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For many years now our truth, honesty and integrity among the trucking industry has granted us the trust and acceptance among professional truck drivers from all over the globe. We’ve built relationships with many vendors within the trucking market as well.

We now would like to offer that same level of trust to those who have products or services of high value, products/services that would be beneficial to offer our fellow truck drivers and loyal followers.

If your company has also worked hard to maintain a high level of standards, then we invite you to join us and be a part of the Truth About Trucking highest level of trusted products and services.

Just a few Media selections that Allen Smith has been featured  in are shown in above presentation.

Dan Rather Reports  – “Truck Talk”
Second Episode at Willies Place in Carls Corner, Texas  November 2009

  • Truckers News,
  • Overdrive Magazine       
  • The Examiner                    
  • Peoples World
  • Truck News
  • LandLine Magazine
  • Challenge Magazine
  • Investigation Discovery
  • He and Donna were On April’s 2010 Cover for the feature story, “Trucker Network” in the former: Truckers News Magazine

Truth About Trucking, LLC  has additional advertising options which can be designed for your personal needs ( scroll down). We’re all on advertising budgets, so create a personal advertising package that will best reach your audience and meet your budget.

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Advertisers are welcome and always considered, however, we are selective with the partners we work with which adds to Your advertising value

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Feel free to send a brief summary of your company and the product/offer you’d like to market and other other relevant details so we can utilize the most effective medium to reach your targeted audience.

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