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Ask The Trucker 'Live" on Blog Talk Radio

Ask The Trucker ‘Live” on Blog Talk Radio

Ask The Trucker ‘LIVE’ is the premier trucking talk radio show featured on Thursdays, 6 PM Eastern Time on Blog Talk Radio, the world’s largest radio social network.
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Hosted by Aubrey Allen Smith, a 37 year veteran of the industry with 4 million safe miles, he is joined with his partner and co-host, Donna Smith. Together, they share knowledge and information with thousands of CDL students, new drivers and inexperienced drivers, giving an inside look into the OTR trucking industry.

Debuting on August 9th, 2008, the online radio program has grown into a listening audience of thousands, largely through the popular archive format

For the BEST in online radio for trucking news and topics, listen to the #1 trucking talk radio show on Blog Talk Radio.

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  1. admin

    Just want to mention that we are lining up guests for the BlogTalkRadio show.

    Anyone interested in being a guest on the show should inquire at:

    If you have a topic that you believe should be addressed within the trucking industry, let us know that also.


    • kirk watt

      I have a question that has maybe been asked a million times. I got a DUI in my personal car on Sept 11, 2011. I lost my Alabama CDL(of 12 yrs) for 1 year. I am able to get it back now but I’ve contacted probably 100 companies and not 1 will touch me. I have no other criminal history at all. In 1 yr’s time, I’m 8k behind on child support and close to being locked up by Alabama. Also close to sleeping under a bridge. All the result of 1 DUI. There was no accident by the way. Just sleeping drunk in the drivers seat with car running. Talledega County will not expunge it. I’ve sent emails to Al dept of pardons and paroles etc and nothing. Is there any hope?

    • kirk watt

      Hi again. I was kinda hoping for an answer or some sort of advice. Plz let me know something if you guys can. thx

    • Allen Smith

      It’s going to be difficult, next to impossible due to insurance.
      Give Jim McCormack a call at Trucking Careers of America

  2. Ken Shorkey

    Hi Allen:

    I have been a charter bus driver for three years. I have passed my CDL A , Haz Mat and tanker tests. I had five years of chemical experience with Dow Chemical, and 15 years of Haz Mat experience with the Dexter Corp.

    My first choice would be to transport gasses, to lower the center of gravity problem there is with liquids. My second choice would be to transport cars because of the high pay and great benefits they receive as a result of their strong union.

    I will be 55 years old this year and I would like to stream line my entry into the trucking industry. I will need to be trained to take the state driving test. Could you please help me get started with the right company or union?


  3. Allen Smith

    Hi Ken:

    I would need to know some other factors, such as what state you live in, etc….. Write me direct at : – and we’ll go from there….thanks, Allen

  4. Timothy Surnick

    I am getting ready to go to a CR England driving school on the 8th of Sept. I used to drive from UPS, but i was a delivery driver. i was injured in 2005 (not real bad, just cant move millions of boxes) any more. I have had a few other jobs since then, but always wanted to drive a rig. Any suggestions for me?

  5. Allen Smith

    Instead of the standard “starter companies” there are some very good
    companies who also train. Don’t know if they are accepting new students right now, due to the economy, but it’s worth a try to find out:

    Roehl Transport –
    Excellent Company

    Millis Transfer –
    Excellent Company

    Check these out Timothy . . . hopefully they are still accepting students. These are two very good companies that offer CDL training, and are not considered a “starter company.”

    If CR England is the only one who will take you . . . at least it
    will get you your CDL and hopefully they will work out for you. They
    could! No way of knowing . . . but I would check with Roehl and Millis to make sure they are not taking students. Good Luck!

  6. Gary Sines

    Check out listing of trucking companies at Quick Transport Solutions website. Even you can find job listing from trucking companies across US states.

    Good Luck.

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