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A checklist of Common Truck Problems

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In order to know if your truck parts are mechanically sound and to ensure your trucks’  safety on the roads, you should regularly check the condition and performance of the following truck parts:



Air Brakes

It is essential for your trip that your truck’s air brakes are working properly. In order to make sure you do not need to replace the air brakes, you can conduct inspection of your truck prior to the trip or after that. Pre-trip is not as important as post-trip inspection. Therefore, you must write it down in your daily log book. When you come back from a trip, do not forget to observe its performance.

Fan Clutch

You need to replace your truck parts if it has a faulty fan clutch. If a fan shroud is missing, it can affect the performance of a truck negatively. This is because the cooling effectiveness of the truck’s fan can be reduced. In this situation, it can overheat the engine especially in hot weather or when hauling large loads.

Ball Joints

Balls joints hold a truck’s wheel so that it does not fall or get separated from the truck. Since ball joints are smaller parts of a truck, it is difficult to know whether you need to replace your truck’s ball joints or not. However, you can easily do it if you have a lot of experience in automobile repair. Otherwise, the safest way is to call a reliable mechanic.

Water Pump

If you notice any wobble or seepage in the shaft, then you need to get it replaced. The performance of the pump is necessary because any damage to the pump can also lead to overheating of the engine. Also, check that your truck does not have the wrong pump installed, as this can also cause the overheating of the truck’s engine. This latter problem is more likely in older or second hand trucks where non-OEM replacement parts have been used.

Brake System

If the reservoir of air tanks is full, it needs to be drained in order to check the performance of the brake system. Therefore, you should ensure the collected water has been removed from the reservoir. The main reason of doing this is to check whether the brake system is performing well or not. After doing this, drive your truck on an empty road and check the performance of brakes.


Since a truck’s engine is the main component, its performance depends on different other parts. Similarly, thermostat also plays a vital role here. Check the thermostat to ensure your engine does not need any replacement. Make sure it is not overheated.


You can check if your radiator is performing well if it does not overheat. However, it is important to know to what extent the engine can heat up in order to avoid the radiator from overheating. There can be numerous consequences of overheating. For instance, if your truck’s engine has started overheating, the gasoline engine will begin to detonate. When the combination of pressure and heat will exceed, the engine will start losing power.

On the other hand, overheating also causes pre-ignition. As a result, hot spots can be developed in the combustion chamber. Since overheating can swell aluminium faster than iron, the head gasket can be blown. If the pressure is increased, then the radiator of your truck is more likely to be damaged. Furthermore, this can lead to replacing your truck part.


Tachographs are a small circle of paper that are inscribed with a line as a truck is being driven. When the truck is in motion a line will continue to be drawn until it stops and the line will stop being drawn, but the disk will continue to rotate.

The problems with analogue tachographs are that they can be tampered with. Truck drivers can block the pen from writing even when the truck is still in motion or mark a line manually to show that they have stopped when they havn’t.

The introduction of digital tachographs to replace analogue tachos was introduced in 2006 throughout the EU. This regulation stated that, from 1st May 2006 the fitment of digital tachographs is mandatory, for all new vehicles exceeding 3.5 tonne. This not only improved the accuracy of driver distance and time accuracy but also the safety of truck drivers in general.

This article was provided by Balman Ltd providers of high quality truck parts and tachographs.

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