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A Day in the Life of a Lady Trucker


10/19/09     One Year Exactly from the original post of TruckerDesiree and 130 posts later!!  From that scared and frantic student contacting Allen for help, to one of the most determined and influential women in trucking today…offering advice and empathy to all who need it.


If you would like to read Desiree’s Journal from the beginning, please scroll ALL THE WAY DOWN to the bottom of the page. The journal begins as comments, in chronological fashion.

Click on the Blue Words “see older comments”If you don’t do this, you will miss the first few months of the journal.  Thanks,  Donna

This Journal will soon be available in book form.  We’ll let you know when it’s complete


Allen and I have the honor to communicate with so many people every day. Although we haven’t met the majority of them, I feel a camaraderie between us and them just the same. Trucking can be a lonely lifestyle in itself, but our websites, and, have introduced us to some of the finest human beings around. We receive letters, gifts, prayers, and friendship from many of our loyal subscribers.

Recently I started communicating by e-mail with a woman by the name of Desiree. Her e-mails describing her life as a truck driver were so detailed and graphic, I felt like I was living the experience right along with her.  Her stories were those of courage and integrity and Allen even used one of them in his new version of The Truth About Trucking 4th edition.

I  invited Desiree to post some of her stories here, and I hope all of you find them as intriguing, entertaining and fascinating as I did. These stories represent  similar experiences that so many other woman truck drivers have lived.

Some of her stories can definitely give you some insight on how trucking companies “value” women truckers.

When I asked her to how she would like to share some of her stories here on our blog, she answered with this reply,

“Well I’d like to start, by starting from the very beginning and navigating my way thru the trucking school scam and thru the individuals that I teamed with and was trained by, because there are already tons of funny stories… but great learning experiences. From weight management to hygiene I’ve been collecting and fine tuning this lifestyle to make it work.”

Okay, Thanks Desiree. It’s all yours now!


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By: Allen Smith

Allen Smith is a 37 year veteran who started at an early age in a household goods family moving business. He began driving straight trucks in 1977 and moved to the big rigs in 1982. His experience within the industry includes; owner operator, company driver, operations manager, and owner of a long distance HHG moving business, taking many of the long haul moves himself when needed. Allen Smith, a truck driver advocate who is driven by the desire to help others succeed within an industry where injustice, unrewarded sacrifice, and lack of respect and recognition exists. Allen and his wife Donna are hosts of Truth About Trucking ”Live” on Blog Talk Radio. Other websites include AskTheTrucker, TruckingSocialMedia, NorthAmericanTruckingALerts, TruthAboutTrucking, and many Social Media websites. In 2011 Allen and Donna hosted the first Truck Driver Social Media Convention, designed to create unity and solutions for the trucking industry. This is now being extended through the North American Trucking Alerts network as those within the industry join forces for the betterment of the industry. Allen strongly supports other industry advocates who are also stepping up to the plate to help those who share honesty, guidance and direction. He believes that all those involved in trucking need to be accountable for their part within the industry, including drivers, carriers, brokers, shippers, receivers, etc… The list of supporters and likeminded people grow daily, networking together and sharing thoughts and ideas for the betterment of trucking. He has coined the popular phrase "Raising the standards of the trucking industry"

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  1. Christie


    I am not lumping people together here. I’m saying that the statement that was made was unfair on many levels. The statement said MOST men are looking for a “lot lizard on wheels” I was simply stating that these wordings are painting a negative picture of all men, women and trainers as well as students in the industry! I am not trying to “lump” anybody together. That would be like me saying most students are too incapable of driving a truck! That would be an unfair statement to make and I would be lumping all students together, of which I would never do! There are ways to word the things that want to be (and need to be) said without being so generalized! I guess what I’m trying to say here is this: the industry in a whole needs an overhaul. Starting at the school level, but making such generalized statements, puts the character of every truck driver on the road in question. Male, Female, Student, Trainer all the same, all being painted to be bad!

  2. Desiree

    Ta Da!!!
    I’m going to finish this story…. I have trying to have time to sit and do it forever but so much as taken my attention it has been impossible.
    So let’s talk about when I finally went Solo! Yay! Yay! Yay!
    Each week a notice came out on our Qualcomm that had different dedicated accounts that would become available. Now that I finally had the required experience and the Hazardous materials Endorsement required, I could get on one of those accounts.
    Despite all the drama I had endured during my student team phase, it was truly a miracle I had not had any accidents under the pressure and stress of what was occurring to me.
    That made me eligible, but no one ever answered the phone line for those jobs! BIG Surprise at MY Company! Good Luck ever getting someone to answer.
    I had already learned the art of sorting out those who actually CARE and those who just wear the button around the company hallways that say they do.
    Now that the nasty remarks had been removed from my computer screen and my record could stand alone, I hoped I could be judged for what I really was, an efficient worker and safe driver.
    Honestly though, it does still say “Hispanic Female” on the main screen when you pull up my info and I know that logistics system has many inner field categories that have leveled access so who knows, maybe I have “BEWARE of this One, Make her go quietly” written in there with 5 gold stars and a skull with crossbones. Who knows …? I just know something is different.
    In any case, I got on the dedicated account and my new dispatcher knew nothing about what happened to me. From day one on my new fleet I was treated entirely different. It was great to be treated like a normal human being for once since I came to this company.
    In order to be assigned my first load in my dedicated account I had to get out of California. This is because the account only lets me cover areas East of I-35, which is a North/South Interstate through Texas up to Minneapolis. Most of the freight leaving California is team freight which cannot stop so I had several fits and starts before I actually could get a load to Texas.
    Going from a team truck to solo with no guidance was an adjustment also. I never had to worry about parking for the night before, running out of hours. I wanted so badly to show I could do it all perfect but I was never was trained on my team truck for what to do once I was on my own.
    My first solo load was dispatched to me late in the day, in Southern California that means TRAFFIC! I have an advantage over many student truckers and that is I learned to drive as a teenager on the Los Angeles freeway system, so although time is always a factor, the gridlock does not bother me.
    Still, finding a trailer to go get the load was a pain as usual. You always feel like you just hit the lottery when that Qualcomm beeps with a load, then you feel the adrenaline rush to accept it and get ready before it gets taken away from you. What if you don’t reply fast enough? What if it’s scheduled poorly and you are late? Then you won’t get another load and you will be punished? How many miles is it? Will you get a load after that? What about a trailer? Are there any empty trailers?
    You just cannot understand the hysteria unleashed in your mind when the Qualcomm beeps until you have lived it, just take my word for it. It’s like the old newsreels of the trained chicken in a lab experiment that pecks the lever to get some cracked corn when the red light goes off. It’s totally deranged but you truly are isolated with no word from anyone until that thing beeps so your mind gets trained. Beep = Food and you better get it fast before they give it to someone else.
    So, I get this load to pick up in like Cypress, California, not the best part of town but whatever. I get the very last trailer on our lot and I go to get it. I get it docked by myself even though guys are jumping on my running board saying “Ya want me to do it for you?” “Do you need me to help you?” it’s very distracting when you have 5 guys trying to give you directions 5 different ways.
    Still, I push that out of my mind and I got it in there, and I waited, and waited…. Hours went by. All the other trucks had left, even lots of the warehouse guys had left. The sun went down too.
    I had a time limit to get this load to Texas, my 14 hour legal shift was burning up and I had to get through all the Los Angeles traffic and get out of there. Remember, you only get paid to drive, not sit and wait. If the shipper burns up your shift, you don’t get that day back of unpaid labor, sitting & waiting. Plus, now your schedule is a day behind so you can’t look forward to another load until…. Well, who knows? It’s stressful.
    Now, that I was solo, I have to worry about finding a parking spot in one of the least desirable states to drive a truck! The shortage of parking and unfriendly atmosphere in California is legendary in my native state. More stress, plus I’m tired now.
    I finally went inside to see what the holdup was and the Spanish speaking worker handed my “Bills of Lading” with Hazardous Materials Placards, then he locked up and went home.
    No one even told me it would be Hazardous Materials and now it was totally dark outside. I was trying to remember all the things I was supposed to do.
    The trailer was sealed so how would I even know what he put in there? How would I know if they did it right? How could I understand him? I understand some Spanish but I couldn’t speak enough back to him to ask him any questions, and now he was gone!
    I called my friend, and he called his friend who talked to me over the phone to talk me through what I was supposed to do but had not ever had to actually do before.
    I got under the trailer to do a more thorough inspection seeing how I had Hazardous Materials and being from California, this would not sit well if I ended up on ABC 7 news in some incident that shut down the 405 Freeway of Friday Night, which would be bad form, truly.
    I was having visions of my parents seeing me on the news yelling at the TV about the dumb trucker who caused a huge Haz Mat Spill causing massive backups and the news camera panning in on ME!
    In my eagerness to get the load, my ecstasy over finding an empty trailer, I did a half assed job noticing one tire had an issue. An issue that could get me in a whole bunch of trouble if I was caught driving that way and an issue if I had an accident with Hazardous Materials in Southern California where most of the population are self appointed do gooder citizens police!, Oh MY , I thought, his was no good. Another stressor!
    Here is the thing I hear with many student companies; the equipment is not the best. Which makes sense right? Why have people who don’t really know what they are doing ruining your brand spanking new stuff! But wait, why are they allowed to pull something Hazardous then?
    Why are the least trained, with the crappiest equipment allowed to even get a Hazardous Materials Endorsement by the Transportation Security Administration when they cannot even drive a truck? WHY?
    So here I am in total darkness in a Los Angeles inner city industrial area, with a very bad tire on a trailer of Hazardous Materials wondering how far I can get on it.
    Many times drivers report losing loads from wasting their unpaid working hours messing around with trailers left in disrepair from the last drivers using them, and worse, having to haggle with your company to convince them that the tire really does need to be replaced. After all it’s YOUR ticket if you get caught.
    For my predicament though getting safely to Barstow and out of Los Angeles was what I needed to do to get the tire removed, it was horrible with a huge flat spot and wires coming out.
    I was so relieved to make it into the shop, I slept in my truck while the repair took place inside the mechanics bays, and I hoped to make it at least to Arizona before my legal shift to drive expired.
    It’s common to have to carry the old tire carcass into a terminal and so when the mechanic told me he was done, I went to look for the carcass. I looked, and looked some more, but didn’t see it.
    The mechanic had taken off and his supervisor was finishing up the ticket, I asked for the carcass and she said “Oh he probably just threw it in the trailer” WHAT?? “I said “I hope not, that is a sealed trailer of Hazardous Materials and better not be opened!” that got her attention and she came around the counter to help me find the carcass.
    When she finally located it, I looked at the tire and said “This is the wrong tire!” then I pointed the tire with very visible damage and said “how can anyone not see that is the tire with damage?” she wholeheartedly agreed that they messed up pretty bad.
    It took awhile to track down butthead the mechanic and somehow they convinced my company that both tires needed replacement which I found very odd how the tire they first replaced had a huge gouge in it that I never saw before and was not worn in any way shape or form. Still, the gouge went all the way to the wire. So even if it was vandalized by them, it was now ruined.
    My point is this, there are lots of people who have their hands on this freight in the supply chain and have some sort of access to it along its way to its destination and they may not be the salt of the earth but it is ultimately the driver who is responsible for the contents.
    Any numbers of things CAN and DO happen on a trip across the country even with a load of paper. A Student Trucker has many things on their minds trying to learn in their first year with regards to parking, managing time, and doing their logbook properly. I think it’s ridiculous that this endorsement is given out to persons who have so many other things on their minds trying to learn to do a good job.
    You have so many breaches of communication and security along the way and as an inexperienced driver you do not realize the magnitude of what responsibility you carry until such an event occurs.
    This licensing process is also a false sense of Homeland Security because the disqualifying factors really do not disqualify for much.
    If you read the immigration status it covers the gambit and then take into consideration that people seeking asylum, and those who are from other countries on work visas are eligible and their criminal backgrounds are not in our FBI Database, so why should they get this clearance right off the bat without proving first they can even make it through one winter as a student truck driver?
    Even if they are U.S. Citizens they can get this clearance if they have been convicted of sexual crimes and other violent offenses as long as it has been over 5 – 7 years, but sex crimes and pedophilia are not curable so why does the FBI give a false sense of security by permitting these people to travel state to state?
    Why is a student truck driver given all of this responsibility from day one before they even know how to operate the truck? It’s a recipe for disaster and now the ATA wants heavier Trucks! Who will be hauling those trucks? Perhaps, student fleets will be hauling those heavier trucks but this is unclear right now. Maybe we should discover what Shippers want heavy Trucks and ask if they employ Student Fleets? Hmmm, interesting? I have yet to meet a truck driver who thinks heavy trucks are safe for anyone, let alone a student. I have met fleet owners who say “Sorry, I am about the bottom line and I am FOR Heavy Trucks …and lighter Tractors” Well I am for the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus but I don’t get an Easter basket every year and sometimes my stocking comes up empty!!!
    A student who starts out in March is feeling very confident about their abilities by fall, then winter comes and they feel they “Know it all”, many will be involved in accidents that could have been preventable if they were trained better.
    If the trucking industry cannot provide professional trainers they should not be training the volume of students they are recruiting.
    It’s true that some good students emerge like me who have been trained poorly, everyone deserves the chance IF there is indeed a DRIVER SHORTAGE but the ATA says there is NO DRIVER SHORTAGE so I think they have some phones calls to make to some CDL Mills and Training Fleets.
    What I see is the trucking industry giving false hope in depressed areas where people are desperate for work and that is not fair when so many people is distress.
    I’ve heard of people who were encouraged to take a workforce voucher to pay for CDL Training from the unemployment office when they had no prior inclinations to become a trucker. I SMELL A RAT and it’s eating Government Cheese!!!
    The ATA is telling one story and the Department of Labor/Unemployment Offices, CDL schools and Student Trucking Fleets are telling quite another .
    Since I began writing this story things have changed, Experienced Trainers who CARE have been left to sit with no miles, more less experienced trainers are entering to train new students. Allen Smith calls this “Starving Out” I have heard people in management wince at that term but prefer “Squeezing Out”, whatever you call it; it is a deliberate CHURNING for less experienced, less informed, lesser paid Cheaper Labor.
    I love trucking; I like my old truck, even though it’s in the shop today. I still don’t make much, here almost 2 years later I make .27 cents, last week my paycheck was $267.00 and I had an advance, this week it was $691.00 so it fluctuates greatly and makes it very hard to plan anything.
    I was in a rather good situation to ride out the bad economy when I began this story and I had no reason anymore to complain. It was what I saw as a pattern of abuse to Student Truckers from all walks of life that compelled me to write this story.
    So many people have said “OOOH you better be careful, you are going to lose your job”, you are going to get fired, you are going to get sued, and even … you are going to get KILLED!”
    BRING IT!!!!
    What I saw this past 2 years from the Trucking Industry was disturbing enough I will say I was WILLING to DIE to tell you this story.
    Charging Employees to Idle, Students! And then getting the Smart Way EPA Award? HOW DARE YOU!!!!
    Ellen Voie of “Women in Trucking” has the gall to say imply women “Bring it on themselves” YET she helps to recruit Naïve Women who may not ever have the skill to drive a truck.
    The DAC reporting system which is riff with irregularities meant to keep drivers silent.
    These are the reasons I wrote this story after I was ALREADY in a place I could walk away and never look back.
    I read the letter my company sent to Dan Rather and it is typical denial, the fact is that “MS” has NO BUSINESS dealing with Human Life, the HR Lady is a LIAR either intentionally for the pleasure of the CEO or because she seriously underestimated this dumb trucker.
    The facts are this:
    Why was I prevented from finding another suitable female to drive with time and again by “MS” when in fact the Million Mile Woman I met later was also seeking one? Not once but on MANY occasions.
    Why did the HR Lady LIE and say she investigated that bleach incident when in FACT she never at any time attempted to call the Head of Security almost 19 months later?
    Why did the same manager who took me in the hall to reassure me that “ED” would be investigated, later take the Million Miler into the Hall telling her to stay quiet about allegation that “Lily” made about “ED” molesting her she would be fired?
    Why were ‘Lily’ & “Mag” recycled by “MS” when she KNEW Full well the potential situations that could occur for me and others?
    My Company says they COMMIT to CARE; they spent MONEY for that Media acronym to be created.
    Now let’s see them DO IT and stop hiding behind a media package.
    Whether I drive another day, I will continue to write. I’d like to be writing about how the ship was able to avert the tip of the iceberg and everyone survived.
    THE END …. For now

  3. Graembo

    That is SO how it is. Preach it.

    It’s very disappointing that the dispatchers tend to listen to the males, but until you came along, no one was really voicing this where anyone would listen. Thank you for doing this; please continue!

  4. Graembo

    “With another 80 or so students arriving each week all bright-eyed and bushy tailed ready for a new career, dosent it stand to reason that everyone is expendable?”

    It’s true; I have heard it said that the government pays a stipend to each company per driver hired and kept for a certain amount of time. This is to increase hiring in these fields and decrease unemployment, and goodness knows that the trucking industry provides the backbone of our economy; however, you noted the schools as “CDL Mills,” and a lot of these first-tier companies, like the one for which Ms. works, are also mill-like in that they are only interested in keeping drivers for that amount of time before firing them, laying them off, or shorting them on miles until they are forced to resign, the latter of which happened to me with this company.

    It doesn’t seem to matter to these companies that the entire purpose of these government stipends is to encourage people to start new, lifetime careers, or that they would be better served by doing things that would encourage employee retention rather than complaining about the high turnover and engaging in practices to encourage it to continue!

    An orientation staffer at Ms.’s company even told me the following joke, in February of 2006:
    Q: What’s the difference between a toddler and a trucker?
    A: The toddler eventually stops whining.

  5. James

    You’ve got to wonder what’s going on with the CDL schools and companies with training programs. You hear from the schools that there’s a shortage of drivers but you see companies like Schneider dropping their training program since they can get experienced drivers without the hassle from the surplus that’s out of work. You have drivers with years of experience living in homeless shelters that can’t get a job.

    It’s like a racket almost, schools get government money to train students, training companies get inexpensive drivers, the majority of which get disillusioned with the whole thing and drop out in less than a year. Then the whole cycle continues to roll around at the taxpayer’s expense.

    I know there’s a lot of good schools out there turning out some well trained students but there’s also a lot out there playing the system for tuition/tax money and placing drivers on the road with a lot of potential to destroy some equipment and possibly even result in deaths. Ain’t worth it.

  6. Graembo

    Wow. She sounds like a passive-aggressive, insecure, usurous, lazy piece of crap. I’m really glad that you’re rid of her.

  7. Desiree

    It seems that my 1st Trainer’s “Friend” has been wanting to defend her on my wordpress in the name of “Tamara” , as it turns out, another former Trainee Graembo has posted about her experience with this same Trainer …. Check It Out:

  8. greg

    Desiree you violated so many company and federal policies hauling that load. number one did you call in for a hazmat number which is policy.Number two did you padlock that load. number three why are you driving a hazmat load on a bad tire I know for a fact that the company you work for will send out a repair truck to fix it. Did even put the placards on that trl. So when is it your team partners responsiblity to train you on how to run solo. Also you are not sitting at the dock for free all the time because there are certain customers that do pay detention but most dedicated dont

  9. Desiree

    Here is my TwitPic Phots Link if those who do not understand Twitter can see some of the things that go into my live stream.

  10. Desiree

    Dear Greg:

    My final story post is rather long, over 2000 words and it touches on a number of different items that absolutely should make some people uncomfortable.
    That you zeroed in on a brief paragraph and gathered so many broad assumptions on fundamental items make my instincts twitch about who you are.
    Yes, “Greg” I did all of the things I was supposed to do and I notified my breakdown department and did what I was advised to do. I also went potty that day Greg but I did not include it in the post.
    You have also assumed way too much and we all know what it means to ASSume. This load was not part of the dedicated fleet assignment if you re-read the post. It was the load to get me into a region where I could work under my new dispatcher which included using equipment from that dedicated account.

    Therefore, this was one of the last times I had to use my companies trailers which at that time in October 2008 where very much in disrepair. The point of including that in the post is that the trailers had been neglected and I am well aware of the fine system for dropping a bad trailer but I know it is not followed up on enough OR it was not at that time this event took place.

    When I was in California I took several trailers into the shop to help out and I was also thanked for doing it and not complaining like some other drivers. I was happy to help out because our trailers were in poor shape and I’d rather be moving than sitting in a concrete parking lot waiting for a load.

    I could go on and on about dates, times and events Greg, but you are missing the essence of what I am saying. I believe you are trying to create doubt and divert attention from the real root of what I am saying here.

    Accidents and Incidents can and will happen because there are so many components and variables in the logistics supply chain. In the case of a Hazardous Materials there is an added responsibility so the best equipment should be available. I personally do not think that the Federal Government should give an Endorsement to a Student Trucker from day 1 for multiple reasons.

    1. It is a National Security Issue

    2. Most Student Truckers never make it through their first couple years and of them many are involved in accidents.

    3. To properly understand the many log procedures WITHOUT HAZ MAT takes a good deal of time so expecting Students to add another book load of regulations in their memory banks in such a short period of time adds another stick on the camel’s back.

    4. Not providing Students the very BEST equipment to haul those loads is inexcusable and stacks the odds against their favor.

    The damage to this particular tire was a round flat spot that was not visible upon my initial inspection because it was the portion of tire on ground. After receiving the placards and bills, I called my friend and he called his friend so they could step by step DOUBLE CHECK everything I had done.

    That is when I did a second inspection with a flashlight under the carriage and saw the flat spot which was not visible until now that the tire had moved.

    Greg, you are shooting in the dark try to shift blame, obviously for a reason.

    Once the issue was detected I worked with my company to do what I was told. Since that night I did have a paint spill for a poorly packed load that was CONFIRMED as that Shippers Fault.
    That gave me another perspective on this topic. It was handled really well but it still made me see with my own eyes that requiring a Hazardous Materials Endorsements for Students is not prudent for the Student or National Security.

    Even at this time I had over a year of experience but was UNDER the 2 years I would need to go to the next level in a trucking career. Should an incident occur it would be the driver left holding the bag and ultimately have something on their DAC.

    So Greg, if you are trying to incite a federal investigation into this topic, I will be happy to elaborate on all of the details and procedures.

    My company and I handled the situation and worked together just fine. It is the equipment that needs and entire replacement and the licensing system with the Federal Government for its national security breaches I am speaking about. I have spent a good deal of time examining this so perhaps you should do the same before you try to split hairs with me.

    Now, I feel compelled to mention “Greg” that the last time you were upset was when I mentioned Employees being charged to Idling and Smart Way EPA award.

    You did not mention that in this diatribe.
    It is curious that you are provoked on 2 issues that have to do with the Federal Government in particular.

    Thanks for writing….


  11. Desiree

    AND… Don’t forget that @TruckinDogKarma has her own opinions and perspective and list of what is important in the World.

  12. Desiree

    Here are some comments on my WordPress about the Dan Rather Response from ATA there are also lots of people writing the Show now with their experiences & the Trucking Forums are a buzz with people coming forward to give their stories. Make Sure you read Allens information to Stop False DAC Reporting which is the next component is the Student Trucker Industry which helps generate the shortage also.

  13. Allen Smith

    We’re noticing comments on this and a couple of other posts on AskTheTrucker, that are making assumptions and/or deliberate accusations towards the writer of this post, ” A Day in the Life of a Lady Trucker.”
    If you can not verify your “quotes” of what you say the author said, or confirm your assumptions of something “you feel” the author “did”, your comment will not be approved.

  14. Allen Smith

    I would further add that what business is it of “Greg” if polices or reg’s were violated? What long-time, experienced driver has not violated some kind of policy or regulation? Anybody ever fudged on their log book? Turns out that Desiree DID contact her company . . . turns out the company WAS aware of all matters . . . one should not “speak” about matters they know nothing about . . . like she said, it’s – “shooting in the dark.” —- Allen Smith

  15. greg

    So asking questions about what Desiree has written in her post about company policies and procedures about hazmat loads and the training program, is off limits now? I thought the whole idea of her story was to get the truth out about training schools and training company. I am as a Master Trainer at Covenant Transport am I not suppose to ask questions about her story now? As a master trainer I am quite knowledgeable of company policies and procedures and the training program as i have been a trainer for 7yrs and a member of the saftey dept. I am not making accusations or allegations I am asking questions pertaining to statement she has made in her story.

  16. greg

    Why has she not asnwered questions posted by co-workers and why hasnt she anwered about the Texas Rape Legislation testimony I asked about I would be very interested in finding the law and reading testimony. I have searched for it and thus far have been unable to find case law and her testimony

  17. greg

    AS a Master Trainer I am a member of the the Saftey Dept. Also as a general member of the traveling public I believe it is my BUISNESS. To ask questions on whether a hazmat load is traveling safley down the highways and byways of these wonderful UNITED STATES. I thought that you wanted to make the roads a safer place to travel. So you ALLEN have no problem with a driver violationg policies or regulations? So are you as a driver or former driver admiting to violiating policy or regs?

  18. greg

    Just one simple question How long are companies and or trainers suppose to hold an adult male/ females , student/rookies drivers hand? I would really like to know the answer to this question is it 5yrs or 3yrs or 15yrs what is it?

  19. Mick

    Bravo!!! Hey “Greg” I had a beer once or twice before I was 21. Take a rest man.

    • Stacy

      RIGHT ON!

  20. Allen Smith

    Greg, There’s nothing wrong in asking questions, when it is written in question form. Assumptions, and accusations of those assumptions, are totally different and appear to be written in a way as an attempt to discredit the writer.
    If indeed you believe that you have important information that can add to the truth, then I believe you should contact Dan Rather Reports, as both we, and they (Dan Rather Reports) have requested.
    The “Truth” is what we are all seeking, and if you can offer that info we suggest you do so.
    Again, questions about the post are welcome, along with Facts. However, hearsay and accusations are not. We do hope that Covenant has contacted them also.
    If you have a discrepancy in something written in this Post, please refer back to the authors statement, copy and paste it in quotes, and then comment.
    As far as the Texas Rape Legislation, there was a major write up about it. I believe the Wall Street Journal also had a write up recently. Donna

  21. Desiree

    Dear Greg:

    I drrive almost every day because the dedicated account I am on stays steady.
    This story has links to my site & relevant articles all over & throughout the “Ask the Trucker” websppace so saying you can’t find something means you are too lazy to look or you are continuing to imply doubt.
    This could be for two reasons:
    You ae representing the company to be a troll OR you have something to hide.
    Your conduct & your status as a Master Tainer & representitive of the Safety Department are only serving to strengthen my point that that being a Trainer does not mean you can Teach.
    A Trainer at the time I was trained spent about 35 days with the student. That first 2 weeks I needed her to teach mme & then I needed her to help me perfect what I was taught so I could do it alone when she was gone. That did not happen.
    I went with a second trainer who helped me get through the loose strings & between him & a nice guy in the Safety Dept. who helped me more I was able to learn things my trainer FAILED to teach me.
    I never had someone to call for questions but I met helpful folks along the way who let me fine tune things.
    Your conduct here makes me feel compelled to say I would NEVER ask you forr directions to a toilet let alone for assistance becoming a PROFESSIONAL DRIVER.

  22. Desiree

    Here is the Wall Street Journal Article it is about a 20 year old cold rape case solved in Dec 08 & it also spawned online trolls who wanted to insert themselves into my story. I am heading for hometime & will meet these Ladies while I am there.

  23. Greg

    (Desiree) First I don’t apprecaited the personal attacks on me. I have not attacked you personally nor have i discredited you, if you feel that I have it was unintened and I apologized. I am not a troll and I do not speak on Covenant Transport behave nor have I ever stated that I was. You made an assupumtion that was lazy. I google your name and texas rape legistation only it didnt bring up any
    testimony that you gave that is what I was asking about I am very intersted in how legislation is passed. Please be more specific and give examples of how my conduct was inappropriate. ” Your conduct & your status as a Master Tainer & representitive of the Safety Department are only serving to strengthen my point that that being a Trainer does not mean you can Teach.” Well if a post I had made had not been deleted I stated that I have been training for 7yrs. Also as a Master trainer I am part of the Saftey dept never said i was a representive. I also have nothing to hide. I train students to the best of my capablities. I also tell them which is a true statement that the majority of the things you learn is on the job training cuz even after 14yrs driving over a million safe miles I still learn new things everday.

  24. greg

    Donna I would be more than happy to speak with Dan Rather reports but I have no way of contacting them

    • Allen Smith

      You can reach the Dan Rather group by writing We have it posted in our articles in this blog and many people are replying.
      Have you been reading the articles pertaining to the video? There are 2 main ones concerning the video.

  25. greg

    Really thats awesome dude did you drive also after those beers. I am on a rest right now cuz I am on my 10hr dot break

  26. Desiree

    Dear Greg:

    This is how a Bill is Made

    and Please Support “Jason’s Law” for Safe Trucker Parking

    You Can Help Pass Legislation By Getting Involved….

    Call Your Representitives

    Everyone has a voice, many just don’t use it

  27. Allen Smith

    A driver should not violate policies or reg’s. Too many variables that cause this to occur however. Of course I have . . . not intentionally, but due to all the circumstances that drivers face . . . it happens . . . here you go again “shooting at the stars” – safety is always priority . . . as a “master trainer” you should work towards preventing the constant battle between Safety and Dispatch – dispatch pushing drivers to pull loads that they cannot do legally and safely, and Safety coming back on them . . . I’m sure you know what I’m talking about . . . you have the opportunity to discuss more if you care to on our show 11-4-09 – —- There are plenty Safety advocates out there . . . My main focus are the scams of the OTR industry …. thanks for the post —- Allen

  28. CHERIE



    • Allen Smith

      I have removed the name you placed in the story instead of “Tony” I was curious of why you or this person felt it was him in the story? By doing so, doesn’t that show that he fit the character? Kind of like the old saying, “If the shoe fits, wear it”

      Again, this is the writers story of her accounts and perspective of her experiences during CDL school and Company Training.
      You are a third party trying to expose the characters in this story. Do these people know you are trying to put in their real names and in doing so associating them as the character?

      Also, you can not speak for these people. If these people want their comments and opinions posted, then they must post themselves. After all, you could be saying anything….anybody can do that.

  29. CHERIE


    “”2009.10.22 23:27, cc said:

    I’m very happy for you Desiree… Your accounts of these events are a little over the top but that’s ok… There are a lot of good lessons here and I hope you ladies get what you need. You should really write a book girl because you have a great imagination. I thought I’d be upset about what was reported to me but if it’s not the truth how could it hurt. It’s too funny absolutely funny… One more thing you should really take something called self evaluation. You are too much… wish you the best girl, keep on trucking and stay safe.””



  30. Desiree

    Dear CC:

    I’m glad you have been here and wondered if you stayed trucking. The last time I spoke to you you said you were thinking of going home. You also shared some of your training experiences with me and the guy we met at Carville shared some of his reminders when he was present at youe test out.

    There is no way I could write all of the details, the good the bad then fun the drama with the amount of time I did all this in and complete my driving schedule.

    Yes, this is my perspective so of course it’s one sided. I am a serious person. I like to work and I don’t like baloney. When it’s time for fun, I like to have fun. When I get focused on a project I zoom into it like Lion and I go for it.

    I can be very short and impatient with people who are not as focused as I am when I am working on a project. I am competitvie, I like to win but I am not a sore loser.

    I sit back an observe a situation before I attempt to attack it and I generally size up how everyone else failed before me before I make my strategy.

    I am sometimes assumed to be aloof or a snob because I am very much an observer, I also do not socialize very much because it does not benefit anyone and wastes time.

    I do try to listen to people who need someone to vent on, I do not have many solutions for them but I see that sometimes just listening to them helps them to blow off steam.

    I do wish I had solutions though and that is the reason I wrote this story. I enjoyed meeting every single person and I had good days and bad with every one of them.

    I wish you all the best.

  31. Desiree

    Dear Cherie:

    Donna did not want to moderate your comment because you are trying to take third hand comments and state them as facts. This is precisely why many of these occurrences are so intertwined it is because of the never-ending gossip mill.
    So, already you are validating my story by associating who you believe fits the character description. The Rumor Mill, Junior High School He Said/She Said climate that our company conducts its training under.
    This Student Trucker Story was written on a PDA 1 letter at a time over the course of a year and after I had sent over 88 emails of correspondence to the company documenting to superiors what was happening as it happened.
    This story is a story from those documented events and because I wrote it on a PDA so there is a lot of information that is not included and I feel confident in saying “Tony: would not want all of those things published.
    The story is meant to be both entertaining and informative to show the variety of personalities a prospective student will encounter in a “Team Business Model” Training experience and they should take that into account knowing that their crucial first 2 years will depend on getting through the training and the 6 month of team requirement.
    You seem to be missing the entire point.

    Also, as I said in my story, they were some posts that were lost because when I was trying to post with my PDA it crashed out and those posts were lost forever, some of those were about “Tony” who I named because of his manner. He seems to pride himself as being a very tough over dramatic “Tony Montana from the movie “Scarface”. He is cartoonish in his over dramatizations of events and he likes to make lots of grandiose statements.

    I spent a good deal of time with “Tony” we went to school together and we lived in a truck together. At our CDL School as I said in my story, I had two friends I rode the train with everyday and we were called “The Three Musketeers”, “Tony knows that.
    He also knows we all had a great camaraderie at CDL School; he was the only one who engaged “JJ” who was a freak. “JJ” actually was kicked of the truck during our final testing day at our CDL School by the instructor. “JJ” did not complete his test that day but was given a certificate anyways and landed up at our company.

    There were 5 of us I think who came to our company from that class. When the administrator from our CDL School came to the course to schedule us for Orientation in Chattanooga we ALL asked to go the following week so we WOULD NOT see “JJ” again. Our administrator commented to me when I made the same request that I was the 5th person to say the same thing about “JJ”.
    I have kept in touch with my 2 friends from CDL School and one of them saw “Tony” a few months back in Wyoming and said he did not stay to talk to him.

    The reason is this, at CDL School and at Orientation we all were like Brothers and Sister. It was “Tony” who told me to get off the truck with the first guy who asked if I was a “Rasist” for resisting his badgering for sex. I teamed with that guy to accommodate “Tony” for his time off.

    It was “Tony” who interviewed this guy with me before I got on the truck with him and it was “Tony” and another guy from my CDL School who carried my bags that night when I got on the truck with that guy and told him again very firmly “She’s here to WORK, she’s like our sister “.

    The other person present that night was a guy named Oscar who also went to our CDL School. He suffered a severe concussion and would never drive again because his trainer at our company had him driving nights in winter with his little bit of experience and he hit black ice. That little bit of experience that Oscar had was less than the experience “Tony” ad I had. “Tony” is a good driver albeit impatient at the time. I was also a good driver despite I learned not nearly as much as I should have from my trainer. “Tony” was more advanced.

    Oscar knew enough to pull over when he slid but another truck rear ended him. Oscar’s driving career was over just a few weeks into his “Finishing School” training at our company. Ask “Tony” about Oscar.

    Also, I am not sure “Tony” knows he was on TV? By the craziest coincidence the Dan Rather Cameramen were filming at our CDL School in Miami when “Tony” was on the property with his new truck.

    Even a funnier side note, I was also in Miami going to a shipper just down the street and passed “Tony’s” house and saw his truck parked in front of his place very close to the Shipper I was going to. After I picked up my load, he flew past me on I-95 going north.

    I am not clear why he was at our CDL School in Miami when his house is just a couple miles away and he can park there, unless he was recruiting for our company. We had been offered that opportunity when we went to CDL School to be paid $75 to come to the School after and show new students our truck to help encourage them to come to our company.

    I did not ever say that in CDL School or at Orientation we did not get along. To the contrary, we all watched out for each other.
    When we arrived at the company for orientation we were very popular and had quite a bit of fun. I did not participate in all the night time fun with ‘Tony” and the gang but I was one of the group and we all kept in touch by texting during our training.
    “Tony” had a good trainer, I did not. Still, “Tony” did get into it with his trainer and had to go to the Hutchins terminal to “Work it out”. I say “Good” as in he was through in training “Tony” all the “ins and outs” perhaps more so that “Tony” wanted to know and it rubbed him the wrong way.

    On a personal level though they did not mesh and this was the source of their “blow out” The bottom line with my experience with “Tony” is this:
    I knew him better than perhaps any other person. We had mutual friends, we went to school together, and he drove all of us at lunchtime in Miami. He told me about his Ex-Wife, his Kids and talked to me about the girls he liked, even one from orientation who I thought was pretty cool.
    “Tony” and I experienced a lot together; we had some good days and bad days. I had a crappy trainer, he did not. I made special accommodations to team with him and tried multiple times to wriggle out of it because of his temper & his smoking and I was concerned that he did not pass his blood pressure check first go round. I think that is fair to say as I had no experience and we would be teaming in winter and I would be sleeping while he drove. I don’t know his entire medical history and seeing him fail that test made me worried. Especially when I saw his temper and his smoking.

    “Tony” knew I was top in our CDL Class, he knew I was smart and capable but he has his own issues with letting himself relax with a “GIRL” at the controls capable or not, it freaked him out.
    He is a highly excitable person. He is a huge component to my story because despite the fact that we were friends, he was quick to throw me under the bus when he feared I might tell on him that he wanted to roll on ice, not ONCE but Three times.

    The truth is I never ran and tattletale on him that and MANY other things he did BUT HE did begin trying to lay a path to discredit me right away and I was not aware of how low he would go.
    That is why our other friend from CDL School did not want to talk to him. That is why our friend in Michigan was disgusted that “Tony” who was part of a big group of friends who kept in touch and watched out for each other would throw me under the bus and try to paint a very different picture of the truth to cover his butt.
    There are a number of eyewitnesses to the scene “Tony” made in Sacramento and in Pomona as well as emails I exchanged with our dispatcher and “Sam” while “Tony” was trying very hard to create a drama to cover him.
    I was later apologized to by our dispatcher who admitted he made a mistake. “Sam” knew from before I got on the truck with “Tony” that I was trying to wriggle “out of” teaming with “Tony” because of his temper.
    The spectacle “Tony” made in Pomona left many grown Men embarrassed for “Tony” and the way he behaved BUT something good came from it. I made some very good friends and it was at this time I knew a few good people to call for assistance as I forged ahead.
    “Mag” was someone I had been trying to Hook “Tony” up with because they both lived in Miami but neither of them would have it. My objective was to keep rolling. I wanted to work. I did not know that at the time “Tony” and I had our Blow Out that “Bella” had just had one with “Mag” or I would have never gotten on his truck.
    “MS” did know and did not do anything to prevent me from getting into a potentially violent situation.
    Also, “Tony” had stayed in touch with “JJ” who had bragged about raping his girlfriend on his time off from our company. “Bella” had suffered a heart attack while teaming with “JJ” and she was then on a Truck with “Mag”, I am unclear all of what transpired and it is none of my business except that both “JJ” and “Mag” were known by “MS” to be potentially violent and she alone could have prevented me from getting on that truck and she did not.
    There is so much more good and bad I could tell but the point of the STORY is to talk about the “Student Trucker Industry” you already have your information garbled by trying to recount what “You Heard”.
    NOW, if “TONY” himself wants to go toe to toe, eyeball to eyeball on facts….. That will be something I will look forward to doing but I don’t think our company or our CDL School would appreciate it too much.

    I am not trying to paint my self as some kind of Snow White which many people try to label me with. I can definitely hold my own verbally and physically. I don’t take any crap off anyone and like I told one of our management… “You poke me with a stick long enough you are going to meet someone you really do not want to meet”

    Any of my Ex-Husbands will atest to that

  32. Desiree

    Dear Cherie:

    Once again, you are skimming into a story based on event with characters are making them facts.

    I will say that I did not see CC’s post until now and I am glad to see it.

    Still, it was me and CC there not you and it was me and “Tony” there and not you.

    You keep wanting to go on a fact finding mission from a story BASED on events NOT from the actual dated documented details.

    This story was created to help new students THINK about personality differences BEFORE they choose a company and get into a “Team Business Model” experience PLUS raise other questions.

    I am not offended in the least. I like CC’s comment, I liked CC, there were things I liked about everyone and things I learned from everyone.

    You are doing something I chose NOT to do in this story and that is name names because these are all characters meant to keep the readers interest AND paint a picture interesting enough that someone like Dan Rather would want to Investigate the REAL actual EVIDENCE that I collected and documented at the time this was really occurring.

    You have actually printed peoples real names and tried to make this story thefactual document as though it was to be entered in a courtroom and it is NOT, it is the basis of other documents that are not public but have been provided to our Company and Dan Rather and the other Documentry Groups uncovering the Student Trucker Industry.

    This story is also for prospective students to help them collect notes on what might help them make better decisions before they make commitments.

    From CC’s post, it seems like she see’s that. No one wants to be immortalized without their input, thats why I changed the names, they are my opinions, you are trying to makes these images more than you should.

    No one like a picture of them published without final approval.

    I think you are trying to make something more REAL from a story rather than see what the moral of the story is and that is. Perseverance against all odds either real or imagined

  33. Allen Smith

    Good news, Cherie! Other sides of the story can be heard! Tomorrow, 11-4-09 at 7PM EST – Our Blog Talk Radio Show – – 90 minute show to give everyone a chance to give their side of the story!!!!! — Show call in number: (347) 826-9170
    I’ll be looking forward to your call – Allen Smith

  34. Mick

    It would seem that someone that has multiple degrees in various disciplines where they would know the consequences of posting someones real name without permission must have an agenda that they would like brought forward. Seems the best person to tell ones side of a story is that person themselves.

  35. Desiree

    Dear Mick
    Yes I agree & I know there are personal agendas , the point of this story seems to be entirely missed by these few people but it is also an indicator of what goes on at my company.
    This IS the climate & it is normal there unless one removes themselves from the daily gossip & strives to get a clear icture of ALL the trucking schools, training Companies, experienced companies, O/O & the major governing organizations like the ATA & OOIDA uon examining all of this you see this story simply was a catapult into a lager topic that many people in student trucking companies are not meant to ever understand.
    Thus the Gossip Mill is encouraged & even longtime veterans engage in it

  36. Desiree

    Dear Cherie & Greg:
    Here is my personal Rape Story which includes some of the online stalking I have experienced since I began writing this story & some other information about how this crime played into my student trucker horror story.
    There are links in it to look at the final legislation & the Wall Street Journal Article after the Texas Bill was passed.
    “Tony” was the only one who knew I had a rape in my past & may have had some renewed trauma from being on that first truck.
    “Tony” was my friend from CDL School we confided in each other many things.
    This story is not about “Tony” but he is important because even someone who you have been friends with will change once they are put in a stressful situation.
    Here is my Rape for your reading pleasure:

  37. Christie

    Alright truckers, I’m coming to this post because it seems to be the most frequently read on this page!! I’m going to post a link below and I really and truly hope that we can get some positive from the truckers in the country who read this. This young boy (senior in h.s.) was injured pretty badly in his last football game of his h.s. career! It’s questionable if this young man will ever walk again! He can use as many prayers as he can possibly get at this point!! Thanks in advance!!

    I know this isn’t trucking related, just trying to get this young man in as many prayers as possible!!!

  38. Allen Smith

    Never underestimate the power of prayer! Take one moment from whatever you’re doing for this young man….Allen & Donna

  39. Christie

    Thanks guys! Appreciate you approving this even though it’s not trucking related!

  40. Rick

    Let me start by saying I am a 29yr driver who has seen firsthand exactly what you describe. My wife was a trainer for a large carrier in the ’90’s. She told me about one of the male trainers touching her and then acting like he did nothing wrong when she decked him. HE was the injured party! Found out he was routinely giving his female students the “option” of the easy plan or just be a student. He was also involved with one of the female dispatchers and he was married.
    Of course, my wife had to deal with female students who did not want to learn how to drive, as they were intended to be an extra logbook for their husband/boyfriend. One actually took a swing at her!
    The company we were with would not allow male students to train with female trainers, but female students could go out with male trainers. I thought that was silly. But, not as silly as two newbies trying to learn together. Or as silly as trainer/students running team right out of the box. How do you teach from the bunk? How do you learn when you are exhausted? The politicians will tell you truck driving is an unskilled job anyone can do. I once tossed my keys to a state congressman with a challenge to get it out of the parking lot bobtail. He declined.
    Not everyone understands the trucking industry, even the people inside. Companies have been using college-educated dispatchers for years, not always to good effect. Trucking is not like any other industry. Driving is not like any other job, the reason few people are suited to it. And a former driver is not necessarily a good dispatcher, nor a college-degree holding otherwise smart person.
    As you might have guessed, I am not enthusiastic about our future. This industry has problems, no doubt. Allowing criminals to prey on unsuspecting people, male or female, is unexcusable. Allowing inexperienced people to train the needed new people is simply stupid. I personally will not ever turn a blind eye to sexual abuse or physical abuse. Bullies get no free pass. I always treat everyone I come into contact with like I would like to be treated. I never yell at dispatch or receivers or shippers. Sometimes, that isn’t easy. Trucking isn’t easy. And I have no easy answers. But I admire Desiree’s courage. She is remarkably similar to my wife.

  41. Desiree

    Dear Christie:

    I have taken the link you posted & put it on Twitter with a #Prayer Hash tag
    There are lots of groups of people in Twitter who “RT, ReTweet” or forward and continue to circulate info… I find this caring circle of activity to be healing for my soul. Finding others who care about strangers from around the world has been the greatest gift I have gained from this writing experience.

  42. Desiree

    Dear Rick:

    Thanks for your comment. In a nutshell yes these are frequent well known problems but that the Trucking Industry has failed to take initiative to implement training & self-policing to correct.
    Rather they spend more effort to cover it up & even this “Women in Trucking” Organization seems to be intended to facilitate the cover up by having a forum but actually its meant to corral & censor complaints much like an HR Dept. Operates.
    Many of these situations require further training like as you would see from law enforcement investigators who PROFILE behavior.
    That is costly but for a “team business model” you are bring this liabilty on yourself ( I mean the companies) because you are actually inviting the misconduct from poor support & training.
    Tracy Tuttle-Hamm of the CRST Sex Harrassment Case joined us on the Blog Talk Radio show & expressed the idea of a watchdog advocate. This is a great idea & NOT a PHONY ADVOCATE like Ellen Voie or Sandy Long who are wanting to accomadate Men to “Fit in” & moderate posts by Women who seek support & berate them for seeking help.
    Tracy posted on facebook she was disapointed our radio show was consumed so much we could not tap into a solutions debate & I was also bummed as well as many listeners who emailed me afterwards.
    Hopefully we can have another show very soon for REAL SOLUTIONS …. in the meantime Both Tracy & I can be found on Facebook (its easier that Twitter) and we have got lots of Male & Female Truckers finding us & Supporting this Wave that is building for CHANGE in the Trucking Industry

  43. Christie

    If you actually go on the website, the father keeps a pretty frequent update going on his condition, some happy some sad, but very informative on his condition!!

  44. […] his Wife Donna provided me a place to tell my story and not be moderated away. It was my story “A Day in the Life of a Lady Trucker” that captured the interest of producers who had no real understanding of the trucking industry […]

  45. ll

    Just think.. I passed my cdl permit with hazmat endorsements, DOT exam for Schneider, then their school went out of business a scant two years later. It would have taken over two years to pay off the exorbitant amount for the trucking school, and would have likely had to endure the 6 month otr with complete stranger as a partner. Think about this, people.

    My grandfather was a trucker’s partner way back in the 40’s and 50’s. We heard the stories growing up, even then! He did not drive, he did all the heavy loading and unloading on a local route.

  46. Truckerrick

    Just going to make a short comment about the CDl schools that are done in house at some companies……MONEY! not only are they making money off you, but they also are recieving money from the govt as re-imbursement per student, upwards of 6 grand per student. So,IMO it is a racket

    • Allen Smith

      Yup, you got it. We’ll be writing a post about it soon.

  47. Judy Sims

    I voiced my opinion in a new blog at my site. Women, in fact, have been treated badly in just about anything considered ‘man’s world’ although things have actually improved over the past 20 years or so.

    I think attitude carries a lot of weight and hope I can help women in the trucking arena.

  48. Allen Smith

    Hi Judy, Thank you for posting. If I’m correct, you’ve been driving since the 70’s. I’m sure you’ve got a lot of stories to tell and we wouldn’t mind having you on our Blog Talk Radio Show to share with the many women followers we have. I’m sure Desiree would love to be on that show also, as well as quite a few women we know in trucking.

    Thanks again for your comment and we’ll be sure to re-visit your blog again.

  49. Lisa Reeves

    I am a woman that is sincerely looking into trucking as a profession. I hate to hear all the horror stories, and there is plenty that I am wondering about. I am just looking for a position that I can do my job and do it well, without all the BS. I just came from a company where I was the only female in that part of the company, and many of the guys didn’t like it. I have been yelled at, and told not to touch that because I was stupid. There was equipment that they refused to let me learn about, and the supervisors were in on that. That was thier problem, and I didn’t let it become mine. I did my job to the best of my abilities. I admired them for the knowledge and experience they had, and worked very hard to keep it civil. Some of the guys were great, and wanted to share everything they knew. I think trucking will be about the same, I just hope there are more good guys than jerks this time. If not, well, to bad, I am not a quitter.

  50. Allen Smith

    Hi Lisa: There are “horror” stories for many industries and OTR trucking is no exception – for both men and women. There is no doubt that many newcomers to trucking still have to “pay their dues” in this business, and the ones who make it are those who stick it out and have the attitude that you have … “not a quitter.” With all the recent insights about women trainee harassment, etc., I can understand your concern. Just keep in mind, that there are thousands of women drivers who are driving successfully and enjoying their careers. You have the right attitude . . . with the right cdl school and the right company, you can make it work.

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