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Allen Smith- TruthAboutTrucking

Who is Allen Smith?  It depends who you ask?

Students and New Career Seekers and New Drivers

Allen is referred to as the guy who will tell you the truth, even when you don’t want to hear it. He doesn’t pull any punches and just explains things as they are without concealing anything. He’ll steer you in the right direction, even if it’s not the direction you want to go in.

Veteran Drivers say Allen Smith of AskTheTrucker and Truth About Trucking is the kind of person who will stand up for what’s right and be a voice for many, always trying to better things for drivers and the industry.

Friends and colleagues say that he cares as much as any when it comes to improving the conditions within the trucking industry. He goes the extra step to help drivers, students and trainees make sense of the insensible, expose the traps and deceit, guide the naïve and vulnerable, and  support s his friends and those who are also helping to improve trucking. He loathes injustice and will do whatever he can to prevent and stop it.

Trucking Companies and CDL Training Schools, depending on “which ones,” many will say that he’s an asset to them within the community because he “makes them look good,” separating them from poor quality ones. Others may say he’s a whistleblower, exposing many  unscrupulous tactics or behavior engaged upon.

One thing though that most will say is that the reason and motivation behind the man, Allen Smith, is driven by the desire to help others succeed within an industry that is many times associated with injustice, unrewarded sacrifice, and an undeserving lack of respect.

As you read many of the blog posts you’ll discover that he is opinionated and speaks his mind about the ongoing issues of the trucking industry.  He continues to support others who are also stepping up to the plate to help those in need of honesty, guidance and direction.  The list of supporters and like minded people grows daily and their ability to network together and share their thoughts and ideas for the betterment of others within trucking, has allowed the forward movement of

Raising the standards of the trucking industry”


Allen Smith-Host of: AskTheTrucker,Trucking Social Media Convention, Truth About Trucking "Live" on Blog Talk Radio, and

Allen Smith-Host of: AskTheTrucker,Trucking Social Media Convention, Truth About Trucking “Live” on Blog Talk Radio, and

Allen Smith is a 34 year veteran of the trucking industry, many of those years spent as an over the road driver. He has been an owner operator, a company driver, operations manager, and has owned and operated a successful cross country moving company.

He wrote his first book,The Truth About Trucking in the year 2000 in order to enlighten and share the reality of OTR trucking for those who are entering trucking.

He started his first website Truth About Trucking in 2006 and  shortly after founded the AskTheTrucker Blog in 2007. In a desire to reach more people, Allen started his Blog Talk Radio ( Truth About Trucking “Live”)  Recently the show has been renamed AskTheTrucker ‘Live’ with Allen Smith

Truth About Trucking "Live" on Blog Talk Radio

Truth About Trucking “Live” on Blog Talk Radio

The show has had many popular guests. One of the most memorable and influential guests that Allen invited on the show was Jeffrey Caldwell, Chief of Communications for VDOT.  Donna had sent Mr Caldwell an email invite at 11pm the evening before the scheduled BTR broadcast. Early the following  morning ,(the day of the show) Mr Caldwell accepted the invitation, eager to participate and help resolve the problems that truckers were being faced with. This was during the time when Virginia was closing down many rest areas and at the same time enforcing an old law of “ 2 hour parking”  This created not just unsafe highway conditions by having tired drivers on the road, but was forcing these drivers to break the 11 hour HOS laws. It was during this show with guests Fred and JB Schaffner   ( who together worked relentlessly to have the 2 hour parking law abolished) proved that the vision for positive and effective change was indeed a possibility to achieve for the benefit of the American driver.

Allen has started the petition against the unfair and abusive practices of the DAC report employed by several companies against drivers.

Allen has been a strong supporter for Jason’s Law, HR 2156, which would ensure the need for more safe truck parking. The bill was presented by Congressman Paul Tonko in 2009, who also was a memorable and influential guest on Allen’s Blog Talk Radio Show, “Truth About Trucking Live”. Allen and Donna worked with Hope Rivenburg (widow of murdered trucker Jason Rivenburg for whom the bill was named) and Congressman Tonko, playing  a major part of the call to action for the National Call-In day to Congress.  We are thrilled to say the 4 year battle has been won and that Jason’s Law is now in the Transportation Bill, MAP 21 as of 2012, ensuring more safe truck parking for the professional driver.

In May of 2009, Allen was contacted by producer Robin Stein of the popular Dan Rather Reports Investigative  television show. The Dan Rather group was conducting an investigation on CDL training schools.  After a series of lengthy interviews, Allen directed Robin to Desiree Wood, who herself had contacted Allen a year prior because of her own horrific experience that she had endured during her CDL training . (Desiree has her Student Trucker Story on the AskTheTrucker blog which we encourage you to read) The rest was history as Dan Rather conducted a 3 part investigation of the corruption existing within many of the trucking schools and companies offering CDL training.

Desiree was featured in the first episode, “Queen of the road”, and Allen was an invited audience participant speaking about the problems with CDL training for the second episode, “Truck Talk”. The 3rd episode aired not too long after, “Mind Your Loan Business”, which discussed in  further detail much of the deceit existing among many CDL training facilities.

Government regulations, starting with CSA  and continuing on into EOBR’s, Hours of Service regulations, possible sleep apnea laws, speed limiters, the “driver shortage”, NAFTA, and of course the inadequacy of the present CDL training for schools and company programs have been a few of the targeted focuses recently.

Allen and Donna have worked closely with Truckers Against Trafficking to educate the trucking community about how they can be a part of the solution to end the nightmares and atrocities that are occurring in our own country, many times in truck stops and travel plazas.

Allen has also been in many publication including;  Truckers News, Overdrive Magazine,  The Examiner, Land Line Magazine, Challenge Magazine and Peoples World. He and Donna were On Aprils 2010 Cover for the feature story, “Trucker Network” in Truckers News.

He also has a growing newsletter subscriber list of over 5000, where he communicates weekly with his followers about many of the existing issues and developments within trucking. Allen also keeps in contact with his subscribers as he alerts them to BlogTalk Radio shows as well up to date current events.

Allen and several of his colleagues and fellow drivers are active on various social media websites, the most popular being Twitter, Facebook, and Linked-In. Much of the spontaneous communication between drivers  conducted through these websites has resulted in the transparency of many trucking groups and organizations, who were at one time, “not as transparent”
Our growing social media following alone is now approaching 35,000, and as the popularity of Social Media continues to grow in general, we anticipate that figure to double to double in 2015.

On October 15th 2011 in Tunica, MS,  Allen and Donna hosted the ” First Annual Truck Driver Social Media Convention” designed to unite, support and recognize truck drivers for their sacrifices and accomplishments.  Industry speakers and an open panel discussion will be the focus of the event allowing drivers to become informed and able to share their voices concerning the issues involving the trucking industry. Various trucking media attended, including OOIDA, LandLine Mag, and Truckers News. Journalists from BusinessWeek and the New York Times also attended.

2011 Truck Driver Convention Highlight Video!

The Following Year the 2012 convention was held in Kansas City, MO at Harrahs Convention Center. Trucking media again attended as well as the crew from the Discovery Channel where other advocates from the trucking industry were filmed, including Hope Rivenburg, advocate and crusader for Jason’s Law.

 VIDEO  2012 Trucking Social Media Convention Highlights!

Hope Rivenburg of Jasons Law initiated the 2013 Truck Parking Survey hosted on AskTheTrucker Survey Monkey to present to DOT and Congress. Other active participants gathering data and conducting the survey included: Desiree Wood, Allen Smith, Richard Wilson, Andy Warcaba, and Sandi Talbott.

Hope Rivenburg _ Filmed at 2nd Annual Trucking Social Media Convention- Investigation Discover

Hope Rivenburg _ Filmed at 2nd Annual Trucking Social Media Convention- Investigation Discover

Allen Smith Investigation Discovery- Filmed at 2nd Annual Truck Driver Convention

Allen Smith- Investigation Discovery- Filmed at 2nd Annual Trucking Social Media Convention

Allen is an advocate for the professional driver and continues his original objective to guide and teach CDL students and new drivers how to be successful in an industry which has many obstacles and questionable tactics to endure and overcome.   He is also an advocate for safety and has over 3 million safe miles under his belt

Since the 2 conventions, Allen and Donna are known for utilizing Social Media as a powerful tool to reach thousands with a message.  He and Donna created their “Circle of Trust”, maintaining Trust and Transparency, in order to bring others on board with their message and/or quality product or service to the trucking community.  Their continually growing Social Media base is expected to double in 2015.

Allen enjoys, writing, flying, playing guitar, writing songs, and martial arts. He’s a father, son, husband, grandfather,  and a loyal and trustworthy friend to all who know him.

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  1. michael dressler

    Is it better to go to a free school,or pay for a school your self and pick what job you want.What will best fit a person with bills not everyone can survive 12 weeks of 400.00 aweek then taxes!

  2. admin

    Hi Michael,

    There is no such thing as a “free” school. You will pay one way or the other, thru lower CPM pay, lower miles, etc. There is nothing wrong with paying for the school yourself, just be certain to understand the school’s policy on “employment assistance”. It would be best to have a “pre-hire” ready for you once the school is completed, but again, a “pre-hire” is still no guarantee of a job. The companies that offer “free” training can help those who may not have the money upfront and can get them in a job, so they do play a part in assisting those to get started in a trucking career.

    You’re right $400.00/week before taxes isn’t much, but if you qualify, you can apply for either a grant or a loan. Many students in all areas of education have to go this route in order to keep up with their lifestyle, and just plain survive. Twelve weeks isn’t that bad. People take loans out for 4 years or more while in school.

    The main thing is: To choose the RIGHT school.
    Lots of rips offs out there., costing a lot of money and offereing a poor education.

    Be careful!

  3. admin

    Also, you will not be able to “pick any job you want.” You will have to get in 6 months to a year of drving experience before doors will open up for you….this is the usually the case.

    Good Luck,

  4. John T. Tookes

    ARE YOU , Related to the EX – GOVERNOR
    OF IL. Mr Joseph Smith I know it”s down the family tree a little bit. thanks for your website Blogs & hits.
    GOD Bless you, And thank you again, Mr Allen Smith*

    JT the Donkey , may Rider Again!

  5. Allen Smith

    Hi John,
    Smith is such a common name, there’s no way knowing who you’re related to unless you do a family tree.
    Glad you like the blog and websites. Thanks for your loyalty and support.

    Have you seen the new websites?

  6. Independent Realist

    I am so glad that I became aware of this professional Aubrey”Allen”Smith. His materials have helped inform me and I’m a career trucker! Thanks Allen and Donna for all you do for other’s.


  7. Mary Ellen Dempsey

    Allen, perhaps you can help me. I read in one of the trucking magazines several years ago an article dealing with the state of Virginia in particular and their habit of ticketing truckers for parking to sleep on the off/on ramps in their state when they were out of hours. As you are aware their rest areas allow no more than either two or four hours parking. Yes, Virginia has truck stops, but as in many other states there is often not enough parking available and they are not always situated within a reasonable distance of a trucker needing to stop for a DOT rest period. I have searched the internet and can not locate the article. It would have appeared in 2007 most likely in RoadStar. As a former long haul driver I came periously close three separate times to being ticketed for this. The article stated that Virginia was not forcing drivers to run illegal but if their trucks were not moved they would be towed. Mary Ellen

  8. Allen Smith

    Hey, Independent Realist….thanks for the comment….wishing you the BEST….Allen

  9. Allen Smith

    Hi Mary Ellen: I do not recall the article, but this situation is growing among states. The parking issue is a big problem for many drivers in certain parts of the country. Seems the Feds wants “safety” but there is no safety in forcing drivers to continue driving when tired and out of hours, in order to find a safe and secure place to park. There has been a big outcry from the general public about VA closing the I-81 rest areas…so we will just have to wait and see. Allen

  10. joseph

    i am thinking about getting my cdl to start a trucking carreer, i have no job at the moment, wife, 4 kids. i had a man from tdi school, for werner entereprises call to get me in but i didn’t quite have the money to start at the moment. is this a good school, and which is better otr or reg.

  11. Allen Smith

    You can read some comments about TDI here: – Every school and every company will have good and bad things said about them…just the way it is. You can do a search for “reviews” about them and if you find a lot of bad stuff, then chances are, you would do best to stay away. I was not able to find much “bad” about them…overall, they appear to be a decent school. As far as Werner, you can read my post about Starter Companies: – Also, be sure to check out this post just for your information ! – – One thing to keep in mind about a CDL school is that the average cost for CDL training should be between $3500 and $4500 … this can vary of course, depending on your geographical location … but when you start seeing charges of 7-8-9 thousand dollars …. RED FLAG !! Good Luck – Allen

  12. joseph

    Thank you very much. i couldn’t find very much on the school i would be going to in IL. i don’t know if thats good or bad? The cost of the school is 3999.00. i applied for the WIA program to help with this, but found out it’s about 2 months till i get an appt….i can be making money by then, but i guess if i don’t have 4k falling out my pockets….but i’m still researching while i’m figuring out what to do.

  13. joseph

    i have been in real close contact with Bill Burnes at TDI, in IL. he has been helping me with options and decisions about getting started in trucking, i have to wait about 2 months for an interview for my WIA grant. anywho….is there any other information i should consider researching while i wait? any good deals on the iphone for the trucker app? i got a cdl book to study for the time, does anyone know of any sites to check out to aid in all this? thanks

    • Allen Smith

      Really the CDL book is all you need. Study it up and down and you should pass the exam with no problem. The iPhone trucker app is only .99 cents…I would suggest that you go ahead and go for the HazMat endorsement as well. Always a good one to have and will make you more marketable as a new driver. Good Luck!

  14. joseph

    very nice, thank you. Would the HazMat info be in the same book or will i have to find something else? also….i will have a choice of over the road or regonal. my recruiter, bill from tdi suggested over the road for the experience for the year, then if i wanted to switch to regonal…would this be a wise thing or would it be just the same to stay regonal?i have about 6 more week to find out bout the grant, you have been a huge help…thank you

  15. Allen Smith

    The booklet will have the HazMat study info in it as well . . . I agree with Bill . . . I would suggest OTR for at least one year . . . then go to Regional, if that is your choice. Regional is still, in a sense, OTR, just not all 48 . . . that first one year is critical and running full OTR is a must for gaining experience out in the real world. One year of OTR, at minimum . . . good luck . . . AS

  16. Joseph

    Thank you very much for all the help and info. i have some questions on the iphone app? is this app only for the iphone or will it also work on the blackberry or any other data type phones?

  17. Allen Smith

    Right now the TRUCKER application only works with the iphone. We would like to expand that someday to more smart phones.
    The language is different for each phone, so every time you create an app, it must be in the specific language of that phone. It would be great if they all used the same, but unfortunately they don’t, so for now TRUCKER is for the iPhone.

  18. joseph

    Hi Allen, I didn’t want to be a pest. is there a certain GB iphone needed to operate the trucker app? Also i am still waiting to hear about anything on the WIA program, been almost 2 months and am still unemployed and still waiting. thanks joe

  19. Allen Smith

    Not really … just the normal 3GB iPhone and the iTouch … here’s the main link for the WIA – you may want to contact them directly with any questions and try to get them moving for you … good luck –

  20. joseph

    They just sent me an interview date….WOOHOO….but it’s not till oct.23rd. so i’m looking at almost dec. till i can make money, and it’s been extremely rough to get through. Will this be a good choice to wait it out? most places i can apply at are paying about 10-13 per hour? just want to make sure i will be doing the right thing. Wife doesn’t work( takes care of the kids when i’m gone, ranging from 9-16 but act like 2-5…lol) getting nervous….thank you

  21. David

    Hey Allen
    I just recently discovered your website. Great information here.
    I don’t drive professionally any more just because of crap that the state gov’t do to drivers. I consider myself lucky because I have another trade I can fall back on, which I have done. I still like to read about the industry to see where it is and where its going, it still effects me indirectly.
    I run a website myself (
    With your permission I would love to link it.

  22. Joseph

    Hi again Allen
    I had a large gap in trying to get into trucking. I never made it to the interview for WIA…. but had a job that lasted 3 months..woohoo. Now i’m going to try it one more time. i’m gonna apply for the WIA again, they say it’s taking 1-5 months to get an interview. Anywho… there any new info on Werner Trucking if it’s a good starter company? i see they’re still looking for new drivers, and unemployment sucks with nothing coming in. Thanks for all your help now and down the road.

  23. Allen Smith

    There are many poor comments about Werner by drivers all across the net. I always say that nobody can say for 100% how a company will work out for each individual driver. In this economy and tough hiring situation, a driver can take what they can get, so to speak … at least it will get you moving and gaining the experience you need to move on to a better company, if Werner does not work out.

  24. joseph

    ok, i got another question. i did researching and found a tom of people complaining about the training from werner, but i have found a ton of positive stuff on P.A.M. the bunifits and all are ok, the pay after training is .28 to start going to .31 after a year. is this ok? also i looked in the hiring area…. i live in illinois and their hiring area is all around it??? i’ve called them but waiting on a call back. is this going to be a problem? if not them i should be able to get signed up soon…….awsome…

  25. Allen Smith

    You will find both negative and positive comments about every company. No company can make all 100% of drivers happy. The negative comments will be found more with all of the “Starter” companies, and PAM is a “Starter” company.

    Anything under .34 CPM, in my opinion, is poor pay … but just starting out in the industry, you are at the mercy of these starter companies and have to take what is offered. You will also have to be prepared to stick it out for at least one year. After one year, better opportunities will come available if PAM is not working out.

    If you feel better about PAM, then that is what you should do. You are doing the right thing by investigating and researching on your own before making a decision.

    I would recommend contacting Roehl Transport and see if they are hiring and accepting students. Here’s the site:

    There CDL training is only $2800. If not, then take what you can find in today’s economy. Just remember, drive at least one year before moving on to another carrier if PAM does not make good on their promises.

    Good luck,


  26. joseph

    thank you, i looked into it but they are not hiring. there is too many things going on to figure out so i am glag your here….i tried looking but i have to call, does werner offer a no down payment training set up, i thought about selling my home and moving to Ohio or something just to get started sooner, but the wife is re thinking about it all..but the longer i sit the longer before i make money but there seems to be no easy desion on this so any info that might help me get started would be great. i don’t mind if i have to move, just might take some good planning?

  27. Allen Smith

    Hey, Joseph: I don’t know what state you live in? You may already be in a state that has good freight lanes, therefore there would be no reason to move.

    The problem with breaking into the trucking industry are the starter companies. 99% of them are all the same … you just have to pay your dues with them and HOPE everything works out. You can call Werner and ask about their training at: 1-800-346-2818 .

    Let me know what state you reside in, and I’ll see if I can come up with some better alternatives for you. I’ll get back with you as soon as I can ….


  28. joseph

    i live in Elgin, IL. i know it’s cheaper living in ohio, which was one reason for moving, but it has it’s issues.

  29. joseph

    is Roehl a good company? they had just posted new drivers but i never heard of them?

  30. Allen Smith


  31. joseph

    thanks allen…. i applied at roehl, just waiting on recruiter call. from what i read they have really good benifits, so far all is good with them. my 1 big question that i hope you can answer is their training school, they say you can get your cdl and be driving solo in 26 days???? that sounds very quick? is this possible to get all this done and be driving that fast and how good would the training be, i can’t fine anything on the training from other drivers?

  32. Allen Smith

    From everything I know and the feedback I have, the training is suppose to be pretty good.

    Let us know and keep in touch to confirm this.

  33. joseph

    i just talked to dwane at Roehl.. i get the same thing, as long as i’m living in Illinois i have to either move to near state or go to a private CDL coarse and once i get in to reapply to Roehl and go to it that way. Now i’m not sure what to do, i need money, WIA is about 5 month for an interview, and i would have to sell my house quick, live off the money to find housing ect. is there a quick way to get this going with no money?

  34. joseph

    Hi Allen, So far all is going ok. i go to meet Bob at TDI school to fill out paperwork and to see if i get in and potential trucking jobs. I got a call yesterday about the WIA program, i have to to a cdl workshop to see if this is what i really want, then contact the case worker to get an interview for the rest of the stuff to see if i qualify for program??? it will pay for the schooling if i get it, but is it worth the wait? i haven’t worked for 4 months with no income but food stamps. if i talk to bob and get in then i could start the schooling in April 26th. i’ve looked for jobs and this is the only option i have left but is is am option i like. the wife and i have talked about this alot to make sure, i know it will be tough but the turn out would be to the better. Bob told me that Werner,if hired, would start me out as regonal which is fine by me, it’s what i was looking for, but he said i would be home on weekends, i’m not holding my breath and the wife doubts it as well. Would you or anyone else know more about any of this??? All replies and help is very greatly needed, the more input i can get the better i can feel about this decision. plus i have a 17 year old looking to goto collage…. so i need to start making the money.

  35. joseph

    I’m supposed to go fill out the paperwork at TDI in Channonhan on the 12th, any thing i shouls look for to make sure i don’t get it in the end???

  36. Allen Smith

    Hey Joseph:

    I sent you an email . . . good luck and let me know how it all turns out.

  37. joseph

    Ok, here’s an update…. I went to the CDL workshop, have to research 3 schools and 4 trucking companies…DONE… i get my driving record, hand it all in, and get an interview should be driving by June……..AWSOME!!!!!! any input or more advice???? thanks

  38. joseph

    My appointment is on May 4th, for the wia. I’m going to look at
    TDI on thursday….

  39. joseph

    Hello Mr. Smith, I went to TDI and talked to bob. i should be entered in the May 24th class. He gave me a list of companies i qualify for some i have researched on and some i never herd of. TMC, he sez this company pays a percentage per load not per mile? the trucks are really nice Petes, but i can’t find a lot of info on them. Do you know of anything on them? Any who….. TMC, CRST, KLLM, Roehl, Star, Stevens, Swift, Trans Am, USA, USExpress, Werner, PAM, and FFE. These are the ones that i qualify for, i’m researching them now, but if you have any extra input would be awsome.Thank you very much

  40. Allen Smith

    TMC, KLLM or Roehl … all 3 very good companies.
    Forget the others ….


  41. Felix

    Hey Allen,

    Here is my question: Do you recommend a driver to have a trucker’s GPS to help them navigate around a place they have never been? if so… What will be the best GPS to use. Thanks

    Plus, I have been thinking hard about being a trucker I love the open road.. What do you recommend for a first timer.. Plus I love your book.

  42. Allen Smith

    A GPS is a great tool for any truck driver. They have not been perfected yet to meet all driver needs, such as low bridges, no trucks allowed roadways, etc., but they have gotten better and can definitely help either way. It’s hard to develop the perfect GPS for truckers due to the constant changes in construction and highway development, but a good GPS is the PC Miler Navigator. Best price is at :

    You will have to elaborate on “recommend for a first timer” … ??


  43. Dea Robertson

    Hey Allen,
    You got a pretty good following and an interesting and diverse web site. There is a lot of information here for the new and older trucker. Thanks for you hard work on exposing a lot of trucking problems. I got my own CDL in 1972 when it was called a Class #1 in CA. A lot has changed since then. One issue I haven’t seen addressed much is what I call the Three Year Rule. If you haven’t filled out a driver’s application, then you haven’t noticed one section that ask “where have you worked in the last three years.” The reasoning I have received sounds good on the surface but there are exception that the rule ignores. What are you thoughts on why the industry asks this question. Good luck

  44. Lynn Kaplan

    Hello. Hope you can help. I have a business idea to create a mobile entertainment venue in a semi trailer. I’m in the city of San Francisco and have investigated rules/permits for driving and parking etc but now need to find the right size trailer with the right door configuration for people to enter and exit safely. Will build ramps to the doors. I have only a basic knowledge of trailers and need to know how to get educated about sizes, types, door location and type, etc. Do I go to a dealer, manufacturer, websites?
    Thanks for any help.

  45. Allen Smith

    Hi Lynn: I would go to the manufacturer who would know all the specs, etc., about the trailer.

  46. barry

    just found your site. I’m not being negative but I’m a newbe at trucking and it seems this site dousn’t really give any info. it seems it just keeps wanting me to purchase the info???? if i’m wrong or just using it wrong please explain it to me……B

  47. Allen – just wanted to say a thank you for everything you do for the trucking industry. You raise awareness about important issues and provide great advice. Keep up the good work!

  48. ldalgis

    I drove Donner’s Pass a few days ago in a loaded 16 ft. box truck. I had never heard of Donner Pass before, nor had I ever driven through mountains (We drove from Chicago to Sunnyvale). Needless to say, I was terrified. It was wet and snowy, and we had to drive around a four car crash on the way up. Thanks to a SAFE TRUCKER, I was able to follow his lead down most of the mountain, and we made it safely. I have a new-found respect for truckers, it is a really difficult and dangerous job. I only wish all truckers drove as safely as the one who led us down the mountain. I saw ALOT of really irresponsible driving, and the well-known video of the semi rollover on the Pass, sadly, does not surprise me. Anyway, thanks to that truck driver, whoever he is…I will forever be indebted. Please slow down out there, I know most of you have families that want to see you home.

  49. Allen Smith

    Thanks for the kind words, and I’m glad you made it down safe as well.

  50. Marty

    Hello Allen. Doing alot of research on trucking. I hear ALOT of bad stuff. Im 31, married no kids. Have a B and wanna go for my A. Want to go thru Buffalo Tractor Trailor Instuite. I just dont know if trucking is for me. All the bad stuff that you hint about scares the heck out of me. The school is 2800 bucks, but i really dont have it to waste. I love driving, but dont like getting screwed. I live in PA, but moving to Buffalo NY. Any suggestions?? THanks MAn!!!

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