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When it comes to knowing the rules and regulations of the industry Tom is a step above the average truck driver. Always quick with a laugh and a joke, he still is a professional with a drive and commitment to the industry unlike any other. Has an uncanny ability to see both sides of an issue, which he uses to foresee the needs of a driver and company, to work for a solution fair to both. He has been a trainer and teaching logs for 20 years with experience in all stages of log rules, paper and E-logs before and after the 14 hour rule. He is tough where it counts due to growing up in Brooklyn and Queens, where if anyone gave him a hard time it was always “Hey, Don’t break my shoes”. In the world of transportation Tom would be an asset to any company or organization. After following the driving career of his uncle and grandfather, he learned the value of a job well done. Today he is still learning and laughing as he travels the highways and back roads of America…

Truck Parking and the 14 hour rule


By Tom Ingraldi I know I am beating the same drum here but… Most of the parking “shortage” is due to the present Hours of Service (HOS) and the 14 hour clock. Before that fiasco of a law, it was … Continue reading

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