Out of Service”. However Anne Ferro recently made comments that was reported by TruckersNews:

    “We are not at this time proposing to issue ‘safety ratings’ for drivers or to disqualify a driver based on our CSA 2010 scoring system” Ferro said. “We may consider that at some point after the program has matured but it is not part of what we are doing at this point.”

    So will there be at one point a Safety Rating for Drivers, possibly. It is my opinion that a Rule Making Proceding would have to take place to get this accomplished, as in the case with the Motor Carriers in order to change the criteria for their current rating sytem.

    There will be points assigned to the violations the drivers receive on roadside inspections. There is not a maximum number of points that will affect the driver adversely, at least from the FMCSA. Will the points show up in the Pre-employment Screening Program, probably, but we will not know for sure until it is made available. I say that due to the continual changes, updates or clarifications that are coming from the Administration.

    In any event the Motor Carrier will use the information, points or no points in the Pre-Employment Screening Program to evaluate drivers for eligiility to hire, possible eligibility for bonus’ and/or pay increases. The points that drivers get on future violations will effect them when the driver is hired. It is felt that the past actions of drivers reflect their future actions. Thus, if a driver has many violations that would reflect a large number of points, in all probability the Motor Carrier will not hire the driver. Does the Driver need to worry about CSA2010?

    Drivers do need to be concerned about CSA2010 to the point that they reduce their violations on roadside violations so that they are not adversely affecting their Driver Profile that will be built. It is true that the Administration stated, a few weeks ago, the Profile information in the Pre-employment Screening Program that was awarded to NIC Technologies as a 3rd Party Administrator, is not a part of CSA2010, but where is the data coming from. It is coming from the system setup for CSA2010. So is it really not a part of it?

    I agree drivers will not have direct “Interventions” from the FMCSA at the present time. The Interventions will come as a result of finding violations, that the driver committed, at time of a internal review with the Motor Carrier, and they will only be looking at the major violations. Below is an exert from a FMCSA response to driver’s FAQ’s:

    Q. What kinds of driver safety performance data is CSA 2010
    looking at?
    A. The new program focuses on driver enforcement for serious
    rule violations, such as:
    • Driving while disqualified
    • Driving without a valid commercial driver’s license
    • Making a false entry on a medical certificate
    • Committing numerous Hours-of-Service violations
    (These are examples, there are others)

    Roadside Inspectors will have additional infomation at their disposal to review at the time of Inspection, as a result of CSA2010. This information will include violations previously cited on Carriers and Drivers. They would be able to use this to focus on past performances to perform “Targeted Inspections”. The inspector will be able to concentrate on areas on known non-compliance. So where are the Driver vioations coming from? Should Driver’s be concerned about violations when CSA2010 is implemented?

    The responses to the drivers FAQ’s should be read by all, below is a link to the information:

  9. Allen Smith

    It’s what I’ve been trying to explain … there will be a point system for drivers. Not that it’s a bad thing, but there will be one.

    Here is part of a company news letter as provided by: boone315

    CSA 2010 replaces SafeStat and not only is the motor carrier scored on roadside/scale house violations, out of services and accidents but so are the drivers. Drivers will have their own safety measurement score and if a certain percentile is reached an intervention process will began.

    The intervention process can include placing the driver as unfit to operate/suspend operation. Yes, this means points are assigned to you and you get your OWN safety score and it WILL affect whether or not you are able to operate a commercial motor vehicle.

    The program scores all violations/out of services deemed drivers responsibility and DOT recordable crashes the driver has been involved in within the last two years. It then calculates a point total for each incident and together totals the score and ranks it against other drivers.

    This process will happen monthly. Let’s look at it like a traffic light. Every month roadsides and accidents which you were involved in will be looked at and calculated. If your percentile is in the normal range you will remain green, good to go. If your percentile requires intervention then corrective action will be taken and you’ll be in the yellow range, caution.

    If corrective actions have been unsuccessful and your actions continue to remain unsafe or high risk then you will be placed Red stop- unfit suspended.

    The percentile ranges have not been set. Once all carriers and drivers are calculated than an average will be reached and percentiles will be assigned. This system is also able to be viewed by any motor carrier you may apply with.

    If you leave your current leased on motor carrier and apply for another carrier they will see what has been assigned to you within the last 24 months regardless of which carrier you were under and it can be part of their decision in your application process.

    Original Post found at:

  10. The Lawman

    Not true. There are no plans for FMCSA “rate” drivers or deem anyone “unfit”.

  11. Allen Smith

    Please provide links where this information can be confirmed. Thanks …Allen

  12. The Lawman

    FAQ- Will CSA 2010 assign safety ratings to individual CMV drivers? I heard that CSA 2010 is designed to rate CMV drivers and to put many of them out of work this summer.

    No. Under CSA 2010, individual CMV drivers will not be assigned safety ratings or safety fitness determinations. Consistent with the current safety rating regulations (49 CFR part 385), individual drivers will continue to be rated, as they are today, following an onsite investigation at their place of business when they operate independently as a “motor carrier” (i.e. have their own USDOT number, operating authority, and insurance). CSA 2010 will provide enhanced tools for Safety Investigators to identify and address drivers with poor safety records as part of motor carrier investigations in order to increase driver accountability for safe driving behavior. CSA 2010 is designed to meet one overriding objective: to increase safety on the Nation’s roads. Therefore, it is, by design, a positive program for drivers and carriers with strong safety performance records Also, it will send a strong message that drivers and carriers with poor safety performance histories need to improve.

  13. The Lawman

    All you ever want to know is here. Keep in mind that the Working Test ends in July and some changes are still being made. I hope this clears up some of the rumors.

  14. Allen Smith


    Another driver score card for trucking companies. Have you heard of this one, endorsed by the ATA? The Vigillo CSA 2010 Scorecard . . . another tool trucking companies can use to :

    (1) Assess the data upon which the company will be judged by FMCSA

    (2) Calculate the score they are likely to receive based on that data

    (3) Run reports that will help them manage their CSA 2010 and safety risks and

    (4) See and take action on the specific areas (AND DRIVERS) that need work to improve their safety score.

    The Vigillo CSA 2010 Scorecard has a driver component that allows the trucking company to see a driver’s safety record, including violations, warnings and crashes, thus allowing them to take “appropriate actions.”

    This scorecard is provided to trucking companies at a month to month subscription fee. Trucking companies will pay for this service, much like the ‘ole DAC REPORT.

    More abuse against drivers in the making? 32 years of experience tells me “yes.”


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  16. scott

    whats the total points a driver can have with the csa 2010 anyone know?? im supposedly bad w 63 points but we have drivers with 200 ,its all a bunch of bs if you ask me. why??? is it a murderer can be aquited and not retried but a trucker can be punished multiple times for 1 offense??? this is just more crap big brother is doing to control the industry and when they do have full control GOD HELP US !!!!

  17. whiplash

    is the points system just for trucks because if it is then i feel that it is unfair because 90% of the time when there is an accident involving a truck and a car it is the fault of the person in the car there is a serious lack of education for younger drivers involving trucks i feel that all persons going to DMV should have to sit in the cab of a real truck behind the wheel with a car sitting in front of it i have litterally lost cars in front of my truck because they either cut out too close or hit their brakes in traffic i quit driving because of this i was afraid i would accidentally run over someone and cause someone to lose their life and i wouldnt have been able to live with that. i have had my cdl for 19 years and never had an accident. i also do not agree with “no trucks in left lane” inside city limits if there is a lane restriction it should be “through trucks left lanes” with no cars allowed in those through lanes

  18. Lawrence

    More rules and regulations made by people who have never been inside a truck. They don’t know the first thing about trucking, but there going to tell you how to do your job. No matter what happens, it’s always the truck drivers fault. The first thing they do, is check you log book. They look for things to blame the truck driver. More b.s. slowly but surely there will be a truck driver shortage. Drivers will quit because of all the dumb rules. Plus everytime you turn around it’s going to be costing you money. They will make it so you can’t get as many miles as you did before. So what’s the sense. Drivers will be forced to go to bed when they are maybe thirty miles from home. That really makes alot of sense. I’m glad I retiring in a couple of months. I’ve had enough, and all there is it look forward to is more bull s___.



  20. Hector

    Trucking companies DONATE (pay off) local athorities and they can do ANYTHING & fix NOTHING if they are local. The drivers have no say on repairs or lack of repairs and are told if you don’t drive someone else will. With this job market that is true, some drivers are desparate work. It’s ALL about big brother getting paid. Why will the DOT not go to a company and inpect EVERY vehicle that the delivery bills clearly show as being on the road? Because once they are forced to get legal and SAFE then the fines stop. So see safety is NOT the issue, money is.

  21. Hector

    BULL, driver are getting points NOW. Not me but I KNOW others that have points and are told by the authoraties that 27pts they go to some type of driving class/ school and 50pts they loose their licence for 3 months the fist time.

  22. ARNE

    with this system, it will not be long before the majority of drivers are gone for good. if a accident free,drug,alcohol free driver gets 3 level 6s in 3 years, he loses his cdl for life!! if you just did a dvcr and you are 60 miles down the road and get stopped for a tail lite out, how could you knoww it just went out? does’nt matter. you are gonna get shafted for anyway!! great system, for those who collect the MONEY!! for the driver ,its ” BEND OVER AND GRAB YOUR ANKLES TIME” !! oh, and surrender your license too. YEAH, YA GOTTA LOVE LIBERAL GOV’T ! THANK YOU MR. OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Jerry

    This new law will put many truck drivers out of jobs.Familys will be effected.More and more will be on welfare if they cant get another job.What has this country come to? In my beliefe and only an opion,i think this country is getting more and more like communisium control each and every day.I been trucking 25+ years and already i cant get a job.I been trying for the last 3 months.I now know why.I had two tickets in the last 3 years.One for a seat belt,the other for speeding.Almost 2years difference in each ticket i belive.Company i had drove for in 2007 got a dot inspection of which many drivers were fined for log book violations.This cost the company also from what i heard.I wasnt employed there while all this was going on,but they say after the fact,i had log book violations also.I didnt get fined tho cause i had been a former employee for several months.but still,from what i understand,this new law can still rate them as points against me getting another job.This is strictly unfair.The company i drove for never checked or had me come in for any log book violations at all.They over looked them for many drivers.But now they got caught and i still pay the consiquences.This is totally unfair.The 25 years i drove and hardly had any accidents or major oos violations or tickets and now i cant get a job because of this law.I have exp in pulling just about every trailer there is from reefers down to flatbeds.Even done over size loads and not one incident with them.Im 59 years old,what the hell do i do? Start a cleaning business? Yeah…lets clean up this new law.truckers should get together and file a civil suit or something against it.This is totally discrimenating the drivers.

  24. rod

    where can a driver go to see his score or the pionts he has against him or her

  25. 4th-Cmdr.Willis Allen

    I am an advicate for safety first, and ask all of you to please do whatever it takes to assure the safety of us all. For two-wheelers, four-wheelers and 18-wheelers. For the sake of your family, my family and their families. Whatever it takes! As truck drivers, i myself being one for over 20 years understand your problems and concerns. Our right to work safely and profitably has continuously been forced into a dangerous job by a system of people that have shown a lack of ability to make our profession better.
    Now, to add to the foolishness, they’ve added this CSA2010. The reason it’s hard to understand it is because like the unsafe regulations before it, they don’t add up to any common sense, even to f—‘n idiots who came up with them.
    You and i as professional otr drivers have the responsibilty to act in our profession safely. Stop,park and rest when tired or ill, REGUARDLESS of all else! Check equipment at all stops(walk arounds), and always drive safe in any speed limit. Be Safe.
    All the rest of it is distractions which is unsafe as anyother kind.
    If you are willing to practice simple safe habits, i will help you get rid of all the other bull that has made it dangerous and given a bad name to our chosen profession.

  26. Lloyd Larkin

    I had 3 plastic edge protectors on my catwalk secured with 3 bunjie chords; I had a load of plate steel with chains and straps on it very secure; and my load was put oos because the bunjie chords on the 8 ounce edge protectors was not a securement device and i lost my job and cannot find one because of it; now i need 6 months clean driving to get a job and nobody will give me a job.

  27. John B

    Lloyd, I own my own truck and am now out of a job because of this CSA 2010. My company that I am leased to is trying to do everything they can to help me, but it doesn’t look good.

  28. David

    I did not vote for Obama. But how can you blame him when this was coming down the pipe before he came to Office.

  29. tierney

    Seems dot and police have way too much power in the department of being able to hand out csa points unjustly. I went thru El Paso and the headlight I had just had installed shook lose. It was broad daylight and I was unaware. I was pulled over and given a warning where the officer said it would not go on my record but infact I now have 18pts. Just this evening I stopped at a plaza and parked next to the pump to run into the store. I wasn’t obstructing the lanes around me but when I came out a police officer who at the very least I can say was an angry individual gave me a ticket for impeding traffic. Said at first I was over the double lines of the lanes next to the pump which I pointed out I wasn’t. Then he said I was too far over so trucks couldn’t turn, just then a truck turned by us no problem then he said my truck was obstructing view. I plan on fighting the ticket although I heard its nearly impossible to over turn csa points. What kind of points can I expect from this do you know I can’t seem to get any answers, and what chances do u think I have fighting this? By the way there wasn’t any no parking signs or lines I was over.

  30. reverse cell phone lookup

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  31. charles h champlain

    i would like to know how companies rate a truck driver for driving for them. thanks

    • Allen Smith

      Most companies will check a drivers PSP report and many will check their DAC report also.

  32. Kimberly Swenson

    Yesterday we received in the mail a letter from the State that my husbands License was going to be suspended for 60 days because he has received his second ticket in 3 years. Truck drivers don’t have a chance. State troopers are out there to get out of state truckers because they know that they won’t be back to fight it. Well my husband should have fought his. Guess what….He will fight the next one. When you are a truck driver you are a truck driver for a reason. $$$$$$ I bet that you guys/gals don’t like to be away from your loved ones. It is out of necessity. We are going to do our second appeal. The first ticket will be almost 3 years old. He has been a truck driver for 20 years and has had 3 tickets the entire time. 2 in the last three years. Something is wrong with this picture. They are not serious offenses either. He is supporting 2 families. I am now getting ready for a Judical review. We will fight.

  33. Rick fisher

    I was stopped in Ft. Wayne and cited for following too close by a gung ho Sgt St Trooper. He told me I need to maintain 3 lengths behind. To do that going thru there would mean I would be backed up all the way into Mi. He bragged about how many citations he writes. Now I’m having trouble finding work.

    • Allen Smith

      You need to get a copy of your PSP report from the FMSCA website report and see what other violations are affecting your employment.

  34. Gary Morgan

    I got a left lane restriction ticket in Massachusetts and I am from Connecticut. Does it have a high enough penalty to be worth fighting? I have a good record.

  35. Richard Navarro

    Here is a story of a Nightmare for any trucker, and can just as easily happen to you with the new laws for trucking. I have been a very good driver for 13 years. Always following the rules set by the DOT, and companies I have worked for. Meaning, Didn’t drive over my hours of service. Began looking for a place to park 30 minutes prior to end of driving time. Was very mindful to my equipment, and any trailer I had picked up. Any problem found with trailers was reported via Qual Com with the request for repair, or a refusal to move if bad enough, and so on.

    I know alot of people say that, but few of them can prove it with a DOT print out, or show it on their DAC report. But I had worked very hard to keep my options open in the field so that I could easily go to any company. But even the best of us make a mistake sooner or later no matter how hard we try. But with the new 2010 laws and how the point system is now set up. It for trucking companies is unforgiving. So here is my story.

    On Nov.5, 2013 I was sent to pick up a load in Lexington, KY. form Mount Sterling, KY. The load was a simple drop and hook pick-up that was to deliver in Grand Rapids, MI. But for what ever reason was already beyond the pick-up date, and less than a day away from the delivery date. Now mind you at the time I was working for one of the top 10 companies that proudly had the lowest point record in the 2010 system. When I got to the trailer. I did my normal inspection of the equipment. This included moving 20 feet forward to check trailer for off tracking. And sure enough the trailer off tracked on the driver side by about 3 feet. I sent a Qual Com message to the company about the trailer, and requested it be repaired since it only had a 10,000 lb load.

    I was told to take it to one of their yards in Dayton, OH., and I headed out. Once I reached 75. I noticed that the trailer was running over the zipper, and into the other lane on the driver side unless I got really close to the line on the other side with the cab. I pulled over and notified them again about how bad the problem was, and was told again. They would fix it at the yard. We argued for about 15 minutes on the safety problems of it, and I was informed that I agreed to the load, and could be fired for abandment of the load if I did not get it to the repair point. So I headed out. It was 9 pm, and not much traffic or so my train of thought was. Once I reached the last exit coming out of Cincinnati. There was a long line exiting that extended into the far right lane of the freeway. Thus I safely changed into the middle lane, and began watching the trailer off track as I passed the off ramp, and on ramp. I remained in that lane for about another mile or so to give traffic a chance to adjust. I then took a look around my truck for a lane change as I put on my right turn signal. This included looking up and through the windshield over the right fender for hidden vehicles.

    Over all I would estimate that my turn signal was on for about 2 minutes, and I was pretty sure I was alone on the road. With all traffic about 40 feet or more behind me. Thus I slowly began to change lanes when I felt a small bump. Like I had just lightly brushed a wall, and was confused on why. Suddenly I saw head lights moving ahead of mine, and a Primer Black vehicle pulling forward into my right windshield swerving back and forth. I imediatly pulled over and got out of the vehicle. I could see the car also pulled over behind me. I was totally confused on how the steps I normally took failed me, and I brushed the vehicle with my steer tire. Especially with my turn signal on so long.

    Long story short. Everyone was ok, and the lady that was driving when asked by the officer. Did you see the turn signal? She said yes,and he had it on for several minutes. He then asked her. Why didn’t you move? Her answer struck me funny. Because a turn signal is only a request for lane change. It is up to me if I want to allow it, and the officer agreed with her. And since I had changed into her lane and struck her vehicle. It became a offense that He sited me for invading her space. Improper lane change is what was put on my ticket. Even tho he told me ” If it was me. I would have gotten out of your way, but it is what it is, and I have no choice but to site you for it.

    Looking back, There was no way I was going to see that vehicle with it’s primer black color, and since her head lights had meshed with mine. No mirror was going to pick up her. Not even the fender mirror. But my mistake was this. Since I had paid so much attention to my off tracking trailer. I had missed when she had gotten into my blind side. So there is where I had made my mistake. But realizing that before I reached the terminal, and being able to figure out a way to fix the problem. Did very little to save me or my job. I was terminated due to the amount of points I received, and as far as finding another company to work for? The answer is the same. ” You need to work 6 months past that accident before our company will hire you. Tell me how that is going to happen when you can’t get hired. So is this point system really doing any good? Possible, But it is also ending careers of even good drivers on a single mistake.

What do you have to say about this?

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