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BP oil spill provides reason for Cap and Trade

BP Oil Spill

BP Oil Spill

The BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has turned into an ecological disaster in which very few people have seen the direct results of its damage.  Views of the loss of wildlife, for example, have been carefully protected from media release.  Although British Petroleum have shelled out billions of dollars toward stopping the flow of oil, the beautiful shores of the Gulf are seeing tarballs wash ashore.  What is more disappointing, is what you are not seeing.

This photo was sent to me from a friend showing a fish covered in oil.  Mother Nature has a way of cleaning up such disasters, but the effects of the BP spill could last for years.   Several years ago, an oil spill, five times larger than the BP flow, was completely cleaned up when one hurricane swept through the region.  It is what Mother Nature does.

Although it could take one act of nature to do the job, there is no way to bring back the loss of wildlife that is taking place due to the spill.  Drilling for oil is vital for our way of life.  However, offshore drilling becomes much more complicated, the further out into the Gulf that the platforms are placed.  BP would have had no problem stopping the flow of oil if they had been in a few thousand feet of water, instead of drilling in five thousand feet.

This disaster has now set the stage for the Obama administration to forge ahead with their cap and trade program.  With oil companies holding billions of dollars of carbon credits and ready to trade,  they are now behind the push for the cap and trade, which will only be another financial disaster for America.

The recession that we have just gone through, and that we are still going through, is not over.  If cap and trade is enacted, we can all expect another swarm of recession to hit again, sometime in 2011.  However, this time around, the recession will be even worse than before.

Instead of using the BP oil spill disaster to create another disaster, the main focus should be made to stop and clean up the environmental spill first.  There will be plenty of time for blame later.

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By: Allen Smith

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