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Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, KY


Hi Everyone

We just received an e-mail from Sam Grey, one of our  loyal subscribers of Truth About Trucking.

He is attending the 37th annual Mid-America Trucking show. The  Annual Mid-America Trucking Show appears to be the largest show ever.  Over 1150 companies have signed on to take part in the 2008 show.

According to the site  there are:

 Seminars Providing it’s Attendees with informative, constructive, and trucking-oriented seminars. Information that goes well beyond “good to know” and enters into a “must-know” situation.

Recruitment Center

A gathering of more than 100 of trucking’s premier fleets looking for new drivers. These companies provide employment opportunities for those  truck drivers looking for career advancement.

Mid-America’s Big-Rig Build-Off

 Mid-America Big Rig Build-Off IV at the Mid-America Trucking Show  This year six teams from across North America combine their craft and skill to design extraordinary trucks.

Internet & Technology

Here is where they showcase the most innovative technology available to the trucking industry in one centralized location.

Check out the site. Next year we should ALL plan to attend………..Thanks Sam.

Check out the site: Mid-America Trucking Show ( MATS)

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