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Trucking Social Media – Is anybody listening?



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We’re already into May and with MATS behind us all, life continues on within the trucking industry, especially for the professional driver.  Their concerns are many and include topics such as: low wages, CSA, Health Issues, EOBR’s, Sleep Apnea, Lack of Truck Parking, Cheap Freight, fuel costs, regulations, truck idling,  CDL training standards, HOS, and the list goes on.  Is anyone listening?


Drivers aren’t alone when it comes to concerns. The industry’s concerns include such topics as: the qualified driver shortage, CSA, driver retention rates, HOS,  regulations, fuel costs, EPA requirements, and  their list also goes on.


One of the greatest and most common concerns for many within the industry has been, “How can I be heard?”  Whether that comes form an individual fighting for justice, a blogger desiring to share their thoughts and ideas, or a company needing to share their products or services, the NEED TO BE HEARD and recognized is vital to them all, but…..Is anyone listening?
Social Media has opened the door for the need to be heard, including those within the trucking industry.  Drivers use social media sites to address issues, share common interests, express their thoughts and opinions, and to connect with one another. Government agencies, such as the DOT, are encouraging dialogue and attempting to listen to concerns and suggestions, and companies are trying to reach their targeted audiences through Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus,YouTube, and a host of other social media sites.

Social Media has bridged a huge gap for those who want to be heard and for those who are listening.  The Social Media platform has turned the once foreign concept of being reachable and personable  into relationship building and transparency.  2 way communication through computers, tablets, and smart phones has supported and strengthened the bond of those who are “saying” and those who are “listening”    SM has strengthened some and destroyed others, but the fact remains it is here to stay and continues to grow by leaps and bounds.

The  Truck Driver Social Media Convention ( TDSMC) broke ground in 2011 with its debut, introducing those within trucking who wanted to be heard with those who chose to listen.  Professional drivers gathered with industry professionals to listen, learn, comment, share ideas, and network.  The result?  People spoke and others listened. As attendees Networked together, business ventures succeeded, information was shared, concerns were addressed, groups were formed, and relationships were built.

Last year at the convention; drivers, companies, organizations, and government officials openly discussed concerns and solutions.  Elaine Papp of the FMCSA listened to the Deaf Truckers United Group as they expressed their deep concerns ( through an interpreter) regarding hearing requirements of the physical qualifications standards at 49 391.41(b)(11).
A few months later the FMCSA granted 40 hearing exemptions letters.  This was the first time the agency had granted such exemptions.
Was anyone listening? I think they were.

Now in it’s 3rd year, the 2013  TDSMC continues to encourage those within the industry to once again network together as they honor the professional driver.
Attendees of the last 2 years have experienced the tremendous enthusiasm, embracing the Social Media phenomenon at the Annual Truck Driver Social Media Convention.
TDSMC : Reaching out to one another through relationship building, communication, honesty, and transparency.

The 2013 TDSMC will be held once again in Kansas City, MO on October 11-13 at Harrah’s 
Highlights for this year include:

Topics and Speakers
The Truck Parking Shortage and Jasons Law- Hope Rivenburg, Rich Wilson, Andy Warcaba,
Truck Driver Wages and the Driver Shortage-  Jeff Barker
The Power of Social Media – Jim Bouchard

Q&A Session
Our Sponsors

Special Guests
Kylla Leeburg- Truckers Against Trafficking
Desiree Wood- The Womens Trucker Network

The Jason Rivenburg Making a Difference Award   Candidates are: Richard Wilson, Randall Doane, and Kathy Cass  VOTE HERE
The Pride in Your Ride Truck Contest
Almost $10,000.00 of prize drawings to attendees and award winners from 3rd year sponsor Cobra Electronics and 2nd Year Sponsor GoTruckStop
$99.00  Tickets include Friday evening Welcome Reception Party, Saturday and Sunday buffets, meeting room refreshments, speaker presentations, truck parking, tickets to prize drawings, and entry to Pride in Your Ride Truck Contest.

For more information, including the schedule of events go to
or Contact Allen or Donna Smith






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