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AIPBA extends apology to TIA


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Recently there have been some pretty heated discussions on one of the popular Social Media websites, LinkedIn, involving the different ideals and goals among freight broker trade groups, specifically the AIPBA and TIA.

Each group has become quite vocal in their comments, with emotions and passion on topics mounting.

TIAToday on LinkedIn, James Lamb, General Manager of 12PL;  and President of AIPBA, announced an apology to TIA president and CEO, Robert Voltmann in response to Transportation Intermediaries Association Ethics Case 14-17(2) DECISION June 2, 2014

Although not your typical apology, Mr. Lamb does display a timeline of differences and grievances between the 2 groups.

Here is that Apology on LinkedIn also . . .

“The TIA’s “Ethics” committee recently demanded that I apologize for my past comments about the TIA and their president Robert Voltmann. Having giving this serious consideration, I have decided I agree with them that an apology is very much in order. I therefore offer this one to the TIA and industry.”

“I’m sorry… I founded and launched the Association of Independent Property Brokers & Agents (AIPBA), a non-profit, volunteer-run business league, which competes with you, Mr. Voltmann, and the TIA in the freight broker trade group arena since 2010.”

“I’m sorry… we now have 2,518 members in 2014.”

“I’m sorry… we launched a competing conference event called Industry at Sea  sailing again this September.”  Industry at sea

“I’m sorry I exposed the fact that in 2004 you said raising the broker bond would NOT fight fraud ( and then– after you began selling optional $100,000 broker bonds, you conveniently flip-flopped and changed your position and told the industry and Congress we very much need a $100,000 bond to “fight fraud”.”

“I’m sorry… we stopped you for two years in a row in 2010 and 2011 from enacting a $100,000 broker bond in both houses of Congress and that you NEVER got one.”

“I’m sorry… that when you finally found someone in Congress to attach and hide your failed anti-competitive, stand-alone legislation deep within the 600 page 2012 MAP-21 highway bill, we and our allies got the amount lowered to $75,000 during the conference committee deliberations.”

“I’m sorry… that you don’t realize that after you polled your own TIA members and the majority responding told you that they wanted ANYTHING other than a $100,000 bond that you and your Board lobbied for one anyway and many members of the industry consider that anti-democratic, if not downright fascist, dictatorial leadership.”

“I am sorry… that you can’t admit that 9,801 small businesses in the intermediary industry were absolutely terrorized for three years by your $100,000 bond lobbying and then your $75,000 bond exterminated their licenses and put each one of them out of business last December.”

“I’m sorry… you came up with a lame “cleaning of the database” excuse to explain away this decimation of 41% of the intermediary industry so your members could achieve greater market power to charge shippers more and pay truckers less.”

“I’m sorry… that the truth is: every broker who was revoked had been paying an annual $10,000 bond premium to remain in active license status and YOU put them out of business.”

“I’m sorry… your new barrier to entry violates America’s National Transportation Policy codified at 49 USC 13101, which encourages “fair competition” and “reasonable rates.”

“I’m sorry… we have called for brokers to be rate transparent and your policy at TIA has been to try to hide the cost of brokerage service from shippers and carriers despite 49 C.F.R. Section 371.3, which affords carriers a right to know.”

“I’m sorry… that we have created the Small Business in Transportation Coalition (SBTC) to encourage partnerships in transportation among shippers, brokers, carriers, and independent truckers designed to level the playing field and protect and promote attacks on small business from groups like TIA.”

“I’m sorry… your “Ethics” Committee felt the need to politicize our Ethics Complaint against your abusive TIA member Shawn Roch and use that as a forum to attack the AIPBA’s political stances and that they chose to HIDE important information from the industry such as the fact that the father of the subject of our ethics complaint is the chairman of your “Ethics” committee.”

“I’m sorry… members of the industry find that move devoid of integrity and ethics.”

~James Lamb~

© 2014, Allen Smith. All rights reserved.

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