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Congressional Law could further hurt driver wages IF no action is taken


InfoGraphic explains how upcoming Congressional Law could further hurt driver wages IF drivers and government officials do not take action… VOTE NO on anti-trucker provision to be introduced in THUD or Infrastructure bill of 2017.

Drivers! Call your Reps and tell them to…. Say NO to Additional Federal Law to Preempt State Labor Laws.
Call the Government Switchboard 202-224-3121

The #1 priority for Trucking Associations, such as the ATA, is to assert Federal Authority ( such as the F4A preemption), to ensure drivers are not paid for all time working.
They plan on doing this by over riding Supreme Court decisions and states rights by appealing ( lobbying) to Congress in order to Preempt State Labor Laws using Federal Authority.    ATA wants Federal Laws- Truckers Say NO! Give states the power

Should legislation pass WITH anti-trucker wording, it would ensure that drivers will be paid only for the miles they drive and none of the 30-40 hr/week they do in addition to driving.

Trucking industry lobbyists have stated that they plan to target the new Republican control in Washington, D.C., to pass legislation which would preempt State Labor laws. These state labor laws pay truckers for work and breaks in addition to their driving time.

American Trucking Associations and the Western States Trucking Association, both of whom have said legislation to assert federal authority over break and pay laws for truckers is a top-level agenda item in the coming years. “This actually is our No. 1 priority,” says Western States’ head of government affairs Joe Rajkovacz. Read more

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  1. Allen Smith

    Here’s the links so far to share_


    InfoGraphic-STOP New Legislation-Truck Driver Wages at Risk

    Video 1 #TruckDrriverWages : Say “No” to additional Federal Law to Preempt State Labor Laws #ELD #HOS #Detention

    Video 2 Say NO to Section 134, HR-5394

    Congressional Law could further hurt driver wages IF no action is taken Infographic post

    ATA wants Federal Laws- Truckers Say NO! Give states the power

    F4A Trucker Wages Video: No Preempting State Labor Laws

    Trucker Wages: The Devastating affects if Congress amends F4A

    Truck Driver Pay Under Siege

    The ATA Plays Off of the Ignorance of Drivers ( by Pat Hockaday)
    PDF Version

    FaceBook Page Kill Federal Overreach on Trucker Wages

    “ATA counting on driver apathy to get Anti-Trucker Wage bill passed”

    How to write your Representatives and tell them to STOP the ATA attack on Truck Driver Wages. Just copy and paste the text and change the appropriate names and sentences you like. It only takes a few moments.

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