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A great means of information is provided for those interested in trucking through the use of trucking blogs and forums.  Have a question about a certain motor carrier?  Check out the forums?  Wondering about a truck driving school?  Post a question on a trucking forum.  Have a great story to tell or enjoy reading about other drivers’ adventures?  Log in to one of the trucking blogs.

Here is a list of some of the favorite blogs and forums that AskTheTrucker enjoys on a regular basis:

What better name for a trucking blog than, well……..truckingblog!

Like adventures and great stories?  Then check out Adventures in Trucking.

Considering a career in trucking?  Learn more about it at Life on the Road.

Want to know what other drivers are saying about a company?  Look at the Trucking Boards.

What better way to communicate than by Trucker to Trucker?

Does the open road appeal to you as a possible career?  Then look down the Road to Trucking.

Great blogs…..great forums……be sure to check them out!

Allen Smith




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Driver License and Department of Motor Vehicles State Listing


Rules and regulations concerning the issue of a driver license and specifically a commercial drivers license, (CDL), varies from state to state. Although these variants are not too great, it is always best to check with the State’s Department of Motor Vehicles to understand the guidelines and requirements for obtaining a driver license for a particular state.

Listed below are the 50 states, plus the District of Columbia with links to each State’s DMV website in order to make your search more simplified.

















 District of Columbia                    










































 New Hampshire                    


 New Jersey                    


 New Mexico                    


 New York                    


 North Carolina                    


 North Dakota                    










Truth About Trucking on Audio CD's
 Rhode Island                    


 South Carolina                    


 South Dakota                    














 West Virginia                     





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Trucking Talk Radio Show Debuts


We were pleased to have launched our first broadcast of the Truth About Trucking “LIVE” talk radio show earlier today, entitled “HazMat Operations.”  If you happened to miss it, you can hear it now by following the link below:

Be sure to catch our next live show, Saturday, August 16th at 4:00 PM EST, when you can “Ask The Doctor.”  Thanks for listening…………

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Woman in Trucking- They’re not Just Driving


Woman have come a long way in trucking. Meet Laura Hunt, an employee for UPS who has been honored with the very prestigious Top Gun Award at DTS( Driver Training School).

Read More about Laura and her story. We’d like to hear more from our Lady Truckers also. Woman in Trucking are very committed and take their career quite ernestly. We’d like to say, “Thank You” to all.


Do You Run a Quality, Reputable Truck Driving School or Trucking Company?


TruthAboutTrucking.Com is all about the TRUTH when it comes to the trucking industry.  Providing students and new drivers with the information they need in order to make the right decision about a career in trucking, Truth About Trucking has set out to raise the standards of the trucking industry.  Somebody needed to step forward and make the truck driving schools and trucking companies accountable for their actions that have led many drivers down a road of financial failure.  For three years, we have been doing just that.

Providing an endless amount of FREE information through our article writing, blog posts, newsletter, bonus reports, our talk radio show and answering hundreds of emails and returning phone calls, we want the scams of the trucking industry to know that the Truth About Trucking is fighting back for our nations’ drivers. 

Do you run a quality, reputable truck driving school or trucking company?  Are you one that does what you say you will do?  Are you a school that provides excellent training at an affordable price?  Are you a company that promises a certain amount of miles with appropriate pay, and then delivers on that promise?

If so, then we want to hear from you.  Write me directly at: and after a very thorough investigation, we conclude that you are indeed, a quality, reputable school or company, then we will let students and new drivers know through our new link exchange program.

Let’s see if there are any truck driving schools and trucking companies out there that will accept the challenge.

To the drivers’ success,

Allen Smith

Ask The Trucker  Truth About Trucking  Truth About Trucking “LIVE”

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Trucking Software for Owner Operators


In today’s world of technoloy, how does one choose a certain program or software for personal or business use.  The supply is endless!  Normally, I tend to stay away from recommending such items, but I happened to come across a great piece of trucking software that helps with bookkeeping and fuel tax reporting.  Made by Omni Communications, who have been in business since 1993, their are thousands of truckers worldwide using this software.

The software has been reviewed by several major Trucking Magazines and it is a member of the BBB.  Always one to completely check something out before purchasing, I found this software to be an excellent tool for owner operators and small fleet owners….so I thought I’d pass my two cents along…….

Easy Trucking SoftwareSo check it out and make running your business a whole lot easier!


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Why Isn’t My Current Employer on my USIS/DAC Report?


This is a good post I found from an excellent website ….

One of the more common questions I receive concerns why a current employer does not show up on a USIS “DAC” report. A driver will call me, has received his DAC report, is currently working for a carrier trying to build a good record.and the experience doesn’t even show up. They’ve worked hard, been accident free, done a great job and are displeased that this employment is missing on the report. Typically, the question (and answer) go something like this:Question: I have been working for John Doe Motor Carrier for two full years. In that time, I have driven 48 states, been drug tested multiple times and driven hundreds of thousands of miles. In fact, I am still working for them.
I know that this company is a member of USIS/DAC and reports employment history on drivers-and yet, I obtained my report and this company does not show up. I am looking for a new job and am concerned that this employment not showing will goof me up. Is this a mistake or is someone hiding something?

Answer: The reason the employment does not show up is because it has not yet been reported by your current employer. It has not been reported by your current employer because your employment history for a particular period of service with a company is not complete until your employment terminates with that employer. When your employment terminates, the employer evaluates your whole period of service and then reports to USIS on the standard employment history report.

But not to worry-in fact, looking for a job while you are still employed offers many advantages. One of the advantages is that a potential employer-seeing that you are still employed-may reason that you are a good employee/driver because if you weren’t, you would have been terminated by the employer.

Therefore, the process may work like this. Your potential employer will check your background previous to your current employment. If your prior record looks good and the potential employer’s offering looks good to you, the employer will request permission to check with your current employer and potentially make a conditional job offer contingent on acceptable experience with this company and passage of their normal pre-employment drug/driving and orientation requirements. And so, the two years of employment do matter and the employment will be checked by prospective employers.

In fact, if you do cease employment with the previous carrier and begin working for the new company, the previous carrier (assuming they are reporting members of USIS) will report your employment history to USIS-usually within a month of termination of employment. While employed with your new carrier you may recheck your DAC report to see what your former employer reported.

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“Trucking is Lost” – by Wayne Weisser of “Life On The Road”


This is a great post by Mr. Wayne Weisser of Life On The Road.  There are more problems that face the trucking industry other than the higher cost of fuel.  He comments on many great points concerning our trucking industry as a whole.  Read his original post : “Trucking as an industry is lost” by going here.  

Mr. Weisser will also be joining me on August 19th, 2008 at 6 P.M. EST on our radio talk show: Truth About Trucking “LIVE.”   You won’t want to miss this broadcast as we will be talking about the topic : “Do Truckers Have the Right to Strike?”  Be sure to bookmark our show and call in to be a part of the live radio talk show. 

Thanks,  Allen

Truth About Trucking

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Truckers can ASK THE DOCTOR on Live Radio Talk Show


Truckers talk radio show, Truth About Trucking will feature special guest, Joseph P. Nesheiwat, MD of Memphis, TN on Saturday, August 16th, 2008 at 4:00 P.M. EST. Dr. Nesheiwat is looking forward to taking calls and answering guests questions concerning the health issues that truck drivers face within their vocation.

Professional truckers face many health problems due to the stressful, hectic lifestyle they live on a daily basis. Fatigue, stress, backache, poor circulation, diet, lack of sleep/rest….whatever problem you may be facing, now is the time to Ask The Doctor!

Join host, Allen Smith as he opens up the lines for Dr. Nesheiwat to take your calls. Be sure to mark your calender for August 16th, 2008 at 4:00 P.M. EST for BlogTalkRadio’s – Truth About Trucking “LIVE” radio broadcast.

When do you get a chance to ask a doctor questions for FREE?!

Join us, and be a part of the show!  

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Blog Talk Radio- Register and Enjoy the Variety


As you know,  Truth About Trucking “LIVE” is one of  the many Blog Talk Radio Shows on “the air”.  I’ve been really impressed by some of the shows, and encourage everyone to register. To get familiar with the types of shows they have, just head on over to the Blog Talk Radio site and be surprised at the variety that you will see.

You do not need to register or set up an account just to listen to a show, but I suggest to really get the full impact and experience, it would be an excellent idea to set up your own account. One of the reasons for this is that you can call in and mark your favorite shows for free. All you need is a headset( mic and earphones) to do this. If you do not have an account, you can still call in, but the phone number to call in will be long distance.  I have a feeling that once you start to familiarize yourself with the site, you’re going to get a bit addicted.  Also, callers can call in to the show, free of charge, through SKYPE.  As in any talk radio show, please turn your speakers down in order to prevent “feedback.”

After you go to the site, you can use the search bar in the upper right hand corner and type in a keyword or phrase for the show you want to listen to. Example: If you wanted to listen to a trucking show, just type in “trucking”. You could also type in a specific show, such as “truth about trucking”. In any case I think you will enjoy it!

See you there,


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