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Truth About Trucking: Watch Out for Copy Cats


There is only ONE  The book was originally written by me, Aubrey “Allen” Smith in 2000, and launched across the world wide web in 2005 with its revised, updated version, “The Truth About Trucking” is much needed knowledge for student drivers, new, inexperienced drivers and even some of the more hard core drivers. Having grown weary of witnessing countless drivers struggling to make trucking work, I set out to help those who wanted it.

Having spent the last three years working hard to spread the word out about the trucking industry scams, my wife Donna and I tirelessly work to learn the ways of the internet, website building, SEO procedures and spend hundreds of hours of our own time answering emails, providing research for those who need the help, and now have even launched the Truth About Trucking “LIVE” talk radio show to give drivers and all interested in the trucking industry as a career, to have their voices heard across the entire world.

My main goal from the very beginning was to get the information out to anyone who wanted it. Still driving and working 60-70 hour work weeks, I spend my days off making the website better by adding FREE bonus reports, writing articles and providing a FREE newsletter to all who want it. Recognized as a leading expert in Motor Carrier Transportation, the Truth About Trucking is fighting for our nation’s drivers and desires to raise the standards of the trucking industry.

Our information is available for anybody who would like to have it . . . but through my articles, blog posts, bonus reports and now, the talk radio show . . . I send a clear message for students and new inexperienced drivers that “this is what you need to know” before you jump into a life of over the road trucking. I am also sending a clear message to the trucking companies and truck driving schools that together, we can change an industry filled with scams and lies. Trucking can work as a career, but without learning first hand from an unbiased, thirty year veteran and expert in the field, you will spend years of hardship and struggles like so many other veteran drivers have done, and in some cases are still doing.

Naturally, when someone comes along with an important message where there exists nothing like it before, the copy cats will follow. You will find a few more trucking sites floating around the internet, but what I have found is that they are limited  with their own original ideas and assistance. It appears that they watch and observe what we do next, and then just change the words around a little bit in order to make it their own.

 “The Truth About Trucking” is about getting the truth out in regards to the trucking industry. In doing so we will raise the standards of the trucking industry. I could secure all of my free articles and reports where they could not be reproduced, but that would only be defeating the original purpose: to get the message out to everyone I possible can.

So , let the others re-create what I do,  rewrite my articles, posts, comments and reports and  utilize them in a way that it appears that “they “are the originals; as long as it will get the message out to students and new drivers… which is the ultimate goal . . .

We do offer some of the information on our site, the Truth About Trucking for a minimal price, but in truth, running a top notch website and Blog, spending hundreds of hours answering emails, researching schools, assisting  those who ask for my help, hosting the Truth About Trucking “LIVE” radio show, recording and editing videos, packaging the audio  CD’s, calling people back to help them with their problems or questions  . . . all takes time and money.  It is your trust and support that helps keep this information alive, and allows us to reach those who need it most.

Constantly working on  and coming up with new ways to get the message out there for those who need it and want it, we have now launched the Truth About Trucking Affiliate Program. Are you a driver who would like to help those new to the industry? Are you associated with trucking and looking for information that is needed and wanted? Are you the kind of person who truly wants to provide something that will actually HELP people? Would you like to help me get this important and much needed information out to as many people who want and are in need of it?

Then, I urge you to join Donna and I along with in reaching as many students, inexperienced drivers and those just thinking about a career in trucking, by helping to spread the truth . . . and  together we can raise the standards of the trucking industry. 

Thank you

Aubrey “Allen” Smith


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Truck Driver Health Issues


A recent study listed the truck driver occupation as one of the top ten most dangerous jobs in America. Due to the endless driving of our nation’s truckers, being “out there” on the highways and interstates, the obvious danger is the risk of being involved in a major accident. However, the risks go much further than just the obvious…an irregular schedule, sitting for long periods of time, bending and lifting heavy objects, stress, fatigue and the inability to eat properly maintained meals can lead to serious truck driver health issues.

Because of long periods of driving, many drivers fighting boredom are affected by smoking habits and along with sleeping in a vibrating tractor and working long hours and receiving minimal rest, physical problems can alleviate far greater than those within the general public.

Here in the United States, 20% of truck crashes are the direct result of over worked, fatigued drivers. Fatigue is also creating breathing disorders and sleep apnea in many over the road drivers. Also, women drivers show no difference from their male counter parts for suffering from these same health issues. In fact, our women truckers are fighting such health issues as backache, hypertension, headaches, sinus problems and vision impairment, with backache being the second place lead for health problems for truckers. Fatigue, still remains as number one.

Simple steps can insure a path to better health :

1. Know the signs of a heart attack.

2. Exercise while out on the road

3. Control your blood pressure

4. Make healthy fast food choices.

5. Quit smoking

6. Know the signs for a stroke

Here is an excellent resource for combating a poor health lifestyle. Magnesium plus Calcium has been found to be an excellent supplement for providing stress relief and fighting insomnia, as well as many other factors.

The road to health depends on you. Life on the road is hectic….but with the right mind set, better health can be just around the next bend.

About the Author:

Aubrey “Allen” Smith is the author of the first and original Truth About Trucking. An expert in Motor Carrier transportation, he is also the host of the talk radio show: Truth About Trucking “LIVE. Fighting for our nation’s drivers, his informational package is helping to raise the standards of the trucking industry.

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Truck Drivers Get Their Own Talk Radio Show


Truckers across America now have their own talk radio show which gives them the opportunity to have their voices heard across the entire world, thanks to the world wide web, and The Truth About Trucking hit the airwaves “LIVE”  with Allen Smith on Monday, July 21st, 2008 at 2 PM EST, sending out the invitation for all truckers and those interested in the trucking industry, to join in on Truth About Trucking “LIVE.”

Informative and controversial, Truth About Trucking “LIVE” will also have a little fun along the way. This will be the truckers talk radio show, to voice their opinions, concerns and ideas covering all aspects of the trucking industry.

Be sure to bookmark Truth About Trucking “LIVE” and follow the shows schedule! They will be looking forward to “seeing” you there!

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Audio CD’s for “Truth about Trucking” Making a Difference in Trucking


\”Allen Smith-Rob Canyon Audio\”
We are happy to announce the 2 CD set Audio CD’s are available. There has been an overwhelming request for these and we’re glad to finally have them here for you.  The CD’s can be played and listened to at your leisure. We do strongly suggest however that you read the book ( which comes with them) because there are many links to various trucking companies and schools as well as other important references and resources that you may need. The CD’s and the book work together so you can get the most out of the information we supply for you.  Also included with the CD’s are 6 Bonus Reports which will be beneficial to everyone in trucking, including truck driving students who are investigating the thousands of CDL  truck driving schools across the country. We believe you are going to be very pleased, to say the least.

There is so much more that needs to be done.  Our book, bonuses, and audios are just the “tip of the iceburg.” We believe that if we all stand together, the scams within the industry will be abolished. The trucking industry, including the schools and companies, will be held to the highest level of integrity, treating their drivers with respect and giving them the recognition they deserve. 

Equally important, truck driving schools/ cdl training facilities will have one main priority: Teaching students how to drive safely and thoroughly. One day the CDL mills will be replaced with the finest training  sites available.

All this can be achieved if enough people join the cause. It only happens though when enough people are enlightened to the truth behind the scenes. Sadly, too many drivers discover the truth after they have been tested and tried for many years. Many times they become bitter, angry, and just give up on the industry,  not believing that their voice will change anything. They are wrong…. It can….and it will.

Soon we will have our first BLogTalk Radio show. We plan to have guests on the show who can help aid in our cause and to offer information of importance to everyone. We would like it to be a gathering where truckers and students can feel confident that the information they hear is that of credibility and  authority and can be trusted  whole heartedly. 

Another goal we would like to achieve is to create an extensive list of truck driving schools throughout the country which can be given the”stamp of approval” so to speak. This will not be an easy task however as a fair amount of research would need to be done before just “any” school would be recommended to our clients.  Right now there are many reputable schools scattered throughout the US and Canada, offering quality training at affordable prices. Unfortunatley the schools with less than adequate training have made it difficult for many of these worthy trucking schools to be recognized as the excellent training facilities which they are.  Locating  and reporting  ALL of them will be quite a challenge.

To sum it all up, we would like to change the standards within the trucking industry. We believe students should not have to worry about being scammed or ripped off from a school that they just paid thousands of dollars to for their training. We believe that truck drivers should not have to worry about being taken advantage of or lied to regarding  the promises that were made to them when they were hired. We believe this can and will be changed. We believe you can help. By voicing your opinions and experiences here and to all the other trucking blogs and forums, you will be creating a viral voice for all truck drivers and truck driving students everywhere.

Glad to see that a few of you have joined Twitter and are following us. Start writing your own posts too and get involved.

Finally, hope you enjoy the interview in the beginning of the post.  Allen was indeed honored to be chosen for this.

Thanks to everyone for their continued support and we wish you the best in trucking and your life.

God bless,

Allen and Donna Smith


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Trucking Talk Show


Listen to Truth About Trucking on internet talk radio

As many of you are aware of by now, is proud to be launching the Truth About Trucking “LIVE” talk radio show, on, premiering Saturday, August 9th at 2:00 PM EST. I want to personally extend an invitation to all to join us for the debut of Truth About Trucking “LIVE.”

We will be discussing all aspects of the trucking industry and this will be your open door to have YOUR VOICES heard across the entire World Wide Web! Our mission? To fight back for our nations drivers and to raise the standards of the trucking industry in order to benefit those who deserve it the most….YOU….our men and women of trucking.

Whether you are a veteran trucker or just considering a career in trucking, we want you to join us on Truth About Trucking “LIVE.”

Together, we can change things for the better, and raise the standards of the trucking industry.

Until then, drive safe……..and we will “see” you on the Truth About Trucking, live talk radio show!

Listen to Truth About Trucking on internet talk radio

Allen Smith

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Update : Talk Radio Show


Please note that our url to the new Truth About Trucking Live Talk Radio Show has changed, in order to make it easier!! Direct link is now : . Join us as we debut on August 9th, 2008 @ 2:00 PM!


Talk Radio Show


Exciting news here at the home base! We are launching the Truth About Trucking Live Radio Talk Show at . The very first debut is scheduled for August 9th, 2008 at 2:00 PM….Our special guest will be HazMat expert Barry Szczucki….We invite anyone who would like to join us on this Debut Special, to call in and be on LIVE TALK RADIO with the Truth About Trucking! You can check out all the details at

Truth About Trucking continues to break new ground in its attempt to raise the standards of the trucking industry. We will be discussing all aspects of the trucking industry and ways to make things better for drivers…..everything about trucking! Continue checking back at to see what upcoming shows are planned and call in to the talk show.

Truth About Trucking Live Radio Talk Show – Debut – 8-9-08, 2:00 PM

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Class A CDL Driver Qualifications


I receive messages from students, new CDL holders and recent truck driving school graduates telling me that they now have their CDL Class A license, but nobody will hire them. Normally, it is because of some “little” thing in their past or on their “record” that is preventing them from being hireable. They simply did not know or understand that certain “little” things can stop an employer from bringing you on as an OTR driver.

Most all trucking companies go by the same set of rules when hiring a new driver. Many policies are set forth by local, state and federal law. Many other policies are those set by the company itself. Had any of these students or recent grads had known about these policies, they could have saved thousands of dollars they spent for the truck driving school, realizing that they would not be able to get hired in the first place.

If you are considering a career in trucking and have no driving experience and are planning to attend a truck driving school for training, first make sure there is nothing that will prevent you from being hired by an employer. Should there be something, you will have just wasted a large amount of money for a CDL that you may never be able to use.

There are four areas that you would want to verify to insure all is well: Minimum Qualifications, Safety Issues, Documents and Criminal History. Many truck driving schools will see a questionable item and tell you that you should be alright, but remember……..they want your $4000 payment, or whatever their training price may be!

Download and print out these Class A CDL Driver Qualifications and keep for a reference guide. If there is something that may prevent you from obtaining employment as a driver, you would want to get it resolved, if possible, BEFORE shelling out the $$$ for a truck driving school.

 About the author:

Aubrey “Allen” Smith is the author of the first and original Truth About Trucking. While offering advice through articles and free bonus reports, his eBook has helped thousands of new students and drivers become aware of the many scams within the trucking industry. Visit today to learn more.

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Truth About Trucking – FREE Reports


To all you truck driving  students and new drivers and those considering a career in OTR trucking……grab these 3 FREE downloadable trucking  reports……Get started on the right track!     Thanks,   Allen Smith –

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Truth About Trucking on Twitter!


Just a quick note to all our subscribers, customers and followers!  Truth About Trucking is on “Twitter” and we would like to invite all who are interested in trucking….current drivers, recent CDL grads, upcoming students and those thinking about a trucking career to join us on “Twitter.”  Keep up to date on “what we are doing.”   Check it out and HAVE FUN!!!      ……….   Allen Smith 

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