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Donna Smith is an active part of the advocacy for professional drivers. Although she has not driven a truck nor does she have a CDL license, her strong convictions destroys all notion of “you have to drive a truck to understand”…. and she IS the wife of a career truck driver. Donna believes justice can be achieved through passion, honesty and transparency, and that same belief and passion allows one to be an advocate for whatever the cause is they believe so strongly in. Donna holds a degree in Medical Technology and has been a part of industry research for many years. Her love for research led to a patent she received while working at General Foods Corporation, one of many research projects she was involved in. In 2001 Donna became involved with husband Allen’s advocacy for professional drivers and she combined her love for research with her belief in justice to aid with many of the movements that Allen and she became so passionate, active, and known for. Donna enjoys networking with others and believes that in order to achieve positive change, one must first be able to recognize and be accountable for their own actions and not be quick to point fingers at others, nor depend on others to carry the load. “Stand up for what you believe in, never give up”

RWIT ladies share more than just their career in trucking


The title says it all, RWIT ladies share more than just a career in trucking. One is a kidney transplant donor, the other is the kidney transplant receiver. Two ladies of the REAL Women In Trucking (RWIT) organization lives will … Continue reading

Driver comments needed NOW to improve Rest Area Parking


On December 12th 2016 was the final meeting for the National Truck Parking Coalition held at the United States Department of Transportation in Washington D.C. These meetings began November 2015 and followed with 5 more during the year. The National … Continue reading

REAL Women in Trucking, Inc. to Host Inaugural Lady Truck Driver Conference Cruise


PRESS RELEASE for immediate release MEDIA CONTACT: Kristine M. Gobbo 561-463-0777,   REAL Women in Trucking, Inc. to Host Inaugural Lady Truck Driver Conference Cruise Queen of the Road on the High Seas”   LAKE WORTH, Fla. (August 16, … Continue reading

Improving Trucker “Gut Instinct”


Improving Trucker “Gut Instinct” Gut Instinct: Transform your life and health with the power of your gut So many drivers endure the numerous sacrifices of over the road trucking. Their lives include living for days, weeks, and sometimes months in … Continue reading

Recruiting New Truck Drivers 101


When someone mentions the term “Recruiting,” most folks wouldn’t associate marketing with it. Moreover, most people see the world of marketing and advertising as an annoying practice lacking any sense of boundaries. In the end though, marketing plays a vital … Continue reading

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