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Truck Driver Health Issues


A recent study listed the truck driver occupation as one of the top ten most dangerous jobs in America. Due to the endless driving of our nation’s truckers, being “out there” on the highways and interstates, the obvious danger is the risk of being involved in a major accident. However, the risks go much further than just the obvious…an irregular schedule, sitting for long periods of time, bending and lifting heavy objects, stress, fatigue and the inability to eat properly maintained meals can lead to serious truck driver health issues.

Because of long periods of driving, many drivers fighting boredom are affected by smoking habits and along with sleeping in a vibrating tractor and working long hours and receiving minimal rest, physical problems can alleviate far greater than those within the general public.

Here in the United States, 20% of truck crashes are the direct result of over worked, fatigued drivers. Fatigue is also creating breathing disorders and sleep apnea in many over the road drivers. Also, women drivers show no difference from their male counter parts for suffering from these same health issues. In fact, our women truckers are fighting such health issues as backache, hypertension, headaches, sinus problems and vision impairment, with backache being the second place lead for health problems for truckers. Fatigue, still remains as number one.

Simple steps can insure a path to better health :

1. Know the signs of a heart attack.

2. Exercise while out on the road

3. Control your blood pressure

4. Make healthy fast food choices.

5. Quit smoking

6. Know the signs for a stroke

Here is an excellent resource for combating a poor health lifestyle. Magnesium plus Calcium has been found to be an excellent supplement for providing stress relief and fighting insomnia, as well as many other factors.

The road to health depends on you. Life on the road is hectic….but with the right mind set, better health can be just around the next bend.

About the Author:

Aubrey “Allen” Smith is the author of the first and original Truth About Trucking. An expert in Motor Carrier transportation, he is also the host of the talk radio show: Truth About Trucking “LIVE. Fighting for our nation’s drivers, his informational package is helping to raise the standards of the trucking industry.

© 2008, Allen Smith. All rights reserved.

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By: Allen Smith

Allen Smith is a 34 year veteran ( started at an early age in family moving business) of the trucking industry, many of those years spent over the road. He has been an owner operator, company driver, operations manager, and has owned and operated a moving company, taking many of the long haul moves himself when needed. One thing though that most will say is that the reason and motivation behind the author, Allen Smith, is the fact he is driven by the desire to help others succeed within an industry where injustice, unrewarded sacrifice, and lack of respect and recognition exists. As you read many of the blog posts you’ll discover that he is opinionated and speaks openly about the ongoing issues of the trucking industry. He supports other fellow advocates who are also stepping up to the plate to help those who are in need of honesty, guidance and direction. The list of supporters and like minded people grows daily and their ability to network together and share their thoughts and ideas for the betterment of others within trucking, has allowed the forward movement of... "Raising the standards of the trucking industry"

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7 Responses to Truck Driver Health Issues. - Post a Comment

  1. DAVID

    IF AIR RIDE IS NOT WORKING IN THE PROPER WAY? Will it cause hammer back ache lower back pain. IAM thinking that maybe the shock under the seat is bad to. I had to switch tractors recently and with in two 600 mile trips my lower back started killing me. Please HELP!

  2. Joe


    You are absolutely correct, prolonged driving does induce low back pain, especially with inadequate equipment. Here are some precautions which can correct the underlying problem:

    1) Lumbar support: your spine has a naturally inward curve when standing upright, however, sitting in a non-supportive vehicle seat can causes the back to unnaturally straighten. This places the facet joints in an incorrect alignment which causes 2 problems. First the muscles of the low back have to work overtime leading to spasm. Secondly, the joints are unable to deal with the repetitive motion (bouncing) and begin to feel arthritic type pain in the low pain and upper buttocks. By providing lumbar support and restoring the natural inward curve of the back you can reduce this problem.

    2) A proper seat shock absorber, or more correctly a dampener, can improve you condition for obvious reasons.

    3) Excercise: strong back muscles not only provide natural lumbar support, but are more able to deal with abnormal positions such as prolonged sitting. General excercise such as jogging, fast walking, and swimming are advisable, NOT specific back excercises.

    If this article is not making sense to you David, try sitting wih good posture in the seat (shoulders and buttocks back with good low back curvature) and see how much better you feel. Sometimes a pillow in the small of the back can help, and specialty products are available.

    If the low back pain shoots down your leg, however, then you have a different condition and should seek medical advice.

    Trucking Doctor

  3. David Logan

    Can dampeners go bad or be out of adjustment? How many miles before they bad? I know that they should be replaced after 4 or 6 months down the road or every other year or so. I KNOW A BAD ADJUSTMENT COULD DAMAGE A PERSONS BACK. HOW should i adjust a new one tight or loose? PLEASE HELP! THANKS A MILLLION DAL G

  4. David Logan


  5. Abner

    Just wanted to know. I have had chronic pancreatitis for past 3years and now after last test put me off another week and my boss wants me to fill out FLMA papers. I have had many attacks and I know its just a matter of time before I need to quit, but should I have past DOT requirments for medical card for my condition? If I shouldn’t have past would help in getting disability quicker. Thanks

  6. Chiropractor Plano

    I’m sure it would be hard to find a good chiropractor on the road, but I would also suggest that you consider a visit to a good local chiropractor. They can offer you pain relief using specific chiropractic techniques that involve hands-on manipulation of the body and thus helping the body to heal itself. You will be surprised what a chiropractor can do for you.

  7. michael anderson

    I just read where sitting for prolonged times can kill causes diseases and diebedies….what is a trucker to do

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